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This is the official page for our bestselling self-publishing resources.

These Publishing resources (ebooks, courses, apps and softwares) have been specially picked for you. Please use the Table of Contents to browse through the resources.

Please use the Table of Contents to browse through the resources on this page. Thank you.

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How I sell ebooks on Amazon (an online course)

Kindle Create


“How I Sell Books On Amazon | Udemy”. All the little but very effective things we do to sell our ebooks on Amazon over the years. Enroll for this today


How I publish books on Amazon KDP (an ebook)

How to publish a book on Amazon

Check out one of my best-selling ebooks on Amazon on publishing and selling books on Amazon. This ebook has sold lots of copies already on Amazon. Check it out here.


How I sell ebooks on Amazon (an ebook)


Publishing resources

How I sell Books on Amazon KDP: Step-by Step Picture Guide on how you can sell lots of books on Kindle (Book Publishing and Marketing) eBook. Get your copy here


Formatting your books for Kindle and Smashwords Publishing (an online course)

“Formatting Your Books for Kindle And Smashwords Publishing | Udemy”. Simple steps to format your books effectively for publication on Amazon, Smashwords, Streetlib, Lulu etc. Enroll in the course today.


How to publish your books globally in foreign languages without any upfront cost (an ebook)


Self publishing resources


How to Publish Your Books Globally In Foreign Languages at No Cost to You: step by step picture guide on how to translate your books into over 11 foreign languages at no cost and get them distributed worldwide (Book Publishing and Marketing). Get more information about this ebook guide


How to write SEO Articles for your blog (an ebook)


Author blog articles

How to Write SEO Articles : To rank your blog higher on the search engines (for authors and bloggers) (Book Publishing and Marketing) eBook: Kindle Store. Buy your copy now


On-Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers (an online course)

“On Page SEO Tactics for WordPress Bloggers | Udemy” Learn what the experts do to rank their WordPress blogs or websites higher on search engines. Enroll in the course today


Exciting Author Tools and Resources (an ebook)

Make your Book Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Easier with these exciting book writing and publishing tools and resources. I described in this short, step-by-step picture guide how I use these tools practically for my author, Publishing, and marketing business. You don’t have to waste all the time looking for these tools or learning how to use them, I have done the hard job for you.  Check out this book today. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B8SL921W


How to publish your books in foreign languages at no cost to you (an online course)

You Can Increase Your Author Income Drastically if you take the decision to take your Books GlobalIf you have published and distributed your books all this while in English or in one single language, you now have the opportunity to have the book translated in about 11 other languages and distributed worldwide at No Cost to you!I believe that sounds impossible to you but it is true.

Enrol today

Self publishing resources


You can also order any of these publishing resources by filling our contact form to get in touch with us 

You can also do an express ordering service with our WhatsApp order service: +234-08034300979

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