Zarepath Payment (ZarePay): Buy and sell digital currency in Nigeria

Do you want a buy and sell digital currency in Nigeria? Zarepath Payment is there for you.

Zarepath Payment (ZarePay) is a payment pecializes in the provision of fast, reliable, and efficient digital currency exchange services to clients who desire to buy and sell online conveniently.

We will help you to convert your E-currency to cash and also help you convert your Cash to E-currency.

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Our digital currency buy, sell and exchange services in Nigeria is available to offer a safe and secure service to you anytime you want it.

We buy and sell the following digital currency in Nigeria for now: (More information soon)

More enquires: Call or WhatsApp: 08034300979. Or contact us

Note: Exchange rates change without prior notice and have a minimum quantity which tends to change from time to time. To know the minimum amount and other details, please Whatsapp us 08034300979.


How to buy books online in Nigeria

Do you want to know how to buy books online in Nigeria? This short guide will show you how you can purchase an ebook online in Nigeria.

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Can you buy books online in Nigeria?

Yes, you can buy books online in Nigeria today. The internet and technology have advanced significantly today and you can purchase most books by authors online from the comfort of your bedroom.


Authors and publishers have an online presence

Most authors and publishers now have an online presence and usually, their books can be bought right there on their websites or blog portals.

Even the ones who don’t have personal author websites or blogs have their books published on some of the major stores like Amazon, Draft2digital, Lulu, Apple, and others.

These types of authors will always send the links to their books on these stores to their fans, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers.


Search to buy books online in Nigeria

First and foremost, to buy books online in Nigeria, you should do a search on Google for the specific book of the author. You can use this query, ‘Author name: title of the book’.

For example, Sesan oguntade: The Prostitute.

You can also search for Amazon sedan oguntade to discover all the published book titles of Sesan oguntade.


Search for the websites of authors or publishers

As I mentioned above, most authors and publishers have an online presence today. You can do a search on Google for the websites of authors and publishers of interest at any particular time.

For example, search ‘Sesan oguntade: website/blog ‘.


Buy books online in Nigeria securely

You can buy books online in Nigeria securely today. Improved technology and method of payment online has ensured this.

You can now buy ebooks securely online today with your eyes closed.

You should always look out for the black padlock symbol on the left side of your browser before you make a payment through any website.

If a website does not have this symbol, then it’s not safe to use your credit card on this website.

There are also some very reliable payment processors in Nigeria today like Paystack and Remita.

For example on our online bookstore here at NowNowBooks, we use Paystack to receive and process payment.


Buy books online from our bookstore

 Buy your books online securely at our online bookstore. It’s the most exciting online bookstore in Nigeria.

Check out the various ebooks on sale today. 

List of book marketing companies in Nigeria

These are the list of book marketing companies in Nigeria specially researched and presented to you. This post is a response to the questions some authors have asked us in the past about how to find book marketing companies in Nigeria.


Why look for book marketing companies in Nigeria?

I can understand why authors want information about book marketing companies in Nigeria.

Many authors want to get busy with writing and find a book marketing agency that will help with the marketing of their books online and offline.

That’s not bad. But I still advice authors to learn some little books marketing strategies so that they can also use their spare time to market their books.


Marketing of books made easy

Marketing of books has been made super easy today with the internet and the social media. So an average author can learn some bits of internet marketing or social media marketing.

We teach a lot of these tips on this blog and in our newsletter. We also teach them at our how to sell ebooks on Amazon blog.

If you’re willing, you can learn these tips to supplement what the book marketing companies you will employ or contract will do for your book.

Let’s go to the list of book marketing companies in Nigeria as I promised you with this post.

***Please carry out your due diligence before you commit to a business relationship with any of these companies.


Book marketing companies in Nigeria

The following are the book marketing companies in Nigeria:

Zarepath Publishing Marketing

Zarepath Publishing Marketing services is a unique book marketing services designed to help authors do what we called, Do-it-yourself book marketing.

We believe authors will be able to properly market their books if they have a well designed marketing plan that’s relevant to their books and their brands.

So we help authors to design online and offline marketing blueprint for their books at very affordable prices.

You can send a WhatsApp message to our WhatsApp hotline at 08034300979 or contact us by email 

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Adhang will help you create advertising awareness for your books online and offline. Claims to be the number one digital marketing company in Nigeria.

It has 15 plus experience marketing books online.

Check out Adhang now/

City Marketing

At CityMarketing, we offer a complete service, addressing all types of marketing challenges to help you reach customers.

What this means is that we’re not just a marketing company that can handle your inbound and outbound marketing needs but can also handle your branding and strategy as well. And this applies whether we’re promoting an entirely new brand or re-energizing an existing one.

Call City Marketing agent today on +2348039922340 and lets take your business to the next level.

Aaron & Hur Consulting

Aaron & Hur Consulting is a church consulting firm designed to help clients fulfill their God given roles and assignments in the body of Christ.

Aaron & Hur is not just a company,  it’s a Market Place Ministry (MPM) created to assist God’s choice servants fulfill their calling.

Call Aaron &Hur: 0809 703 2664

Visit Aaron &Hur website today


V2C Networks Nigeria

V2C Networks Nigeria claims to be Nigeria’s foremost online book publishers. They publish and market e-books to the world and promote same so that the authors can make a living from their creativity. Their services are cost effective.

Address: Road 10 Block 17 Federal Housing Estate , Calabar, Cross River.

Phone number: 08033916581, 08172358865

Visit V2Cpromoters today


Harmony Publishing

Harmony Publishing plays a pivotal role in publishing in Nigeria, is a provider of self-publishing services aimed at helping authors realise their dreams while minimising the encumbrances associated with getting published.

Harmony Publishing believes getting published has never been more convenient and better professionally handled than you get at Harmony Publishing.

They claim to offer high-quality writing, editorial and production services at affordable rates

For more enquiries, kindly call 07032212481 or send mail to

Visit Harmony Publishing today



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Zarepath Publishing/NowNowBooks

How to print a book in Nigeria

If you want to know how to print a book in Nigeria, then this post is for you. If you also want to know the cost of printing a book in Nigeria, you are also covered by this interesting post on publishing a book in Nigeria.

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How to print a book in Nigeria: What does this entail?

Printing a book in Nigeria or what others called publishing a book in Nigeria is all about authors in Nigeria taking the route of self-publishing their books in Nigeria.

Traditional publishing is almost a no-go area for most authors in Nigeria and all over the world. So the next and most viable option is to go the way of self publishing.


Printing your books in Nigeria

If you want to go the self-publishing route as a Nigerian author, then you have to look at the important process of printing your book in Nigeria.

Publishing a book and printing a book, though sounds alike or almost mean the same thing but they are different. The simple explanation we can give here is that printing a book is a subset of publishing a book.

Publishing is like a whole building while printing is like a single room inside the building.

Publishing a book involves:

  • Coordinating the typing, editing and book work of the book
  • Following the printing process professionally
  • Coordinating the book collation and packaging processes like a pro
  • Offering useful publicity and marketing strategies for the book at no extra cost
  • Helping authors to publish the ebook version on our online bookstore at NowNowBooks
  • Following up on the author and the book after the publishing process


Zarepath Publishing gives more

At Zarepath Publishing, we don’t just help authors to print their books, we go the extra mile to publish their books even when they pay for only printing of their books.

We carry the processes above to get your book ready for the public. We give more than you require to make your book printing and publishing processes a success.


How much does it cost to print a book in Nigeria

The cost of printing a book in Nigeria will vary depending on a lot of factors. We have had to answer questions in this regard from Nigerian authors over the years.

Due to factors like the ones we have below, it’s going to be inappropriate to give a definite answer to what is the cost of printing a book in Nigeria.

The factors are:

  • The numbers of pages of your book
  • The size of your book
  • The ever-changing cost of printing materials
  • And many others

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Zarepath Publishing can help you

At Zarepath Publishing, we can help you along the way to get the best price for printing your book in Nigeria.

We carry you along the process to show you how you can beat off excessive cost along the printing process. This is the difference we offer to Nigerian authors who want to publish their books in Nigeria.

Will you contact a publishing representative at Zarepath Publishing now at Whatsapp/call: 08034300979


Stages of printing your book at Zarepath Publishing (summary)

This is the summary of how we print or publish your book as we have shown in this post:

(Authors that are short on cash can even go through this process one by one)

  1. Typing of your book
  2. Editing work on your book
  3. Book work: arrangement of your book in book form and the design of the cover of the book
  4. Determination of the price per copy of the book
  5. Printing activities
  6. Finishing work
  7. Delivery of books

Please share this post with your friends in social media. Let us read your comment.

Will you contact a publishing representative at Zarepath Publishing now at Whatsapp/call: 08034300979




Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

Are you looking for Payoneer Exchangers in Nigeria?  if you want a trusted place to sell your Payoneer funds or trade digital currencies, then you can check out this post.

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Legit Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

Getting legit Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria or legit digital traders can be very tough due to the activities of too many scammers online. But where there are cheats available, there are also credible ones available online to buy or sell Payoneer funds.

Just as we mentioned earlier, this post will help you to figure out legit Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria.

Note; Just because we are recommending the websites sell or buy Payoneer funds does not mean you don’t have to carry out your due diligence. Please do that. We are not going to answer for any transactions that go wrong with any recommendations we are making in this post.

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Best Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

Best Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria are the perfect places to buy and sell your Payoneer funds for Naira. If you use any of the Payoneer money exchangers below, your funds will be safe. We have analyzed some clients’ reviews of these money agents.

Why Amazon Authors need Payoneer money exchangers

Amazon authors in Nigeria, especially new ones who are just getting on board and who need a payment platform like Payoneer to receive their ebook royalties from Amazon KDP will require the services of these Payoneer money exchangers today.

Payoneer now needs new Payoneer account holders to have $50 in their accounts before their accounts are activated to have their global payment-receiving accounts.

You can read more about this new policy from Payoneer here.

Top Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria

Top Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria are shown below. You can go through this list to start trading digital currency like Payoneer, PayPal, skrill, perfect money, Bitcoin, etc.

Sowget is one of the best exchangers in Nigeria according to our strict investigation online. We checked through users’ reviews and also read through some top blogs on digital currency trading in Nigeria.

Contact Information
Telegram: @sowget_chat
Phone: 08144333114
Office: Suite 35, Block B, Jeho Shammah Shopping Plaza, Abiodun Jagun Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ogba, Lagos.

You can visit

You can also read the press news on Payoneer services by Sowget

Ijamexchabge is another top payoneer fund exchanger in Nigeria. This digital currency trader also deals in other currencies.

I have personally had contact online with the owner of this platform and I have found him to be truthful and honest.

According to the About Us section on their website:

This digital currency service portal is owned by IJAM SOLUTION CONSULT (a legally registered business in Nigeria) which has been involved in digital currency buy, sell and exchange services in Nigeria and worldwide except for/with USA residents since 2011.

Please visit to read more.


Instant Gold Nigeria is another top payoneer exchanger in Nigeria. This company is an old player in the game of digital currency trading in Nigeria.

Sometimes, it’s great to do business with those who have been there for a long. They won’t be there for that long if there is nothing good about them.

But just as we mentioned earlier, carry out your due diligence before you make any financial commitment.

Check out a note from their About Us section below:

Instant Gold Nigeria is a total e-business solution provider that specializes in the provision of fast, reliable, and efficient e-currency exchange services to clients who desire to buy and sell online with ease. We are one of the World’s most reliable and fastest links to the World of e-currency. We help you convert your Cash to E-currency and we also help you convert your E-currency to Cash. We provide convenience for our clients in all areas of e-business.

Their contact details are below:

Office Working Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5PM

Saturday: 10AM – 4PM


Address: 75 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Telephone: 0806 206 9637

WhatsApp: +234 806 206 9637

Email: support[at]


Address: 69 MKO Abiola way (Ring Road) Ibadan.

TELEPHONE: 0906 992 2723

WhatsApp: +234 806 206 9637

Visit Instantgold.Ng now

I hope you have enjoyed this post on Payoneer exchangers in Nigeria. If you are an Amazon ebook author and a new Payoneer account holder who wants your account activated for Payoneer global payment receiving accounts, then this post should have educated you.

You can have your Payoneer account funded with the required $50 that can qualify it to be activated for receiving accounts from Payoneer.

Let me read your comment. We will continue to update this post. Share it with your friends on social media.

Payoneer receiving accounts: New policy explained

Payoneer receiving accounts policy has changed from Payoneer. I believe this post should be of interest to you if you are planning to register for a Payoneer account to find US, UK, and Canadian bank accounts that you use to accept payment on Amazon or online.

We had to take some time off to carry out a due investigation when we began to receive lots of emails and complaints from authors who registered for a Payoneer account but who couldn’t find receiving accounts in the activated Payoneer account.

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What is Payoneer receiving accounts?

Payoneer receiving accounts are bank accounts from Payoneer given to registered Payoneer account holders to receive payment online from online stores. The bank accounts are in the US, UK, CAN, etc.

With the Payoneer receiving accounts, you can use them to receive payment from online stores like Amazon, Udemy, etc.

This is particularly very useful to authors from this part of the world to receive eBook royalties from Amazon since Amazon does not do direct bank deposits into Nigerian-based bank accounts.


Issues with Payoneer receiving bank accounts 

In our organization here at Zarepath Publishing, we help authors self-publish their books on Amazon. So in the process of publishing these ebooks, we guide authors through the process of opening Payoneer accounts.

We always assure them that having a Payoneer account is the surest way for them to receive their ebook royalties from Amazon in Nigeria. Well, we were having it smooth until we began to receive lots of complaints from authors about not finding their Payoneer receiving accounts in their activated Payoneer account.

We took action to find out the reason why this is so and we found out what you are about to read in the remaining part of this post on Payoneer receiving accounts.

The tutorial below is the transcript of my discussion on one of our WhatsApp groups for Authors on this topic. Please enjoy it.

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A new policy from Payoneer 

This tutorial is what we have discovered about Payoneer new policies on receiving accounts. In the past, you will always automatically find receiving accounts in the US, UK, CAN, etc. in your Payoneer account after your account has been activated.

But the new policies have changed this. The reason why lots of Nigerians are having problems getting their receiving accounts.

Remember they need receiving accounts, especially a US bank account to enter into their dashboard on Amazon KDP.

From our investigation, you now need to make at least $50 in your Payoneer account to get receiving accounts. But how do you make money in your account when you don’t have receiving accounts in the first place? I will get to that soon.


Payoneer alternative


First, let me tell you what we discovered some months ago while we were naturally searching for Payoneer alternatives. We discovered formerly offer the same services of issuing out receiving accounts.

We have an account with them that we have not been using so I logged into the account to see. Then…

I noticed you must make $50 in your account before you can have receiving accounts. So this new policy from Payoneer has been in existence with

Now let me inform you. The internet is just like that. Policies change every time and every day. The reason we always try to look for alternatives all the time.

Remember the tutorial I taught here about alternatives to Amazon? That’s what it means to sell online 😃


Now, what can we do as Nigerians?

First look at the images sent to me by someone who is now in this group. He got that in his account to confirm the new changes from Payoneer:

Payoneer receiving accounts

Payoneer bank account

Those pictures clearly show something has changed at Payoneer.

So what do we do as authors who want to receive eBook royalties on Amazon and who are just opening new Payoneer accounts?


Receiving payments alternative to Payoneer

The following are the alternatives you have as a Nigerian author to receive your ebook royalties from Amazon:


Through a friend abroad

If you have a friend in the US or UK. I mean a trusted friend, let him or her open a US or UK bank account for you.

He or she can do it in his or her name. We were using this option many years ago.

But we got a trusted friend in America. I understand that trusted friends are difficult to find. Right? 🙁🙁🙁


Fund your Payoneer account

Fund your Payoneer account to the tune of $50. It’s still your money. After funding, you can then request your receiving accounts.

After your account is activated for receiving accounts, you can withdraw your money to your bank account in Nigeria.

Funding your Payoneer account in Nigeria 

You can always fund your Payoneer account through agents online. I will try to investigate a trusted agency that does that.

Many of you do not know that Payoneer works like PayPal. People who have a Payoneer account can fund their Payoneer account by just transferring funds to it without a receiving account.

They can do it through the app, or the website if they have the email address that you use to open the account.



You can also use too. But you have to follow the same process.

Opt for check payment from Amazon

I believe you won’t like this option. Opt for check payment from Amazon. But you have to wait for your royalty to reach $100, £100, etc before you can get your check-in in each currency. That’s a horrible option!?!🙁🙁🙁🙁

You should also consider the danger of a check missing in transit. And also the commission you will pay.


Selling eBooks on Amazon

I hope I have done a good job here. But before you even begin to look for receiving accounts, why can’t you make the money first in your Amazon account? This is where marketing or learning how to sell on Amazon comes in.

When we started on Amazon, we had only the check option but we just continue to publish books and our royalties were accumulating.

When we struck the deal with my friend in the US, Amazon automatically paid all the accumulated royalties. In Amazon, your royalties can’t get lost 😃😃😃

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Author blogs : Why authors must have blogs

Author blogs are extremely important today in the world of writing and bookselling business. The competition is so stiff today because lots of people are writing and publishing ebooks and uploading them to different online stores like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

If you want to be ahead of the competition today, then you should start and run your author blog.

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What are Author blogs 

Author blogs are online diaries of authors. They are authors’ ‘online office’  or platform where they write consistently, articles and updates that are useful to their intended audience.


What is the benefit of author blogs


There are lots of benefits to author blogs. I will show just one of them in this post. It’s a very valuable one that will appeal to you.


Blogs help you sell more books

Read our experience below:

We decided to start selling our ebooks on other platforms apart from Amazon. We chose Payhip and Gumroad.

But we observed that the ebooks were selling on their own the way we have them on Amazon. We knew this was because these two platforms don’t command the types of huge ready-made buyers of ebooks like Amazon.

What we did

For Payhip and gumroad, we started putting the links to our ebooks directly on some of our top-performing blog pages at

This is the reason why it’s great if authors have their blogs and invest in making the blogs rank higher on Google. We just affected these changes so we have not seen any appreciable results but we know the results will come.

Related: Let us design your author’s blog at a very reasonable price. Contact us: or WhatsApp at 08034300979

Growing your author blog 

To grow your author blog in the area of traffic, you should do what we have been doing – optimizing our posts for Google search engines.

Google gives us lots of traffic these days. We hope to exploit these to sell our books on Payhip and gumroad by God’s grace.

You can learn On Page SEO Strategies the way we do it which is by making our blogs rank high on Google with many keywords and keyphrases in our online course, On Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re interested please let us know here or via WhatsApp 08034300979.

You can also purchase the course on Udemy at On-Page SEO Strategies course

Amazon alternatives for selling ebooks

Have you searched for Amazon alternatives to sell your ebooks online? If you have, then here is our experience using alternatives to Amazon to sell our ebooks online.

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What are Amazon alternatives?

Amazon alternatives are other ebook publishing and ebook selling platforms whose operations are similar to Amazon. Amazon has a book publishing platform called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

With Amazon KDP, authors can leverage the various powerful features to publish their books and also give them some good marketing and publicity push.

Authors need to learn about how to publish and sell ebooks on Amazon KDP to maximize the immense free benefits the platform offers.

We are not here to talk about Amazon KDP in this post but to talk about our experience publishing and selling ebooks on other Amazon alternatives online.

So let us go into that now.


Why we tried this experiment 

So as you have read from the introductory sections above, we just want to let you know of our experience when we decided to test other platforms for selling eBooks online apart from Amazon and Smashwords

You should know that there are other platforms for selling ebooks online apart from Amazon and Smashwords, Draft2digital, Apple, etc. I mean the big giants in the ebook publishing industry.

You should also know the reasons why we took that decision sometime last year.

  • To spread the message more about our books online
  • To make more income especially as it has to do with the royalty or commission we get from other platforms (Amazon alternatives) which are of higher percentages than that of Amazon and the other big giants when you put everything into consideration
  • We also did not want to put our eggs in one basket. What about if Amazon (this is the biggest platform for our organization to sell our ebooks) changes its policy and it becomes unfavorable to Nigerians and Africans? Remember that Smashwords did that recently. They were acquired by Draft2digital and the new owner had to screen out some Africans and Nigerians. Very bad policy I must tell you. Thank God Smashwords was not our major platform for selling books online. But it affected us and our yearly income. I wrote a nasty email to them but they replied professionally that when the situations are right they will send an email to me. Too bad

So we don’t want to put your eggs in one basket, we decided to try out other platforms as lots of them are spreading out today.


Other Amazon alternatives we tried 

The other Amazon alternatives we tried are:

  • Babelcube
  • Payhip
  • Gumroad
  • Publish Drive
  • Bambooks
  • Okadabooks
  • LeanPub

What has been our experience so far?

I start with one of them in Nigeria

This is a Nigerian book publishing platform. The mode of operation of bambooks is just like the Amazon Kindle Select program. You publish your books without a list price.

Paid Subscribers of Bambooks will read your book free of charge but you will be paid quarterly on the number of pages read from your book. They have a way of calculating this and distributing the royalties among all published authors.

Now our experience:

We published about five books in two years and we saw good patronage and a good number of pages were being read from our books. So we were taking a good share of the royalties and good passive income two years ago.

We were encouraged and we published more books including my best-selling book The Prostitute, a Christian romance novel.

This book also gave us good income from Bambooks.
But since the beginning of this year or late last year, Bambooks became a no-go area for us. The income dropped drastically. I believe this was due to lots of authors now joining the platform.

The royalties are being shared by more authors. Subscribers base of bambooks reducing. And also more books begging for attention from subscribers.

The last royalty payment from Bambooks last week was nothing to write home about. Well, we stopped publishing on the platform late last year.

But sometime last year, Bambooks introduced audiobook publishing. We have not published one. We hope to consider this soon. You know it takes much more work to turn your ebook into an audiobook.

This should give you information on how to set up multiple streams of income as an author.

We stopped publishing on Bambooks but you can try it out if you like.

The website again is



Next, in our Amazon alternatives where you can publish and sell ebooks online is Okadabooks. Hmmm, our experience here is also not too good. I will tell you why below.


Our publishing experience with Okadabooks

The problem we have with Okadabooks has to do with the threshold placed on payment. It used to be 10000 naira. Which to me was too high considering a lot of factors like:

  • Okadabooks is not Amazon where you are sure to have lots of traffic to your books when you do the right things.
  • An average author can stay on Okadabooks for over three years to make 10000.
  • This means that if I have 9900 naira in my account I have to wait for a lot of years to receive my money.
  • You may even have to wait till eternity to receive anything. To me that was very bad.


We fought for reduction

A group of authors had to fight this out with the management of Okadabooks and they changed payment threshold to 5000 naira.

This is still too high. Considering the fact that many stores are now paying authors even if they sell one book.

At NowNowBooks (our online bookstore where you are reading this), we pay authors even when they make one sale.


We left Okadabooks

We lost interest in the Okadabooks platform. We still have 3000 naira worth of book sales trapped in our account. We stopped promotion because of this anomaly.

I wonder what the owner of Okadabooks is doing with the income of authors. I believe they are using the trapped income of authors for investment.

So We stopped putting more books on the platform and we stopped promoting the books.


Want to publish books on Okadabooks?

If you want to publish ebooks on okadabooks, you should check it out at

Please visit The link to one of our books on okadabooks

I will update this post with our practical experience so far with each of these platforms listed above. Watch out.


Selling eBooks on Amazon 

And talking about selling on Amazon, we have received lots of emails from Authors who desire to sell more Ebooks on Amazon. We always tell them the truth – if you are not ready to market your published books you won’t really see good results. Talking about a strategy that has helped us over the years…

The use of freebies on Amazon. I disclosed this simple very good secret in this short article. Read it now 

Kindle book promotion websites

Kindle book promotion websites can give your published books on Amazon that extra push in publicity if you get it right.

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What are Kindle book promotion websites

Kindle book promotion websites are websites that specialized in helping authors gain more readership from their books by sending book information to their highly segmented email lists.

These book promo websites also offer authors the opportunity to list their books on sections of their websites like the home page etc.


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I want you to read more about these book promo websites below:

Book promotion websites