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This post will show you 10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon as a Nigerian. I am sure you are reading this post because you have your books published on Amazon.

We have helped lots of Nigerian authors published their ebooks on Amazon as a publishing company. This is the reason why we are sure many Nigerian authors will be interested in this post, 10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

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10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon: What you need to know

The following are what you need to know about this post on selling more ebooks on Amazon especially as a Nigerian.

  • Many Nigerian authors are struggling to sell ebooks on Amazon
  • Amazon offer the best opportunity for authors to sell lots of ebooks (we have sold lots of ebooks on Amazon over the years)
  • Amazon has the biggest and the largest online store in the world
  • Amazon has free marketing programs in place to help authors sell more ebooks
  • There are basic steps you must take before, during and after the publication of your ebook on Amazon to sell more copies


10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon: Step by step guide

10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon

Let us go to the step by step short guide on the 10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon especially as a Nigerian:


1. Write for specific audience

Just as I mentioned earlier on, selling more ebooks on Amazon starts with when you are writing your ebook. You must be sure of the specific audience you are writing for and write for them. This can go a long way to help the performance of your on Amazon store


2. Choose the right title and subtitle

You should do a quick keywords research to use the right keywords in your title and subtitle. This is important.

At our company, we help authors to do some keywords researches and make suggestions to them on the need to tweek their book titles and subtitles.


3. Write a good description for your ebook on Amazon

The description page for your ebook on Amazon is the sales page for your ebook. Intending buyers see this page after seeing your ebook cover.

The description page should continue the good work the ebook cover has done. You must ensure you use keywords you discovered from your keywords researches in the description of your ebook on Amazon.

You should also include features and benefits of your ebook to the readers or users. In fact you must learn how to write basic sales letter.

In case you want to learn how to write basic sales letter, please read this post on our blog on how to write sales copies


4. Use quality ebook covers

The readers see your ebook cover before anything else. It draws their attention even before they read the ebook title and subtitle.

You must ensure you have a good and relevant ebook cover for your ebook. If you can’t design a good ebook cover, you can get in touch with us here 

You can also call or Whatsapp 08034300979


5. Use the right keywords

During the publication of your ebook on Amazon, you must ensure you use the right and relevant keywords and keyphrases. Amazon requires you input seven keywords or keyphrases during the publication of your ebook.

You should use a combination of keywords and keyphrases you discover during your researches using the Amazon search results and also the Google search results. I also advise you should use long keyphrases.


6. Put your ebooks in the right categories

Amazon recently did some major update with ebook categories on their platform. However, the same rule still stands that you must put your ebooks in relevant categories during publication to ensure they are shown in search results to the right audience.

You must also ensure you don’t put your ebooks in competitive categories on Amazon. This will limit your ebooks from coming up in the first few pages of search results.


7. Leverage the different Amazon marketing programs

Amazon has some exciting free marketing programs for published ebooks on their platform. A very popular one is the Kindle select program where you make your ebook exclusive to Amazon for a period of three months.

During this period, you can select free days for your ebook where Amazon paid membership subscribers can read your ebook free. Amazon will, in turn, pay you for the number of pages read by their paid subscribers.

This free promotion can help to publicize your ebook and you may even get some positive reviews for.your ebook which can go a long way to help its visibility in search results.


8. Get reviews

Some experts advice you to get reviews for your ebook on Amazon before you begin to publicize it. This is how important reviews are to the success of published ebooks on Amazon.

In our company, we have a way we get reviews for our ebooks on Amazon. Do you want to know them? Please get a copy of my ebook guide, How I sell ebooks on Amazon. Visit our Publishing resources page to get a copy of this guide and other best-selling Publishing guides.


9. Publicize on social media

You need to learn how to announce your published ebooks on Amazon on social media. In our company, we use Facebook groups to announce our ebooks in a special way.

If you want to learn how we do it to give good advantage to our ebooks on Amazon, please

Visit our Publishing resources page to get a copy of this guide and other best-selling Publishing guides.


10. Use free ebooks on Amazon

You can also use free ebooks on Amazon to your advantage. This is how you go about this.

If you have some paid ebooks on Amazon, you can write a relevant ebook and offer it for free on the same Amazon. In this free ebook, you will give good values and then put links to your paid ebooks on Amazon in this free ebook.

If the readers are satisfied with the contents of your free ebook, they are likely to go ahead to buy some of your paid ebooks on Amazon.

The problem lies with how you can make your ebook free on Amazon. It is called making it permafree. Amazon does not allow authors to list their ebooks at free during publication.

If you want to gain access to this secret, get my ebook and online course on how I sell ebooks on Amazon. Please visit our Publishing resources page to get your copy or enrol for the course.

You can also call or Whatsapp 08034300979.

I hope you loved this post on 10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon as a Nigerian or by any author worldwide.


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10 ways to sell more ebooks on Amazon
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