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Marketing a book can be one of the many difficult tasks that authors face. Some authors have done lots of work in writing their books, self-published it and some have even gone to the extent of developing an author website to sell their books and then their book marketing activities ended there. They wait for the sales to come and which usually don’t come as expected.

Proactive Book Marketing is Necessary

market a book

Authors should understand that they now have to take pro-active actions in marketing their books. Even traditional publishers now require their published authors to be involved in marketing their books. This article will be showing you 4 ways to market your self-published book.

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Create a website that’s working            

I strongly believe that authors must have authors’ websites. There are many advantages to having this in place. I will not be going into that today, a future article will do. Your author’s website must be functional. Visitors should be able to navigate it easily.

It should portray your author brand well in front of your readers. You should have your books listed on a special page (a Bookstore) on your website with the ecovers in place. You should also have a simple description of what your books will do for your visitors if they take a buying decision.

If you have reviews, endorsements or testimonials, you should also show them, they help in making your readers take buying decisions. One more thing here: You should show your visitors very clearly the online store where your books are listed.

The reason for this is because most people have that big trust in the Amazon, smashwords, and apples of this world. They can close their eyes to buy from these popular stores. When you let them know, it may go a long way to encourage them to go and look at your books at these e-stores.

Send a press release

There are lots of free press releases websites online where you can send out a press release about your new book or even your author website. There are also paid ones. You should choose according to your budget.

You will also need to learn how to write effective press releases. Some of these press releases sites have good short tutorials on this on their websites. You should give a brief description of that represents the most newsworthy part of your book.

You should also use an attention-grabbing headline and lead paragraph in your press release. The body of the release should contain information like background information about your new book, spokesperson quotations and other information that can help the course of your book promotion. You should search online to find both free and paid press releases websites.


Have you tried Helpareporter.com

This is an interesting hangout for reporters who need newsworthy stories for various publications? Here, you can contact a journalist to review your book and take it further from there.


You can do personal marketing

You can also get actively involved in some beneficial personal marketing activities like book launch, book tours, organizing a seminar, speaking events, distribution to libraries and bookstores (if you have the paper-back editions available).

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me read your comments. You can also share how you have marketed your own books with us here. Thanks.

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4 Good Ways to Market a Book
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