If you sell ebooks on Amazon, you should be interested in knowing more about Amazon sales rank for books.

Amazon sales rank for ebooks play major roles in determining your success as a Kindle ebooks seller. Please find some basic details about Amazon sales rank for books in the remaining part of this post.

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What is Amazon sales rank for ebooks

Amazon sales rank


For each of your books, Amazon shows how it’s selling compared to other books in the same category. The lower the number the better it is selling on Amazon compared to other books in the same categories.

For example, you can see from the snapshot above for my Christian romance novel, The Prostitute, the sales rank is about 8k+. This is far less than some of my other books.

It shows the book is doing very well in terms of sales compared to other books in it’s categories on Amazon.

How buyers use this ebooks sales figure 

Buyers of ebooks in Amazon usually use this information to see how popular a book is compared to others. It helps them to take a buying decision.


Other ways Sales rank is useful 

This figure is also useful when you are trying to place a book marketing ads on some popular websites. Some of these websites will not promote your book to their audience if the sales rank has a big number.

For example, Babelcube will also ask you to include a sales rank anytime you upload your book on their platform for translators who are looking for books to translate. I believe this information also helps translators take decisions on books they choose to translate on Babelcube.

I hope you now understood why authors on Amazon value the figure of the Amazon sales rank. Let me read your comment.

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