Best Nigerian self publishing firm
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The best Nigerian Self publishing firm has to be Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing, an arm of Sarefat Vision Investment LTD.

Why am I so sure of this? You will find out the reasons for my optimism and confidence soon.


What is a Nigerian self publishing firm?

Nigerian self publishing firm is a registered publishing firm in Nigeria who undergoes the business activities of self publishing books for authors and other publishers.

A good self publishing company in Nigeria must be registered with the right authorities in Nigeria. That is, the company must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria.

This is where our self publishing firm, Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing is unique and different. We are not just registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, we also operate a corporate bank account which customers can use to transact business with us.

So any transaction with our company has the author or publisher fully covered because they are relating with a fully legal company.


Our self publishing activities

Our self publishing activities over the years are as follows:

  • Several ebooks published for Authors and publishers on Amazon
  • Several ebooks published for Authors and publishers on our online bookstore here at Nownowbooks
  • Several print books published for authors and publishers
  • An online course, How I sell ebooks on Amazon that has helped lots of authors over the years on the platform
  • The online course above is given as a bonus to authors and publishers who publish their books with us
  • Self publishing ebooks like How I publish books on Amazon, How I sell ebooks on Amazon, How I make Passive Income selling ebooks on Amazon etc.
  • A growing online Whatsapp group of authors and publishers where we counsel, help and assist authors to live their dreams of publishing and selling more books
  • We always add authors who make inquiries about our publishing services to this group at no cost to them
  • An exciting book printing process to help authors reduce cost of printing and publishing their books. Read more here
  • Our website and blog (this very one) is one of the most popular Publishing blog and websites in Nigeria. It is ranking on top for many keywords and key phrases on the various search engines


Some of our published books

The following are the links to some of the published books from Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing (You can contact us for your Publishing needs: Contact us in WhatsApp 08034300979. Or send us an email here 


Check out the published on this online bookstore here



































Best Nigerian self publishing firm
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