Answers to Payoneer Mastercard questions

Payoneer Mastercard and payment option is the big deal today for most people who do business online especially Nigerian authors who want to find a way of receiving their book royalty from Amazon.

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Questions about payoneer Mastercard

We have received lots of comments and emails on payoneer Mastercard and the payment options available on Payoneer.

We are presenting you answers to some of these questions in this post today.

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Question 1 on Payoneer Mastercard and payment

I noticed you can only withdraw your money into your bank account from Payoneer when you reach a threshold of $5000. Please is this true?

Answer: You are wrong. The threshold to be paid for the second option of receiving your money in your bank account is $50. We have been using it for the past two years now. You get to $50, you can transfer your money to your bank account.

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Question 2: What are the options available to receive my money in my Payoneer account?

You have two options to get your money from Payoneer when Amazon must have sent it to payoneer or when anyone pays into your payoneer account:

  1. By Payoneer Mastercard which they will send to you without any upfront cost but they will deduct the annual cost of $29 when you have money in your account. Using the card will also attract bank and transaction fees. So if you are not making so much money, the card option will be too expensive. We advise you use the second option.
  2. Payment to your bank account in Nigeria. You will be able to fill in your Nigerian or local bank account details in your pàyoneer account. But your must reach a threshold of $50 and above before you will be able to transfer it to your local bank account from your Payoneer dashboard or app.

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Question 3: How do I see and copy my US bank account from my Payoneer account?

After you have registered for payoneer, you will be able to copy from your dashboard, the US bank account that is unique to you so that you can put it into your Amazon account. You will find this under ‘Global Payment Service in your dashboard.

You can also click on the ‘Get Paid’ tab in your Dashboard and click on ‘Receive Payment’. You can then copy your US or UK bank account details.

I hope you have learned effectively from this post on payoneer Mastercard and Payoneer payment.

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Answers to Payoneer Mastercard questions
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