This post on 7 ways I make money online writing (with verifiable proofs) will be very useful to you. I have tried to include as much information in this post to ensure you hit the ground running to make money writing online.

Disclaimer: While we have carried out due diligence to put this product together, we want to inform you that results may vary and they may depend on certain factors that are beyond our

control. We have put together a guide from our practical experiences and verifiable proofs have been included all through the guide..

Introduction to make money online writing 

This is a short ebook and I am going straight into what I have to share with you.

I am Sesan Oguntade, Owner of and Zarepath Publishing. I also own I make consistent income selling my writings or ebooks or information products online. I make money writing online. 

I want you to look at a snapshot of my sales reports on Amazon where I have sold books worth over $2000 over the years below.

Make money online writing

I want you to look at a snapshot of the income I made selling articles online below:

make money online writing

I can show you more snapshots but I think I should go straight to what this guide is all about- 7 ways I sell my writings or information products online

Make money online writing 1:  I sell ebooks on Amazon

I told you earlier how much I have made selling ebooks on this platform over the past 5 years. If you are an author or you sell information products, you need to be selling on Amazon.

I tell people that Amazon sell ebooks. Yes they do. But you must understand how to go about it to sell consistently on this platform.

You can put your books on this platform and not make a dime because of the large number of books on the platform already.

I and my team have figured this out and we made sales on the platform every month.

Important: I recently did a video course for an author cooperative in Lagos Nigeria some weeks ago. You can gain access to this course (about 14 lectures) today to see the secrets of Publishing and selling books on Amazon.

When you learn it, you can do it and then begin to teach others too. Please call or Whatsapp or send email to 08034300979 or Only 20 people will gain access at this highly discounted price of N2000.

You can also buy directly on Udemy here

Make money online writing 2: Sell ebooks on Smashwords

This is another way I have sold books and information products online over the years. I also receive passive income from this platform on a monthly basis. performs the magic of helping you to distribute your books or information products to lots of ebooks stores and libraries online.

This is the big deal with this site and it has been of great use to me and my Publishing firm. You only need to do things right at the Publishing stage and then you are ready to go.

Important: We can help you to get your book published on this platform using all the tricks we have learned over the years. Call or Whatsapp to get this done for you at a highly discounted price. (Open to the first 20 to make a request since it involves a lot of process).

Make money online writing 3: Sell articles or other freelance services

With these platforms, we have made over $5000 in the past one year. Please see the snapshot below (I showed one earlier).

If you write and can write articles following guidelines, then this is for you. Even if you don’t write, you can have jobs and then assign to others.

For example, you can assign your jobs to us and we get it done for you and you pay us from your income.

You can also learn to write and do the job yourself.

We have a guide that will give information in all you have to do to perfect this. On one of these platforms, you will have to write a certification test. Though they will provide you with the text to write the test, we will show you what the test is all about and get you the answers to the test before you write it.

What we will show you will also educate you on how to handle writing jobs when they give them to you.

You saw the snapshot where we have made over $5000 in the past one year on one of this platform. We will also show you how to register for other platforms too.

You should note that you are not limited to writing articles alone. There are positions for freelance logo designers, web designers, illustrators and so on.

Call or Whatsapp 08034300979 to have access to this guide at N2000.

Make money online writing 4: Put your writings or books or information products on

This is a Nigerian online Publishing firm. We got to know about this firm some months ago and we have made passive income close to 20000 from this platform.

What do you have to do here?

You make your book or information products available to the site free of charge so that subscribers to their ebooks store or library or directory can read them free.

You’re credited when readers read a certain number of pages of your book. Bambooks pay quarterly. We have over 14 books on this platform already. It’s great when you do something once and you get paid for it every three months. Isn’t that great?

If you want us to help you get your book published on this platform, please call Whatsapp 08034300979 now to obtain this service at a cost of N2500.

Update: With lots of authors and books now on Bambooks, the result is not the way it used to be. But you can still put your books on this platform. You can also publish your audiobooks on this platform.

Make money online writing 5: Sell your books as a video course on udemy

We recently launched out selling our books as online video courses. People now prefer to learn from the comfort of their homes today.

We have made about $127 on this platform. See the snapshot below.

Update: Our total income on Udemy is now about $350.

We can help you to turn your books into an online course by giving you access to a beautiful guide on how to do so.

Even if you don’t want to sell on udemy, we can show you how to do so using youtube. Please call Whatsapp 08034300979. Guide is N2000.

Make money online writing 6: Sell your books around the world in other languages

We also recently launched out selling our books in foreign languages like Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Italian and so on.

You will have translators asking you to translate your book when you publish it on this platform. They will do it for you at no cost! Yes you heard that right- at no cost.

Though you will have to share your royalty with them when you make sales.

Gain access to a guide on how to get this done at N2000. It’s a picture guide and you will be able to get it done on your own.

We can also help you get your book published in this platform too. Call Whatsapp 08034300979.

Make money online writing 7: Sell via blog

I have a Christian blog at that has grown in terms of audience in the past two years. This blog ranks as number 1 for Keywords like Christian ministries in Nigeria and other keywords on google.

When you run a blog and it’s ranking well on Google, you will have visitors visiting your website. These visitors can join your email list and you can begin to send weekly newsletter to them.

These subscribers can be consistent buyers of your books and information products for many years.

I have a guide on how you can use on-page SEO tactics to improve your blog’s ranking. This is an online video course that is on sale already on udemy at $19.

You don’t have to buy it there; you need to pay N2000 to gain access now.

We can also help you to set it up on your blog and newsletter too. The first set of people who buy my books and writings are the subscribers to my blog.

What are you waiting for?

I hope you have been informed with this short guide. It’s left for you to take actions now.

Access to all the guides

Let me make this simple for you:

You can gain access to all the guides and courses mentioned in this ebook at just N5000 if you order for it now. (Only 10 people will be able to gain access at this price).

I am giving our many years of experience to you which has cost us lots of money and time to put together.

You are getting all these at the ridiculous price of N5000. We can only open it up to only 10 people at this price. Thank you.


The guides and courses you get at N5000 are:

  1. A video course on how to sell on Amazon.
  2. How to sell articles as a freelancer online (websites where you start immediately included in the guide).
  3. How to sell your books as an online video course.
  4. How to sell your books in other languages and get it distributed around the world.
  5. A video course on On-page SEO: How to rank your blog higher on

Call or Whatsapp 08034300979 or send email to (Only 10 people will gain access at this price.


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