Author blogs are extremely important today in the world of writing and bookselling business. The competition is so stiff today because lots of people are writing and publishing ebooks and uploading them to different online stores like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

If you want to be ahead of the competition today, then you should start and run your author blog.

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What are Author blogs 

Author blogs are online diaries of authors. They are authors’ ‘online office’  or platform where they write consistently, articles and updates that are useful to their intended audience.


What is the benefit of author blogs


There are lots of benefits to author blogs. I will show just one of them in this post. It’s a very valuable one that will appeal to you.


Blogs help you sell more books

Read our experience below:

We decided to start selling our ebooks on other platforms apart from Amazon. We chose Payhip and Gumroad.

But we observed that the ebooks were selling on their own the way we have them on Amazon. We knew this was because these two platforms don’t command the types of huge ready-made buyers of ebooks like Amazon.

What we did

For Payhip and gumroad, we started putting the links to our ebooks directly on some of our top-performing blog pages at

This is the reason why it’s great if authors have their blogs and invest in making the blogs rank higher on Google. We just affected these changes so we have not seen any appreciable results but we know the results will come.

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Growing your author blog 

To grow your author blog in the area of traffic, you should do what we have been doing – optimizing our posts for Google search engines.

Google gives us lots of traffic these days. We hope to exploit these to sell our books on Payhip and gumroad by God’s grace.

You can learn On Page SEO Strategies the way we do it which is by making our blogs rank high on Google with many keywords and keyphrases in our online course, On Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re interested please let us know here or via WhatsApp 08034300979.

You can also purchase the course on Udemy at On-Page SEO Strategies course

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