7 dynamic steps to solving problems

These 7 Dynamic Steps to Problem-Solving is designed to help you start solving problems.

I have seen people who get overwhelmed by problems. This should not be so. The presence of problems is a good pointer for breakthroughs and success.

However, for you to achieve these end desires or results, you must be ready to be a perpetual problem solvers. I hope this post from the NowNowBooks Business team, 7 dynamic steps to problem-solving will help you.


Steps to solving problems: problems are part of us

Problems are part and parcel of human existence. It is the very basis that determines the survival growth and development of man from the beginning of human existence.

Homo Sapiens (human beings) are problem solvers by nature. When our species arrived on the scene, every kind of human-eating predator could outrun us over a short distance and a short distance was all a predator needed.

Yet we managed to survive, not just because of our physical attributes but because of our newborn intellect. Brainpower conveniently shifted the odds in the Homo sapiens favour.

But it wasn’t the site or weight of our brain that tilted the scales, it was the way we humans used our brains to solve problems, first and foremost being out to stay alive and survive.

Human problem-solving prowess not only ensured the survival of our species but led automatically to our dominion over the planet.

Somewhere along the line, human beings generally seem to have lost this prowess and turned to the approach of trial-and-error method. The evident frustration that is prevalent in all human affairs today from elementary academics to marriage, to marketing to management to governors and other critical sectors involving problem-solving has proved that majority of human beings have lost their dynamic power of problem solving.

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Steps to solving problems

You must make a gallant effort to regain this lost power and the basic mindset you need is to accept your problems as challenges. Your problems should be seen as an opportunity to use your brainpower to harness talent and skills for the betterment of your life and others.

Problems make us bigger. The more problems we are capable of solving, the bigger is stature and status we become. It has even been proved that it is those individuals who are skilled in identifying and solving problems that becomes rich and wealthy. I am sure you won’t mind to join them.



Problem solving can be fun. It can add spice to what would otherwise be boredom. It can lead to new ways of doing things, new inventions, new ways of making money, or finding shortcuts, of saving time and energy and best of all, of securing new friendships and cementing old ones in ways nothing else could.

I strongly urge you to start seeing your problems as an opportunity to move ahead by believing in a wise saying that “Obstacle (problems) is the platform to stepping into a miracle.”

You can however put this into a more concrete action by understanding the basic dynamic steps towards problem solving. What are they?

Let us now look at the 7 dynamic steps to problem-solving below:



No matter what problem you are confronted with, calm down. Be cool, calm and collected. Fear is negative thinking that cannot in any way help you to solve your problem.

A calm mind thinks better than a worried mind. Fearing the problem often result in insecurity, lack of confidence and procrastination. It destroys our potential and ability. Most of the time our fears are imaginary and they usually magnify the problem. Always think of fear as





Learn to stand up to whatever you are afraid of. Courage is not absence of fear but the mastery of it.

You would have noticed that most successful people you know never appear to us as if they are afraid. I need to tell you that most of the time, the successful people are just as afraid as you are but they have learnt to control their fears and act in spite of fear. You too can take this vital step.

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With your calm mind, the next step is for you to get all the facts you can muster concerning the problem. What you don’t know can be very intimidating and ignorance is often the major problem of problems.

The more you know of your problem the nearer the solution. Search available resources like Self-Help motivational books, the Book of Books, research reports, Internet etc. for clues to the problem. Forget your own hunches as to why the problem occured; just think of the facts of the case.

Analyze the problem until you know as much about it as possible. Know which factors are controllable and which are not. However be cautious not to prolong this step as it is a known fact that too much analysis often leads to paralysis.

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“The immature mind hops from one thing to another. The mature mind seeks to follow through”  Harry A. Overstreet

Don’t concentrate on the problem concentrate audio solution beyond the regular engagement of your conscious mind improbable cushions from the problem over to your subconscious mind right all your talk to word dissolution and believe with all your heart that you get to the heart of the matter is very home important that we know that the greatest difficulty of a problem or issue the more focused thinking time is necessary to solve it.

I cannot emphasize too much how important it is to keep the thought of this one sure foremost in mind by virtue of the law of concentration to get resolved sooner or later on whatever it is you need serious attention to


Think of others while trying to solve your problems. The Rotary International has what it calls A Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do. This Four Way Test provides just the right ingredients for the right kind of solution we are looking for:

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build good will and better friendship?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

It is a rare problem that concerns only one individual. The fact that more than one person is concerned is usually the reason the problem exists in the first place.

A unilateral, one sided, or selfish solution will solve no problem whatsoever: it will only prolong and increase the intensity of it.

When you think in this way, it is very possible to convert solution to your problem into a commercial instrument capable of launching you into real success and greatness.



“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness” -Chinese Proverb

When you have an idea of a solution, it does no good to sit on it. It requires action-your action. And the sooner you can act, the quicker the problem will be solved.

You must develop the habit of being proactive which is one of the seven habits of highly effective people propagated by Stephen Covey (you need to get and read that book if you’ve not).

Action precedes result. It involves the use of one’s mental and physical energy to work on the various problems leading to achievement. There is nothing that can be done without action.

When to act is another it is not necessary to wait until you are 100 percent certain of the solution. It is possible you don’t even have all it takes to conclude action on a particular thing not to worry, just start with what you have and all other necessary tools would make themselves available as you as you go along.



No one has a monopoly of ideas. Whatever may be the nature of your problem; it has been experienced and solved by some people. You probably must have heard that there is nothing new under the sun.

Endeavor to seek the advice of Godly counselors and proficient professionals. The bible stated in clearly in Proverbs 15:22 that “Without counsel purposes are disappointed but in the multitude of counselors they are established.”

On a continual basis, you should constitute your “Personal Advisory Board which will consist of successful, accomplished and Godly individuals that you can always turn to whenever you have any problem to contend with. If you do this effectively you will benefit tremendously from the wisdom of others.



Sometimes in life, you will come across some serious and complicated personal or business problems that you find impossible to solve even with the help of counselors and consultants, Do not despair.

Have faith that God is capable of providing miraculous solutions when you call upon him in prayers.

The creator is the only person with solution to diverse problems. So if you’re really serious about your problem, learn to always turn to your creator. And He is not very far from you.

He is with you anywhere you are. Either in your toilet, on your bed, in the office, anywhere you are God is there. For he dwells in your mind.

My best advice for you on problem solving from personal experience is that whatever problem you cannot solve, turn it to God and stop worrying. I have come to realize that with God, every problem has an expiry date.

Before the end of this very season, I pray and believe that God will solve those knotty problems of yours in his miraculous way. Do you believe?


7 dynamic steps to solving problems
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