21 businesses you can start on a budget
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These are 21 businesses you can start on a budget with or less than N50000. These business ideas are real and you can always add more working ideas to whatever you will read here.


Looking for a small business you can start on a budget?

Are you looking for a business you can start and make it big today? Or are you employed and want to stop the 6.a.m to 6.p.m job and become your own boss, or you are unemployed and want to start your own business.

Then consider starting a business on a shoestring budget.

We have taken keen examinations on 21 businesses you can start on a budget of N50,000 or less. If you are employed, you can still keep your job and develop these businesses on a part- time basis until you grow them into a full-time enterprise.

The budget covers expenses like:

  • what will be used to place an advert in your local newspaper
  • print some business stationeries and business cards on your computer
  • create a flier that promotes your business
  • as well as register your own business with corporate affairs commission
  • Pay freelancers for some services

And so on.


21 businesses you can start on a budget: what you need

21 businesses you can start on a budget

When you start any business, you will definitely need very important items such as stationeries and a business bank account,. Most businesses we are covering in this special edition an be launched with N 50, 000 or less.

If you don’t have a fax machine or a computer, you’ll probably want to use profits from your early months in business to get your business on computer. It’s the only way to stay organized, effective and efficient.

You will save a lot of money by running your business from home. A spare room would be a luxury. You can run your business from your kitchen table, car, garage, van, attic or basement.

The following businesses are ideas you may have pondered on and you can research them and make good money from them. If one of these ideas appeals to you, see how you could adapt it for your own special needs and market.


21 businesses you can start on a budget: Details

The following are the different 21 businesses you can start on a budget:


1. Computer Tutor

This is a good business for you if you have knowledge of several types of software. You can consider teaching people who need to acquire skills in the area of computer knowledge.

You can do this by teaching them in their home or at your own place.


2. Newsletters

A lot of companies, associations, etc need newsletters. You can get the software that can help you design them for businesses, civic groups, associations, and so on.

These software will enable you design different newsletters with different looks for different clients.


3. Apartment Preparers

The truth is that people who rent apartments or homes could damage the premises or leave them in a rather unkempt state. You can start a business here by coming in to prepare it fit for the next tenant by rendering services in the area of cleaning and straightening up to painting, furniture refinishing and more.

Your charge should be hourly in order for you to make good money out of this services.


4. Fumigating Services

You can start to render services in the area of house fumigation. Take up this service on a monthly basis where you visit homes or companies to fumigate their environment against pests and rodents.


5. Promotional Items

A lot of businesses love those catchy little items (pens, key rings, etc.) that feature the company’s name on them. Entrepreneurs have discovered that customers like them even more.

You can start a business taking orders for these goods and selling them to businesses in your area. Hook up with an advertising specialty company that can fulfill the orders for you and you’ll be on your way.


6. Used Car Consultant

Do you know a lot about cars? You can take advantage in helping others purchase used cars. Make yourself available to research and buy the car, or just serve as a consultant and checker once your client has found their car.

7. Wedding Consultant

Weddings are a valuable occasion in our society. You can help brides in the area of choosing a dress to booking the band. Establish yourself by offering your services for free to a friend.

Use their wedding as a case study of how well you work. Photography, Video everything for your portfolio and use it to get gigs.

If you’re highly organized, this could be a perfect job for you. Also make sure your region can support a wedding consultant. Check the Yellow Pages to make sure there aren’t already too many in your area.


8. Web Page Designer

You can start a web developing company for family members, friends, small business owners in your community. You should be computer-savvy, but there are plenty of software programs available to help you do this.

Many successful web page designers are self-taught. Check out websites and do additional research by talking to others who have web sites. You can charge from N30,000 to design a very basic site and then N5,000 an hour to maintain it.


9. Residential Cleaning

Start a “maid service” in your community. You’ll need basic supplies and an ad or a flyer to generate awareness. Customers’ word-of-mouth should help you build this business.


10. Bookshelf Service

If you have the ability to set up bookshelves and you live in a college city, then you can have a steady flow of income all through the school year.


11. Soccer and Game Viewing Center

A lot of people are interested in gathering in one place to view football matches for the fun of it. You can set up a viewing center where they will gather during international matches and charge them a fee for viewing matches.

You can also add games such as children games in the business to supplement your income.


12. Organizer

Good service business to start for individuals and for other small businesses who need to get organized. You come in and be a one-person efficiency management firm.

From reorganization of their office space to suggestions on software to help them clear up the clutter.


13. Compile Collections

Lots of individuals collect things but haven’t got a clue when it comes to displaying them. You come in and organize the lot. Use your imagination and be detail-oriented with these precious items and it will pay off.


14. Children’s Apparel/Clothing Shop

Kids grow so fast! Obsolete clothes can be re-sold every couple of months. All you need to do is to buy the clothes, clean them up, and resell them.

You can open a small consignment shop right in your home in a spare room. Take 30% of everything you sell and let the clothes owners/sellers keep the rest. This will keep them coming back for more.


15. Barbecue Specialty

Contact owners of relaxation centers and compliment their services by setting up your barbecue. Place an ad in the paper offering your services as a master barbecue chef.

You set up, cook, serve and perform all clean up tasks. This is catering barbecue style.


Senior Day Care

You can make money by taking care of elders in your home or in their homes. Many people want their elderly parents taken care of but don’t want to put them in rest homes and so want alternatives. You can provide that alternative.


16. Children’s Party Service

This is a good business. You can start a business organizing parties for kids. What you do is pick up the space or set-up the parties at the homes of the families hosting the parties.

Develop number of themes for different age groups. You can even develop this as a mail order business by placing ads offering several themes and packages for different size or groups of kids. It’s a party-in-a-box and you are the party supplier.


17. Desktop Publishing

Most people own computers but don’t make use of them. If you have a computer system, you can make money from it yourself.

Restaurants need menus printed daily. Small businesses need brochures. Street sales entrepreneurs need flyers. Entrepreneurs need ads designed.

The possibilities go on and on for this type of business. You can come in here.


18. Flyer Distribution

Try placing a simple ad for your flyer distribution service. Better yet, distribute flyers announcing your business.

Charge your clients a couple of naira per flyer to be distributed, and pay the person you hire to distribute the flyers, a particular amount for each flyer distributed. You keep the other penny per flyer.


19. Blogging

You can start a blog in any niche of your choice. Starting a blog is very easy and straightforward today.

There are several content management systems (CMS) that can help you to set up and manage a blog today without coding or any stress.

You need to build up the image or popularity of your blog at first by choosing a niche you are familiar with and posting regularly on the blog. You may also need to learn search engines optimization (SEO) to make your blog rank very well on search engines for free traffic.

You can always monetize your blog to make money in different ways. Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are just popular examples today. You can also sell your own products.

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20. Ebook Publishing

Ebook Publishing is also another way to start a business on a budget. This type of business has gained lots of grounds over the years.

At our organization, we make a significant income every year from ebook Publishing. You can just write a book, format it accordingly, creat a beautiful cover, craft out a description and then publish it on any of the ebook Publishing websites.

If you can’t do all these, you can contact professionals to do them for you. At Sarefat Vision Publishing and Nownowboks, we offer these services to authors at very affordable prices. See contact details below.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) should be the first path you should consider to start Publishing and selling ebooks online.

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21. Sell online courses

People want to learn from home study courses today. Not everyone wants to read ebooks again. This is where you come in.

Turn your idea into a home study course and start selling on course selling websites. If you can’t create an online course, you can learn how to do it or pay someone to do it for you.

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Udemy.com is the first place to consider to sell your online course. We also new platforms like selar and even our online bookstore here at Nownowboks.

I hope you loved this compilation, 21 businesses you can start on a budget. It is time to take action. Make this year a good year of profit for yourself. Let me read your comment and share this post with your friends on social media.

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21 businesses you can start on a budget
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