Formatting your books effectively

Formatting your books in Microsoft Word for publishing on Amazon and other stores online. The two links below will show you how to go about it.

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 Formatting your books effectively

You have to learn the formatting of your books effectively before you can get them published on Amazon or other stores online.

You can do it in Microsoft Word. The video and text tutorials below will show you how to format your books effectively for publication online.

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Formatting your books effectively: Text tutorials

To format your book to publish it on Amazon or other stores online, please click the link below and enter the password


Note copy the password and paste.

So click the link below now and enter the password above.


Formatting your books effectively: Video tutorials

To format your book to publish it on Amazon or other stores online, please click the link below and enter the password:


Note copy the password and paste.

So click the link below now and enter the password above.

Protected: How to format your book (video)

Here Am I Send Me: A book on evangelism

This is a book on evangelism.

The unfolding events of recent times in the world are strong indications of fulfilling prophecy of the end time. But has the gospel been preached in all the world? This book put the passion for the lost soul in every Christian’s mind.

This book is sorely centered on preparing and provoking Christians to carry out our mandate of the Great Commission. It is a wake up call to believers that the task of preaching the good news is mandatory and urgent.

Witnessing to the Muslims is seen as a difficult task. In this book, you will find out that to witness to the Muslims is easy and enjoyable as step by step strategy to do so are well spelt out.

Every day unbelievers souls are lost and God is not happy. This book tells us the mind of God concerning the unbelievers and His love story for the world.

Get a copy today.

Book on evangelism

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Super Secrets of a Successful Football Career

This book depicts tips in attaining football success. It serves as a guide to football players, especially young prospects pursuing a career in football. The book prepares football players’ mind to see the task ahead of them and even beyond.

The book helps to create and paint a picture saving football players the time and effort of going through their head on what is required of them to attain success. The book brings what is required of them to their doorstep.

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How to have the right business mindset

You need the right business mindset to survive as an entrepreneur in our today’s world. This is very important.


How to Develop the Right Business Mindset

Things are really changing for the best now in my country and in most parts of the world. The harsh economic conditions have made many to trust less in their salaries (if they are employees) or in one single income business (if they are business people). So many people (even government officials) are now active buyers and sellers.

Now I am sure that about 95% of these people took to buying and selling because of the poor state of the economy – a condition that has made them to fare badly financially. Therefore, they have automatically developed *the right mindset* to sell products or services because they must survive.

According to *Robert G Allen,* in his very successful book, *Multiple Steams of Income,*”… Understanding money – how to make it and keep it – is absolutely essential to your life, to your relationships, to your happiness, to your future.”

Yes, many people now know that money is a game you must understand how to play or else you will receive financial knocks every now and then through out your lifetime!

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The right business mindset: you must trade

Having the right mindset is first, making yourself to understand that you can hardly survive the tough economic conditions if you don’t get involved in trading! If you cannot outrightly do full-time trading, you can at least augment your monthly income with proceeds from your secondary income generator.


Products and services

Secondly, having the right business mindset is all about the fact that you may never amass great wealth and be financially independent if you don’t have products and services to offer in return for other people’s money to come to you or your pocket!

You must sell something of good quality to make money. You must sell ‘something repeatedly to make more and more money! This is the big secret of almost all the major wealthy organizations or individuals all over the world.


The right business mindset: what a guru said

I want you to read the views of my business mentor – Dr Sunny Obazu Ojeagbese, a multi-millionaire and the president of Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC). He wrote this in his book, “How To Make It In Nigeria… Building Your Wealth From Ground Floor Up”.

“Reading through-the pages of these books (Think and Grow Rich and Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude); it became obvious to me that one of the most important keys for having more money was to render quality service to others in the quantity that is proportional to the size of wealth that one desires.”

He was worried about what the future holds for him and his family. He knew he was not safe if he held on to his #10,000 per annum job!

He needed more cash inflow into his pocket. He reached out to books that taught him how he can achieve his aims if only he can begin to sell something.

This great steps about the big secret behind the success of this great Nigerian as this simple understanding have done lots of good to him, his family and to many Nigerians (yours truly inclusive).

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My story with business products and services

I want you to read my own story: I left paid employment without any savings or entitlement. I came out with a product to solve the problem of mathematics in the education industry, “Silly Mistakes in Mathematics” I sold this product and offer backend services to some of my customers. Money flowed in direction!


Right business mindset: you must sell

It is just the same way. You must sell and sell to make money or else you remain “cashless” for a long time! Now I want you to take your mind back to the time you dip your hand into your pocket to pay for a book. Can you remember you actually paid for it and one way or the other you have made the author richer with that action!

The blog was packaged to meet your products and selling needs if you have decided to give the buying and selling business a shot.

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CAC strike off companies from register

This news is for you: CAC strikes off companies from register. You need to know if your registered company is going to be affected.

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CAC strike off companies from register: What you need to know 

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in a public notice released on July 31st, 2023, announced to the public that it will be striking off a list of companies that has failed to meet the requirements specified in the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020.

The list includes a total of 94,581 companies. The majority of these companies are Limited Liability Companies that were registered between 1976 and 1991.

These are companies that have failed to fulfill their statutory obligation of filing annual returns in the last decade.

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Strike off List-Batch-001 July-2023

The process is called, the Strike off List-Batch-001 July-2023 by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You have the opportunity to check if your company is involved at the end of this post.

The CAC emphasized that companies failing to comply with the provisions of CAMA 2020, particularly those neglecting to file their annual returns within 90 days of publication on the Commission’s website, will be struck off the Register of Companies.

The affected companies have been listed on the Commission’s website, and the CAC urges both the companies in question and the general public to check the website to identify the names of the entities facing the striking off process.

What happens when a company is struck off

Once a company is struck off the CAC Register, such companies will be legally prohibited from conducting business activities until they obtain a formal restoration order from the Federal High Court.

The public notice from CAC serves as a reminder to all companies to fulfill their obligations as outlined in CAMA 2020 and adhere to the regulatory framework to maintain their active status with the Commission.

The CAC’s issuance of this notice is in accordance with section 692 (3) and (4) of CAMA 2020.

Companies listed for striking off are strongly advised to take prompt action to rectify their compliance status to avoid adverse consequences.

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Book publishing in foreign languages

In case you don’t know, you can do book publishing in foreign languages. Yes you can and it’s at no upfront cost to you.

Authors can now publish books in foreign languages free and even get their published translated books distributed widely online. All these at no upfront cost to them!

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Publish books in foreign languages course is live

t’s now Live on Udemy (Online Course). How to Publish Your Books in Foreign Languages At Zero Upfront Cost and Get them Distributed Worldwide

You Can Increase Your Author Income Drastically if you take the decision to take your Books Global.

If you have published and distributed your books all this while in English or in one single language, you now have the opportunity to have the book translated in about 11 other languages and distributed worldwide at No Cost to you!I believe that sounds impossible to you but it is true.


Order Publish books in foreign languages today

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Read on to see the Udemy order link to the online course, How to publish books in foreign languages below.


What does this online publishing course contains?

This simple-to-use, step-by step Publishing online course will show you how to do it. Even if you have not used a keyboard before, you will be able to master the process without any sweat.

Translators will be able to work for you at no upfront cost to you. You will also have the opportunity to get your translated books distributed and marketed for you at no upfront cost.

I have over 15 of my books translated already. Each book has been translated from English to other languages like French, Spanish, German, Greek etc. You can also have your books translated from other languages to English.

This is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss. Your books can be published in different languages apart from one language.

I want you to enrol in this easy-to-use online course for authors today.

Enrol now on Udemy 


6 creative ways to make money online

These 6 creative ways to make money online is going to expose you to some facts you have probably overlooked. This post will show you some of steps you can begin to take increase your online earnings or income.

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Attracting multiple streams of income

Your Web page is the portal through which you will attract multiple streams of income into your life. Some of these streams will be gushers. Some of them will be tiny rivulets mere trickles of cash flow.

What makes these income streams possible is a steady stream of people. No people, no money. If you want to make money on the Net, having your own Web page is just the beginning. It’s like having a billboard in the middle of the Nevada desert… if nobody sees it, it’s as if it doesn’t even exist. It’s worthless.


Traffic is the real deal on the internet

If the three keywords in real estate are, location, location, location, then on the Internet, they’re traffic, traffic, traffic. Your most important task is to drive traffic to your site.

If you have no traffic, your site has no value. I repeat: A Web page is nothing. Traffic is everything. By traffic, I mean visits by people. The more visits, the more valuable your space.

Think of it this way: Before Las Vegas became the “hot spot it was nothing but a few lonely buildings in the middle of desert. Along came gambling and attracted a few people. The casinos needed to attract more people, so they needed famous entertainers and glitzy dancing girls.

Traffic increased. They offered cheap airfares and inexpensive food. Traffic increased even more They staged major boxing bouts. and people flew in from all over the world. Traffic increased again

They added a major convention center. Traffic zoomed. Then they added attraction for kids and families. Traffic exploded. With traffic flowing (people circulating) throughout the city, everything else in the city became more valuable – the commercial street corners, the office space, the restaurants, the retail stores.

Newspaper ads, the magazine space, billboards, television and radio spots-all increased in value. However, if the traffic were to stop flowing, the buildings would stand empty, the stores would have no customers, the population would leave. It would become a ghost town.

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Ways to make money online: traffic to your website

Your website is like an imaginary city in the middle of the desert. If you can attract people to it (traffic) and encourage them to come back again and again and bring their friends, then everything on your site will increase dramatically in value.

You own all the real estate -the digital property. You own the commercial corners, the malls and shopping centers, the residential apartment buildings. You own the television stations, the newspapers, and all the billboards on every street corner.

Without traffic, all of these assets are worthless. With traffic, you can rent out this assets for a fortune! It’s all about traffic.


Ways to make money online: Internet marketing machine

In this article, let me show you how to build an Internet marketing machine. A machine that not only drives traffic to your site but gets people to leave money as they are passing through.

Think your webpage as a convenience store. Joe Customer walks in with the sole purpose of buying a gallon of milk. On his way to the coolers, he grabs a box of donuts. At the cooler, he remembers that he also needs some orange juice.

Walking back toward the cash register, he spots some batteries. At the cash register, he adds some breath mints. He came in to buy one thing and leave with five items. These impulse buys make up a large percentage of the profit of that store.


How to make money online: Newsletter sign up

Don’t forget the main purpose of your site. All of your traffic generating activities have one purpose in mind – to entice your visitor to sign your guest book and give you permission to contact them again. If you don’t accomplish this simple goal, you have failed to build yourself an asset that will generate your prime source of long-term wealth.

I know you want to make money now but before you sign up for a hundred affiliate programs, stop and make sure you have accomplished your most important task. By gathering their e-mail address, you have introduced potential customers into your reservoir of interested-but-not-yet-committed customers.

Once you have obtained permission, you should send an immediate autoresponder email congratulating your prospects on their wise decisions and rewarding them with special goodies for reading your first message to them. I call this an ethical bribe. You are rewarding them for granting you permission to contact them. In other words, you are paying attention.

In addition to gathering the email address of every visitor to your site, let’s explore the many ways you can induce your Web visitors to leave money. There are at least six main streams of income.


Profit Centre 1: The Main Product Of Your Site

After you have gleaned the permission to continue to communicate with your prospects, the next most important task is to satisfy their primary reason for visiting. Something in your advertisement attracted them.

They’re interested in your offerings. During this very first visit, you may have only three clicks’ worth of time to convince your curious strangers to linger long enough to find something they want.

You should design a first-time buyer’s reward a package of incentives that tip the scales toward a yes rather than a no, An example is that of discount airline tickets. If all the tickets are priced about the same, I’ll go for the one that gives me the extra discount.

What can you come up with that differentiates you from all other options? Could it be a gift certificate for a book or some other valuable premium?

Could it be a coupon or a huge discount on a future order? Could it be a frequent- flyer miles? Could it be a bundle of free reports? Could it be placing your customer’s name in a monthly raffle to win one of your catalog items? Could it be a telephone consultation with you about the customer’s area of interest? Could it be free placement of a classified ads in your newsletter or on your Website?

If possible, try to make the value of many of the items in your catalog. Remember, if you treat customers right, they will be back again and again with an increasing volume of purchases. You need to invest in your customers so they will invest in you.

And that brings us to the SECOND STREAM OF ONLINE cash flow from your website.


Profit Centre 2: Joining Affiliate on Programs

The Web is teeming with affiliate programs, the most famous of which is The link has been added to hundreds of thousands of Web pages all across the Internet. Each of these links represents a mini partnership between the site owner and

The host site ( agrees to pay the referring site (you) a small fee to provide a link on your site to If someone clicks on the link on your site and ends up purchasing anything, you will receive a commission for that referral.

There are now hundreds of thousands of satellite partners who have an ongoing self-interest in the continuing success of the mother ship.

I start with as an example because this strategy is one of the prime reasons for it’s incredible growth in gross revenues.

The more affiliates the host site has, the better for spreading the message. Copying this successful strategy are thousands of other businesses marketing a myriad of products, all of which are trying to accomplish the a same goal: increased traffic and thus increased business.

Eventually, you, too, will want your own affiliate program to market your own products through hundreds or thousands of partnering sites. But before you launch your own affiliate program, you need to experience what it is like to participate in several affiliate programs.


Online Affiliate Programs versus Traditional Network Marketing Programs

Similar to affiliate programs are network marketing opportunities. They operate on the same model-at referral fee for steering someone to an existing business. But network marketing has more complicated compensation plans that reward you more extensively for the efforts if people recruited into your organization.

Because this extra layer of complexity and the extra effort required to build and maintain a growing downline,I highly recommend that you participate in only a single, excellent network marketing opportunity.

Both affiliate programs and network marketing companies base their existence on the concept of rewarding people for their positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Have you ever been to a great movie or a great restaurant and told a friend? That’s called word-of- mouth advertising. Businesses love word-of-mouth advertising because it’s more effective than all the money they spend on any other form of advertising, promotion, or marketing. Network marketing is a way for businesses to leverage the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

Let me give you a hypothetical example. Suppose you recommend a great restaurant to your sister. Let’s call it Chez Bob. Your sister and her husband make a reservation for dinner, and during the meal, the waiter asks them how they heard about Chez Bob. They mention your name. How would you feel if the owner of the restaurant sent you a thank-you letter and a coupon for a free meal in

Chez Bob has gained a new long-term customer. This customer didn’t come as a result of a Yellow Pages ad or a radio and newspaper campaign. Therefore he wants to reward you for this new word-of-mouth customer. Any time your sister visits his restaurant in the future, he will send you a check for 10 percent of the value of the meal as a continuing thank-you

Sure enough, every several months you receive a small thank-you check. You’re so impressed that you encourage others to visit Chez Bob.

This generates more free coupons plus more 10 percent word-of-mouth checks. After a year, you are receiving several small checks a month. After several years, you’ve helped to create dozens of monthly customers that generate hundreds of dollars of extra, no-hassle income to you. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

This is the theory behind network marketing, as it is now called. I prefer to call it relationship marketing because it is as a result of relationship that word of mouth derives its power.

Businesses these days spend up to 50% of their goods for advertising and marketing expenses. Instead of sending these advertising dollars to wealthy newspapers, magazines, and television stations, several smart businesses have begun to share this money with their best customers. Every time one of their customers influences someone to buy products, they sent this loyal customer a check as a sort of referral fee.

Eventually, these residual income streams flowing from dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of customers can become substantial (as in my personal case).

But as I said earlier, it takes time, dedication and commitment to build substantial network marketing income streams, so I recommend that you choose only one network marketing opportunity and focus on it until you are successful.

While I know of many people who earn income from a variety of associate programs, I know of no one who has successfully built and more than one network marketing business simultaneously. In other words, pick a company and stick with it.

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Profit Centre 3: Opening Your Own Bookstore

No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the educational business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your business more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives.

Each of your regular e-mail newsletters should be designed to continue the education process. Therefore, each e-zine becomes content that goes into your archives.

Each detailed question you answer in your e-mail becomes a template for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of your site. Eventually, the contents from your FAQs and e-zines will end up as a series of special reports (which can be combined into a full-length book), which you can either sell or offer as a premium bonus in your marketing efforts.

What should you offer in your bookstore? The following four major items:

  1. Your own special reports
  2. Your own books
  3. Resource materials from joint- venture partners
  4. Your own selection of traditionally published books.

The fastest way to stock your bookstore with books is to become affiliated with a major online bookstore. You can display on your site your own private selection of books that pertain to your industry or product line. It stands to reason that if a person is interested in your product line, he or she should also be interested in any related Information. Why not profit from this special interest?

The disadvantage to this approach is that (1) profits earned from these minor sales will be minimal (3 to 7 percent of the purchase price) and (2) it drives traffic away from your site, perhaps never return

A more profitable alternative is to research self-published authors online who have created information content that would be suitable for your visitors and arrange to buy their information products on consignment.

The price you can charge for such content is generally higher with correspondingly higher profit margins, and you don’t have to lose the traffic to

Of course, the highest profit margins are for information products that you create yourself, such as books and special reports. If you plan carefully, a series of special reports can actually be organized into a full- length book

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, in his impressive book. How to make a Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commission, Publishing and Selling “How-To” Information, reveals that one of his most powerful profit centers is the creation of five page special reports. He sells each special report of for $6 (three of them for $14). Rarely at does anyone order fewer than three at a time.

In the back of his book he lists over 100 of these special reports and I defy you to read through the book and not end up wanting a half a dozen for yourself

What is so incredible about these reports is that they can be created from recycled material such as your FAQS and newsletter articles, thus providing an ongoing cash infusion to your business. Here is what Lant says about profitability.

Special Reports are very profitable. Because people tend to buy in multiples of three Special Reports have become a very important profit center for me. No wonder. Consider the cost.

Direct costs include the value of my time in creating them (which may mean recycling material from other sources) or getting other specialists to create them for me. Factoring all expenses, including postage, the individual Special Report costs about 45 cents to produce. I sell them for $6 without any problem.

Of course, Lant’s book was written in 1993, before the Internet really exploded. The costs associated with digitally producing and delivering a special report has now been reduced to almost zero!

Lant boasts that he creates 24 to 28 of this five-page special reports per year. (The magic number of five pages keeps the postage down to one first-class stamp.) Each report is personally individualized with the purchaser’s name and current date. Another benefits of creating the special report is the publicity value.

These special reports can become the basis of your PR campaign. Submit them as is to newspapers, magazines and e-zine to help spread your message. Each special report should include a resource box at the end, with details about how to reach you for more information (for a fee, of course).

Your special reports become a sophisticated marketing vehicle. In time, your resource centre can become one of the most profitable profit centres on your entire site.

Now for the next source of site cash.

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Profit Centre 4: Advertising

In an analogy at the beginning of this article, I described how Las Vegas was converted from a desert ghost town into a thriving metropolis because of the traffic flowing through it.

Where there is traffic (i.e eyeballs), there’s potential to rent this traffic to other businesses. People want to rent this eyeballs, and other businesses will pay you upfront for that privilege.

The downside is that this eyeballs may be siphoned off to another part of the online universe, never to return. Of course, your eyeball asset has no value until you have enough eyeballs to make a difference to someone. But with the future in mind, let’s explore at least four ways to profit from advertising.

First, let’s start with an important policy: Never rent, give, trade or sell your email names to anyone.

Never. Period. And state this in your email acquisition policy. In the offline world, renting a mailing list can be a juicy source of extra revenue. But online, the aversion to spam(unsolicited email) is so intense that you need to make a decision never to violate the goodwill of your “fish in training”. This doesn’t mean that you can’t include a paid ad or two in your periodic newsletter.


Four ways to Generate Advertising Revenues

  • Selling, renting or trading banner ads on your Website
  • Selling, renting, or trading classified ad space on your Website
  • Selling, renting, or trading links from your site to another site
  • Selling, renting, or trading advertising messages in your periodic e-zine.


Profit Centre 5: Selling Picks and Shovels

The fifth major way (there are dozens of minor ways) to earn income from your site is to profit from other people who are coming online. It has been widely reported that the only people who made any lasting money in the California and Alaska gold rushes were the people who supplied the picks and shovels and auxiliary services to the miners themselves.

Hundred of millions of new Netpreneurs will join the online gold rush in the next decade. As in previous gold rushes, the majority will be disappointed in their prospecting. Not because there isn’t gold in them but because these prospectors simply don’t know how to go about finding it. That’s where you come in. Yo can provide the picks and shovels for them.

What are the picks and shovels of the Internet?

• Web-hosting services
• Website designed and consultation
• Marketing device
• Traffic
• Education and training
• Advertising services
• Affiliate programs to help new businesses get started
• Computer hardware
• Computer software
• Credit card services

And many more. Just think of kind of products, services, and information that it took and continues to take for you to get up to speed in your online business. You can provide the products, services, and answers to hundreds if not thousands of prospective miners. Why not profit from your education in the school of hard knocks?


Profit Centre 6: Establishing Your Own Auction

Have you ever bought something at an auction? What is there about auctions that is so seductive? Answer: It is a perfect formula for creating a feeding frenzy!

Popularity+scarcity+ urgency+curiosity= feeding frenzy

The auction model applied to the Internet is one of those rare business ideas that looks, in retrospect, to be a stroke of pure genius: When millions of people focus on a single item for a limited time frame, those who wouldn’t even consider buying such an item in an ordinary department store fight with total strangers to out bid each other over the Internet.

Why shouldn’t you participate? Don’t you have some stuff in your possession or in your business inventory that would be perfect for an auction? Here are the three major benefits of setting up your own auction:

• It can generate extra income for you.
• It’s a great way to advertise your Website and expose more people to your ongoing business.
• It’s the hip thing to do.


Summary of ways to make money online

These six ways of creating cash flow will take time, effort and investment to incorporate into your Website, but they could become powerful ways if creating multiple streams of income for you. We will explore each in more detail with the goal of not just learning what to do but actually doing it.

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Top Lawyer: Reflections on Legal Education, Mental Health and the Purpose Driven Lawyer

A book by Osegi Albert Chuks (JNR). TOP Lawyer is a powerful and compelling book that seeks to reveal through the lenses of the author, the connection between the present legal education in Nigeria and the mental health challenges that law student’s and lawyers face.

The author who studied law himself shows how the mental health status of law students and young lawyers have deteriorated as they battle with the broken one in the mirror enabled or facilitated by a legal education that does not take their purpose into consideration.

It journeys into the lives of law students and lawyers to show how a broken legal education system only ends up creating broken lawyers no matter how successful they get.

This book is a powerful inventory on the state of legal education and the opportunity challenge it presents and is bound to create a shift in mindset and orientation for anyone who reads it.

You need to get a copy of Top Lawyer today, a book by Osegi Albert Chuks (JNR)

Top Lawyer


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Dangote Refinery: Business lessons to learn

Dangote refinery was finally commissioned. The largest petroleum refinery in the world was commisoned in Nigeria and will be fully operational by June, 2023. This is indeed a milestone for this African and Nigerian who has been the riiches man in Africa for over 11 years.

At OkChary Business, we have decided to bring you some useful lessons you need to learn from this great milestone.

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Lessons from the Dangote refinery project

The following are the lessons to be learned from the Dangote Refinery project.


Determination and doggedness will always yield dividends

No matter the obstacles that will confront you, you will always overcome if you are dogged and determined. Aliko Dangote must really be a highly determined man to pull this through.


Starting small is not bad at all

Aliko Dangote started out trading in rice, sugar and cement before he fully ventured out into manufacturing. He is manufacturing today what he started out selling as commodities. You don’t have to start out from the top. You can. Always start out from where you are going to where you want to go.


Top-place mentality

In every industry he is involved in, he is an industry leader. A man who loves the top. He starts out to be at the top in everything. You can call this the top-place mentality. I am not surprised he has built the largest refinery in the world today.

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Enduring to birth

Aliko Dangote endured to birth the petroleum refinery project. That would surprise some people who would nurse the wrong belief that completing the biggest refinery must have been a stroll in the park for the richest man in Africa.

The project faced lots of huge challenges and obstacles. Both expected and unexpected obstacles. But the doggedness and determination of Aliko Dangote pulled through.

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I want you to read the full report of the commissioning of the Dangote Refinery as reported by Vanguard Newspaper.


Refinery commissioning: Why we went into oil business – Aliko Dangote

Dangote Refinery

FOR Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, it is about determination and doggedness, steeped in fortitude that is today yielding dividends.

For eleven, consecutive years, he has been the richest man in Africa according to both Forbes and Bloomberg.

A graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, Dangote began his business career in 1978, trading in rice, sugar and cement before he ventured into full-scale manufacturing. The Group he founded currently has a presence in 17 African countries and is a market leader in cement on the continent.

One of the Group’s subsidiaries, Dangote Cement Plc, is the largest listed company in West Africa and the first Nigerian company to join the Forbes Global 2000 Companies list. The Group has two other subsidiaries: Dangote Sugar Refinery and NASCON Allied Industries listed on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX). Now, you can add Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicals, located in the Dangote Industries Free Trade Zone Area of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

Dangote is one of the few companies in the world executing a Petroleum Refinery and a Petrochemical complex directly as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract. Globally, apart from three companies, no individual owner has done the complete EPC Contract for a Petroleum Refinery.

Many may never know what Aliko Dangote endured to birth this latest project. Contrary to the naysayers who think it came easy, Vanguard can authoritatively assert that the construction of the largest refinery in the world faced serious, humongous challenges.

Ponder the following:

How do you deal with a situation whereby your imported consignment for the refinery is about 70% of the total cargo at the ports in Lagos, yet, you can not get them out?

How do you bring in equipment that would weigh about 3000 tons, when the capacity of your ports is between 200 and 250 tons?

Even after succeeding in bringing the equipment in, on which road would you transport them?

What do you do when the biggest crane in the country is 650 tons, whereas you need a 5000-ton capacity crane?

Worse, there were only two such 5000-ton capacity cranes in the world, and they were in use.

So, instead of hiring a crane for $300,000 a day, what do you do? Dangote bought his cranes.

There are a lot of over-dimensional cargoes like the heaters and pipes, so, Dangote had to sign a contract with a company to do the transportation into its yard and had to pay over $70 million just for that.

Inside the plant itself, Dangote constructed about 126 km of road. There are 54,000 storm columns built for protection

On-site, there are over 200 buildings.

Piecing together the thoughts of Aliko Dangote through statements, speeches and his celebrated interview with Francine Lacqua, an anchor on Bloomberg TV in London, in 2017, we present the reason why Dangote went into the oil business.

Today, he is celebrated globally as the one who has built the world’s largest petroleum refinery and it is based in Nigeria. Its commissioning had been thought impossible on a day like this. But by dint of hard work, sleepless nights, logging of thousands of kilometres all over the world and the thousands of dedicated staff of Dangote Group, today is the day of commissioning.

Well, let me tell you why we had to go into oil. Our strategy was to be an African company. When you look at the other options, it’s agriculture — and agriculture doesn’t take that much money. We always invest most of our money back into the business, so when we looked at it in 2015 and projected our revenue for the next few years, we looked at what we had left after investing in fertilizer and realized we still had billions of dollars we could put somewhere else.

The only place we could invest that much money was in the oil and gas business. So the refinery takes those dollars and allows us to invest in something we are used to, which is industry.

The majority of people here made their money through oil. But we have never dealt with oil, which is to prove that you don’t have to be in oil. In Nigeria, oil has damaged our thinking. Everyone is thinking about oil, oil, oil. And we are one company that has made a success without doing that.

Also, people always say, “Oh, he’s in oil and gas—there’s a lot of corruption in oil and gas.” We didn’t want to be a part of that. There are a lot of friends of mine in oil, and they are doing the right things. But I didn’t want to be a suspect, so that’s why we didn’t go into oil earlier.

Why go so big?

In business, you need to know before you jump into something. You have to do quite a lot of homework. For instance, Nigeria’s refineries were privatized in 2007. We bought two, but after a few months, we had a new government that decided to void the transaction.

So, since 2007, we’ve been working on building our refinery, but we didn’t finally start something until 2015. Here the capital investment are huge—much larger. And if you are not a big player, you have no way of survival”

The journey to building the largest refinery in the world.

We had already studied doing 300,000 barrels a day back in 2005. At that time I couldn’t even fathom a larger refinery. I had no financial capacity. Then in about 2010, we paid up Dangote Group’s debts, which amounted to $2 billion, and then started accumulating cash.

When we decided to build the refinery of our dreams, we reviewed our plans again and put the figure at 400,000. Then it jumped up to 650,000bpd. So a refinery had been on the drawing table for years, but this is how we were able to finally push it through.

I don’t have that worry about not completing it. We have the most robust team anyone can put together, and we’ve been doing this sort of work together for years. We have never failed in delivering any project

It’s an ambitious project, yes, but we have others at that particular site, too. We have a gas pipeline, for instance. We are trying to bring gas to Nigeria. The total gas that will come out is at par with the likes of Shell and other oil firms.

This will transform Nigeria because, as we speak, we have about 6,800 megawatts of power capacity that have been installed but not been put to use, the reason being that we don’t have the infrastructure.

We don’t want to listen to the critics, because they intend to destroy us. We are using our own money. This is my lifetime project. I have to back it up with my own life to make sure it is delivered. I know that, yes, it’s true, a lot of people have tried to deliver on refineries in the past, mostly governments. They couldn’t.

Prudence and humility.

I’m not a person who just likes to throw away money. I spend more money on charitable things than myself. Luckily, myself and my children, have been very disciplined.

That’s why if you look at it today, because of the way I run my lifestyle, I don’t have any home outside Nigeria. I stay in hotels. Quiet. Simple. My life is not very lavish, and I get very embarrassed if I try to show that I have money. I don’t.

I think I always advise people that it’s better to be very communal. In Lagos, I drive myself around on weekends. I ask my driver to go have a rest, and then I drive myself around. I still visit the normal friends I grew up with. My house is open 24 hours a day for them. I mingle with everybody. That’s the only way to get to know what’s going on.

Facts Sheet On Dangote Petroleum Refinery

• World Class Projects

• The Dangote Petroleum Refinery is located in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, covering a land area of approximately 2,635 hectares (seven times the size of Victoria Island.)

Facts Sheet On Dangote Petroleum Refinery

• World Class Projects

• The Dangote Petroleum Refinery is located in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, covering a land area of approximately 2,635 hectares (seven times the size of Victoria Island.)

I’m not a person who just likes to throw away money. I spend more money on charitable things than myself. Luckily, myself and my children, have been very disciplined. That’s why if you look at it today, because of the way I run my lifestyle, I don’t have any home outside Nigeria. I stay in hotels. Quiet. Simple. My life is not very lavish, and I get very embarrassed if I try to show that I have money. I don’t.

I think I always advise people that it’s better to be very communal. In Lagos, I drive myself around on weekends. I ask my driver to go have a rest, and then I drive myself around. I still visit the normal friends I grew up with. My house is open 24 hours a day for them. I mingle with everybody. That’s the only way to get to know what’s going on.

Facts Sheet On Dangote Petroleum Refinery

• World Class Projects

• The Dangote Petroleum Refinery is located in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, covering a land area of approximately 2,635 hectares (seven times the size of Victoria Island.)

World’s Largest Single-Train 650,000 barrels per day Petroleum Refinery with 900,000 tonnes Polypropylene Plant.

• The 435 MW Power Plant in the Refinery alone will be able to meet the total power requirement of Ibadan DisCo of 860,316 MWh covering five States including Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Kwara and Ekiti.

• Dangote Petroleum Refinery can meet 100% of the Nigerian requirement of all refined products (Gasoline, 53 million litres per day; Diesel, 34 million litres per day; Kerosene, 10 million litres per day and Aviation Jet A1, 2 million litres per day) and also have surplus of each of these products for export.

• Designed for all Nigerian Crude with flexibility to process other crudes.

• Self-sufficient Marine facility with ability for freight optimization. Largest single order of 5 SPMs anywhere in the world.

• Diesel , Gasoline and aviation fuel from the refinery will conform to Euro V specifications.

• The refinery design complies with, EU Emission StandardEPA, European emission norms and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) emission / effluent norms.

• State- of- the- art technology.

• Designed to process large variety of crudes including many of the African Crudes, some of the Middle Eastern Crudes and the US Light Tight Oil.

• 65 Million Cubic Metres of Sand dredged costing approximately 300 Million Euros , using the world’s largest, the second largest and the tenth largest dredgers to elevate the height by 1.5 metres, to insure against any potential impact of increase in mean sea level due to global warming.

• Bought over 2,262 units of various equipment to enhance the local capacity for site works since even the biggest local civil contractors are unable to handle even small portions of our construction requirement.

• Bought 308 cranes to build up equipment installation capacity since the current capacity in Nigeria is extremely poor.

• Built the world’s largest granite quarry to supply coarse aggregate, stone column material, stone base, stone dust & material for break water. (10 million tonnes per year production capacity).

• Developed a port and constructed two quays with a load bearing capacity of 25 tonnes/ sq meter to bring Over Dimensional Cargoes close to the site directly.

• Constructed two more quays in the port with a capacity to handle up to Panamax vessels to export the fertiliser and the petrochemicals and two quays to handle liquid cargoes. The port will thus have 6 quays, including a Roll-on/Roll-off quay.

• In the course of the civil works, some days 700 piles were drilled daily, and the total number of piles came to 250,000.

• It has 177 tanks of 4.742 billion litre capacity.

• Total capacity loading of 2,900 per day. This number is based on tanker capacity of 33KL.

• Dangote is one of the few companies in the world executing a Petroleum Refinery and a Petrochemical complex directly as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract. Globally, apart from three companies, no individual owner has done the complete EPC Contract for a Petroleum Refinery

• Temporary housing units on the premises can house 50,000 persons.

• The project utilised the coordination of various local and international suppliers and the coordination of multi-cultural work teams.

• Training of 900 young engineers in refinery operations outside the country. Another six Mechanical Engineers trained in the GE University in Italy. 50 Process engineers trained by Honeywell/UOP for six months; 50 Management Trainees; secondment for succession.

Aliko Dangote Epa/Daniel Irungu
Nigeria’s new Dangote petroleum refinery is Africa’s biggest – it will produce 650,000 barrels a day, giving it the potential to address the country’s energy supply crisis. First product from the refinery is expected to hit the market by the end of July 2023.

Owned by Nigerian industrialist and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, the refinery is expected to boost domestic refining capacity, getting rid of the current consumption shortfall. It will also reduce import dependency and stimulate economic growth.

It is the first privately owned crude oil refinery in Nigeria. Nigeria’s existing refineries, plagued by operational inefficiencies under government control, have failed to meet the growing demand for petroleum products. Substantial imports have become necessary.

Nigeria currently imports more than 80% of its refined petroleum products. The country is the largest importer of refined petroleum products in Africa. Local production will therefore massively cut the country’s import bill.

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, the cost (including freight) of petroleum products imports into Nigeria doubled over a five-year period from about US.4 billion in 2017 to US.2 billion (indicating an annual average of US.1 billion), before rising further to US.3 billion by end-2022.

The central bank says the average annual cost of petroleum products imports to Nigeria could reach US billion by 2027 if the country continues to rely on petroleum imports.

This money can now potentially be saved with Dangote refinery plugging the supply shortfall.

In my previous research, I have found that there is a link between Nigeria’s crude oil export dependency and its weak local refining capacity. This is also the case with Mexico, which exports its crude abroad for processing.

Based on my experience in the sector, I set out the four areas where the Dangote refinery is expected to make an impact on Nigeria’s petroleum sector and, by extension, the Nigerian economy.

Reduced oil import dependence
The most notable impact of Dangote refinery will be the increase in local refinery capacity, which will reduce imports.

Dangote refinery is expected to help Nigeria meet 100% of it’s refined petroleum product needs (gasoline, 72 million litres per day; diesel, 34 million litres per day; kerosene, 10 million litres per day and aviation jet, 2 million litres per day), with surplus products for the export market.

The refined petroleum output from the refinery in combination with other refineries in Nigeria is expected to meet the shortfall of the estimated daily consumption of 72 million litres of petrol.

The country has faced several fuel shortages in the past, which have caused prices to surge for transport and basic commodities.

Recent fuel shortages have been blamed on the Russia-Ukraine war. The price of imported fuel rose more than 100%. Importers operated at a loss due to price ceilings set by the government.

Besides eliminating import dependency, the Dangote refinery can potentially reduce Nigeria’s crude oil export dependency as more crude oil will be refined domestically.

Refining crude oil locally will enable the country pay for the refined product in naira which will save scarce foreign exchange and generate revenue in exported refined petroleum products.

The Central Bank of Nigeria says Dangote refinery could engender foreign exchange savings of between US billion and US billion annually for Nigeria.

Support for allied industries
The establishment of the refinery is also likely to help reduce the cost of production for industries that rely on petroleum products such as diesel to power their operations. In turn, this should increase their competitiveness in the global market while promoting local industry capabilities.

The refinery could also create an environment for allied industries to emerge in and around it. For instance, businesses in transport, housing and telecommunications will benefit from the construction and operations of the refinery.

And the refinery should create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

While under construction, the refinery employed about 40,000 workers – 29,000 Nigerians and 11,000 foreigners.

The jobs were in engineering, construction, manufacturing and operations, among other areas.

In full operation, the refinery, according to media reports, is expected to create over 250,000 direct and indirect jobs. I believe this is a fair estimate.

The country’s current unemployment rate is expected to reach 40.6% in 2023.

Possible increase in carbon footprint
The operation of Dangote refinery raises concerns about its potential impact on Nigeria’s net zero emission goals. Net zero is an ideal state where the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and greenhouse gas emissions taken out of the atmosphere is balanced.

Decarbonisation efforts are required for countries to achieve net zero but the path and time might differ as countries may want to take a gas-led approach to transition to renewable energy.

At the COP26 climate change meeting in 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari committed to net-zero emissions by 2060. This is to protect Nigeria’s environment and ecosystem from the impact of climate change and reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Nigeria has an Energy Transition Plan to get closer to a more sustainable economy. The plan assumes greater use of natural gas as a “transition fuel”.

Oil refineries contribute about 4% of the global carbon emissions.

The Dangote refinery complies with World Bank, US, European and Nigerian norms for emissions and effluents.

The Dangote refinery is a significant step towards self-sufficiency in Nigeria’s energy sector.

However, the refinery is still reliant on fossil fuels, and it is not a long term solution to Nigeria’s energy needs.

Nigeria has significant renewable energy potential, including solar and wind power.

Renewable energy can be harnessed to meet Nigeria’s energy needs in a sustainable manner. Therefore, Dangote refinery should be viewed as a stepping stone towards a transition to cleaner energy sources in the medium term.

It is essential that Nigeria continues to invest in renewable energy and explore ways to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels to achieve its net zero emissions goal.

This article is republished from The Conversation, a nonprofit news site dedicated to sharing ideas from academic experts. Like this article? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

It was written by: Nnaemeka Vincent Emodi, The University of Queensland.

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