9 ways to stop suicide
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This how to stop suicide short guide contains deep and very useful tips that can help you and our society curtail the spread of the evil called suicide.

In 2018, adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 14.45. This evil has been aging grounds among the youths of our society as well as among adults in our society too.

The fact remains that every suicide successfully executed usually have warning signs that were not correctly recognized or identified before the victim carries out the evil act. These warning signs, when identified and the necessary steps are taken, we can always reduce the rate of suicide in our society.

This is the focus of this short guide on how to end suicide in our society among youths and adults. This is written in simple language that passes the message across without any difficulty to the reader. It’s part of our short Reports series with the focus of solving problems in our society.

This guide is useful to you if you are:

1. Religious leader
2. A school administrator
3. A parent
4. A counselor
5. A government official
6. And most importantly if you are already deciding on taking your life in suicide.

My message to you is that: You don’t have to go the way of suicide. That won’t take the problem away. You should the way for proper counseling. You can win the war.

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10 Ways to Stop Suicide Among Youths and Adults: A short guide on common suicide warning signs
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