Authors and book publishers in Nigeria

This is for Authors and book publishers in Nigeria. It’s a massive opportunity for authors who want to sell more ebooks and book publishers in Nigeria who want to get more books published and sold online and offline.


Authors and book publishers in Nigeria: Read this

Authors and book publishers in Nigeria should read this piece about a new project in our organization.


Our MasterClass group for authors and book publishers

We have started a MasterClass group for Authors and book Publishers.

Please note that it’s not going to be for everybody. I am so sorry to say that.

It’s going to be for Authors and publishers who are truly serious and dedicated to not just writing but doing practically all that is needed to sell and grow this vocation as a true business.

Our mission to authors and publishers

This is still part of the mission in our organization to help authors achieve their lofty dreams of operating their vocation as a business and profiting from it.

We did the Christian Author Initiative last year and it was successful.

Our results as a book publisher

We have lots of tremendous stories writing, publishing, and selling books and information products over the years with our organization like

We have been able to spread out from just writing and Publishing books and information products to other very similar areas to writing and publishing. These other areas have helped our writing and Publishing vocation.

Lack of dedication from authors

But we have observed how authors don’t want to work to succeed in this vocation. We only need dedicated authors in this MasterClass group.

People who will do assignments and carry actions on every instruction that will be shared in the group.


More information about this book and Publishing project 

Please find more information about this book and publishing project below:

Self-Publishing MasterClass for Authors and Publishers

If you are an author and a publisher who wants to learn how we have self-published and used the power of technology and the internet to drive the distribution and the sales of our books and information products, this MasterClass group is for you.

We have self-published and sold lots of books online using different online platforms over the years.

  • What are the secrets we have discovered over the years?
  • What platforms are we using to self-publish and to sell our books?
  • What strategies have we adopted over the years to achieve these tremendous results?

Myself and my team will be using our invitation-only WhatsApp group to teach, guide and help authors and publishers to achieve similar results.

Please note:

This is not for you if you’re:

  • Lazy
  • Not ready to follow instructions
  • Not ready to complete assignments
  • Not ready to take actions
  • Want overnight results

If all above applies to you, please don’t bother to join. The program is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s for those who want to take this as both a business and a calling.

If we admit you into the group and you don’t complete assignments or show commitment, we will remove you from the group.

If you’re interested, you need to read the piece of information below:

  1. If you have ever self-published your book with us in the past, you will be given free admission. So, you should just let us know by sharing information about the book we self-published for you in the past. Contact us here or WhatsApp 08034300979.
  2. If you don’t belong to the group of people above, you will have to pay a commitment fee of N2000.

The mode of teaching in the group is going to be done through:

  • Videos
  • Online courses
  • Personal counselling
  • Blog posts

If you’re interested and you want to join the train, please indicate by writing a comment or Contact us here or WhatsApp 08034300979.

Thank you.

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Pictures of our book publishing and marketing exploits 

Sales recorded over the years on Amazon

Our books as online courses with lots of students enrollment



Authors and book publishers in Nigeria
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