Alternatives to Payoneer
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Alternatives to Payoneer. Nigerian authors must read this. Please share this post with your friends who also Payoneer alternatives.

In our bid to find alternatives to Payoneer, we have discovered an alternative to Payoneer. This should be good news to Nigerian authors who have been discouraged and disappointed by the new policy from Payoneer that has prevented them from using Payoneer’s receiving accounts to receive their book royalties from Amazon and other stores online.

You may need to read a post on our blog where we talked about this ‘anti-Nigerian’ policy from Payoneer


Alternatives to Payoneer: what did we find out?

We discovered GeegPay. GeegPay probably observed the situation of things with Payoneer and it’s new policy and has decided to bridge the gap or present itself as a suitable alternative.

GeegPay promise to give authors or freelancers virtual accounts they can use online to receive money. This is just like the Payoneer’s receiving accounts.

Authors can register, get verified and collect these virtual accounts. They can use them in their Amazon account to receive their royalties.

These virtual accounts are also useful for freelancers who work online. They can use these virtual accounts to receive payment.

We will surely pass more information across to you about this payment platform on this blog and in our newsletters.

In the meantime, I want you to read more information about GeegPay as we are able to pick up from their website.


About GeegPay: an alternative to Payoneer

According to GeegPay, you can

“Create USD, GBP, and EUR virtual bank accounts to easily receive international payments for your work. Get USD virtual cards that work everywhere.”

GeegPay says:

You can get started in 3 simple steps to set up your Geegpay account

Alternatives to Payoneer: Create an account

Alternatives to Payoneer

Sign up with your legal names, set up a strong password, and confirm email verification code.

Verify your account

Complete details such as your profile, bank, employment, and identity verification.

Create your bank accounts & debit cards

At this stage, you are on your way to getting paid, hassle-free.

Geegpay offers Africa’s professionals an instant and fully-functional way to get paid by their foreign clients faster, while saving on unnecessary fees.

Do you want to set up your GeegPay account now? Get started here

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Alternatives to Payoneer
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