How do you publish your books in Nigeria

How do you publish your books in Nigeria? This post will show you the basic things and step you must take to publish your books in Nigeria.

We are a self-publishing company in Nigeria and we have a lot of experience helping Nigerian authors to publish their books online and offline.

So how do you publish your books in Nigeria? Let us get started immediately.

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Why should you get your book published?

You should get your book published because that book idea must leave you to help, educate, entertain or bless others. I believe that’s simple and straightforward reason why you should get your book published.

Other reasons are:

  • To publicize your brand
  • To make money
  • For posterity sake
  • For passive income
  • To share your experience with others

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How do you get your book published in Nigeria? Step-by-step guide

The following are the steps you should take to get your books published in Nigeria:

  1. Decide to know the type of publishing you want
  2. Do you want ebook publishing or paperback publishing?
  3. If it’s ebook publishing, you should do a check online for ebook publishers in Nigeria or online ebook publishing platforms, or ebook distributors online (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  4. If it’s just paperback publishing that you want to sell locally, you should also do a search on Google for book publishers in Nigeria or self-publishing companies in Nigeria (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  5. If you want both, you can also find Nigerian book publishers that publish both ebooks and paperbacks (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  6. Check out our post on self publishing companies in Nigeria
  7. Take your time to visit their websites (they should have one) to see more details about their publishing services
  8. Pick any three out of the ones you have and contact them
  9. You should note that any credible ebook publishing company should have good samples and good results of projects they have undertaken in the past.


Publish your books on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the biggest platform online to publish your ebooks and paperback books. The following are some of the reasons why Amazon is the best platform:

  • It’s free
  • Its platform is very simple to use
  • It has a huge audience already waiting to read your book
  • If you do the right things during the publication of your book on the platform, you can make your first sale in the first 24 hours of your book going live
  • It has platforms for authors to publish their ebooks and paperback books
  • It has lots of promotional programs to help you sell more books and ebooks
  • It pays non-US residents like Nigerians through Payoneer which allows Nigerians to use its platform


What you will need to publish your books

You will need the following to get your books published in Nigeria:

  • Your finished manuscript
  • The title of your book and subtitle
  • A short description of your book ( sometimes, the publishing company will help you with steps 1 and 2 above)
  • Of course your service fee


Get your book published in Nigeria

Let us publish your books for you. We will publish your books on any of the major online stores like Amazon or Smashwords or Draft2digital.

We have had lots of great results doing this over the years. We help you to carry out adequate researches to choose titles and subtitles that will help the discoverability of your books on Amazon.

We carry out research to determine the 7 main Keywords you will need when publishing your books on Amazon. We will also help you to choose the right categories for your books.

We do everything at the publication level to make your book visible on Amazon.

Check out this post to read more about our results so far.


Price list for our publishing services

Find our different price lists for our publishing services below:

Note: (The prices below are discounted because we are running a promo. You may have to take advantage of these prices before the promo ends)

1. Your book published on Amazon as an ebook. The cost of Publishing your book on this platform is N8500 (books within 15 to 100 pages)

2. Your book published on all stores all over the world. Cost is N8500. (books within 15 to 100 pages)

For these two services above, you get a cover designed for you. We format your book appropriately. We write a good book description for you. We choose the right keywords for your book. We give you hints on how to market and publicize your book. We give you online course on how to sell your books on Amazon (this is worth a lot of money but we give it to you free). We show you how to receive your royalties in Nigeria.

3. Your book as a paperback in Nigeria.

How many copies do you want (1000 or 2000 or 5000) copies or more.

Do you have any size in mind for your book? We always advise 6″ by 9″ for a book with that number iof pages

Do you want black and white printing ior colored.

Is your book fully edited or we are the one who will do the editing work for you?

Let us know all these so that we can give you a quotation.

Note: When we give you a quote, if you don’t go ahead with the project after 30 days, we will have to give you a new price quotation. The reason for this is because of the unstable nature of forex and printing materials.

4. Your book as a paperback on Amazon

Do you have an Amazon account already or we are opening one for you?

The price for this is 23500 (books within 15 to 100 pages)

This is for all the works involved in Publishing the book as a paperback on Amazon. It covers:

The cover design according to Amazon specifications

The formatting of the book manuscript

The writing of description for the book and the research and the  suggestion of a sellable title and subtitle for the book

I hope this is clear enough. Let us talk further on WhatsApp or via a call 08034300979.

Contact us

WhatsApp 08034300979.

Write an email to us here


Great offer for Authors and Hardworking Book Writers

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7 ways I make money online writing

This post on 7 ways I make money online writing (with verifiable proofs) will be very useful to you. I have tried to include as much information in this post to ensure you hit the ground running to make money writing online.

Disclaimer: While we have carried out due diligence to put this product together, we want to inform you that results may vary and they may depend on certain factors that are beyond our

control. We have put together a guide from our practical experiences and verifiable proofs have been included all through the guide..

Introduction to make money online writing 

This is a short ebook and I am going straight into what I have to share with you.

I am Sesan Oguntade, Owner of and Zarepath Publishing. I also own I make consistent income selling my writings or ebooks or information products online. I make money writing online. 

I want you to look at a snapshot of my sales reports on Amazon where I have sold books worth over $2000 over the years below.

Make money online writing

I want you to look at a snapshot of the income I made selling articles online below:

make money online writing

I can show you more snapshots but I think I should go straight to what this guide is all about- 7 ways I sell my writings or information products online

Make money online writing 1:  I sell ebooks on Amazon

I told you earlier how much I have made selling ebooks on this platform over the past 5 years. If you are an author or you sell information products, you need to be selling on Amazon.

I tell people that Amazon sell ebooks. Yes they do. But you must understand how to go about it to sell consistently on this platform.

You can put your books on this platform and not make a dime because of the large number of books on the platform already.

I and my team have figured this out and we made sales on the platform every month.

Important: I recently did a video course for an author cooperative in Lagos Nigeria some weeks ago. You can gain access to this course (about 14 lectures) today to see the secrets of Publishing and selling books on Amazon.

When you learn it, you can do it and then begin to teach others too. Please call or Whatsapp or send email to 08034300979 or Only 20 people will gain access at this highly discounted price of N2000.

You can also buy directly on Udemy here

Make money online writing 2: Sell ebooks on Smashwords

This is another way I have sold books and information products online over the years. I also receive passive income from this platform on a monthly basis. performs the magic of helping you to distribute your books or information products to lots of ebooks stores and libraries online.

This is the big deal with this site and it has been of great use to me and my Publishing firm. You only need to do things right at the Publishing stage and then you are ready to go.

Important: We can help you to get your book published on this platform using all the tricks we have learned over the years. Call or Whatsapp to get this done for you at a highly discounted price. (Open to the first 20 to make a request since it involves a lot of process).

Make money online writing 3: Sell articles or other freelance services

With these platforms, we have made over $5000 in the past one year. Please see the snapshot below (I showed one earlier).

If you write and can write articles following guidelines, then this is for you. Even if you don’t write, you can have jobs and then assign to others.

For example, you can assign your jobs to us and we get it done for you and you pay us from your income.

You can also learn to write and do the job yourself.

We have a guide that will give information in all you have to do to perfect this. On one of these platforms, you will have to write a certification test. Though they will provide you with the text to write the test, we will show you what the test is all about and get you the answers to the test before you write it.

What we will show you will also educate you on how to handle writing jobs when they give them to you.

You saw the snapshot where we have made over $5000 in the past one year on one of this platform. We will also show you how to register for other platforms too.

You should note that you are not limited to writing articles alone. There are positions for freelance logo designers, web designers, illustrators and so on.

Call or Whatsapp 08034300979 to have access to this guide at N2000.

Make money online writing 4: Put your writings or books or information products on

This is a Nigerian online Publishing firm. We got to know about this firm some months ago and we have made passive income close to 20000 from this platform.

What do you have to do here?

You make your book or information products available to the site free of charge so that subscribers to their ebooks store or library or directory can read them free.

You’re credited when readers read a certain number of pages of your book. Bambooks pay quarterly. We have over 14 books on this platform already. It’s great when you do something once and you get paid for it every three months. Isn’t that great?

If you want us to help you get your book published on this platform, please call Whatsapp 08034300979 now to obtain this service at a cost of N2500.

Update: With lots of authors and books now on Bambooks, the result is not the way it used to be. But you can still put your books on this platform. You can also publish your audiobooks on this platform.

Make money online writing 5: Sell your books as a video course on udemy

We recently launched out selling our books as online video courses. People now prefer to learn from the comfort of their homes today.

We have made about $127 on this platform. See the snapshot below.

Update: Our total income on Udemy is now about $350.

We can help you to turn your books into an online course by giving you access to a beautiful guide on how to do so.

Even if you don’t want to sell on udemy, we can show you how to do so using youtube. Please call Whatsapp 08034300979. Guide is N2000.

Make money online writing 6: Sell your books around the world in other languages

We also recently launched out selling our books in foreign languages like Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Italian and so on.

You will have translators asking you to translate your book when you publish it on this platform. They will do it for you at no cost! Yes you heard that right- at no cost.

Though you will have to share your royalty with them when you make sales.

Gain access to a guide on how to get this done at N2000. It’s a picture guide and you will be able to get it done on your own.

We can also help you get your book published in this platform too. Call Whatsapp 08034300979.

Make money online writing 7: Sell via blog

I have a Christian blog at that has grown in terms of audience in the past two years. This blog ranks as number 1 for Keywords like Christian ministries in Nigeria and other keywords on google.

When you run a blog and it’s ranking well on Google, you will have visitors visiting your website. These visitors can join your email list and you can begin to send weekly newsletter to them.

These subscribers can be consistent buyers of your books and information products for many years.

I have a guide on how you can use on-page SEO tactics to improve your blog’s ranking. This is an online video course that is on sale already on udemy at $19.

You don’t have to buy it there; you need to pay N2000 to gain access now.

We can also help you to set it up on your blog and newsletter too. The first set of people who buy my books and writings are the subscribers to my blog.

What are you waiting for?

I hope you have been informed with this short guide. It’s left for you to take actions now.

Access to all the guides

Let me make this simple for you:

You can gain access to all the guides and courses mentioned in this ebook at just N5000 if you order for it now. (Only 10 people will be able to gain access at this price).

I am giving our many years of experience to you which has cost us lots of money and time to put together.

You are getting all these at the ridiculous price of N5000. We can only open it up to only 10 people at this price. Thank you.


The guides and courses you get at N5000 are:

  1. A video course on how to sell on Amazon.
  2. How to sell articles as a freelancer online (websites where you start immediately included in the guide).
  3. How to sell your books as an online video course.
  4. How to sell your books in other languages and get it distributed around the world.
  5. A video course on On-page SEO: How to rank your blog higher on

Call or Whatsapp 08034300979 or send email to (Only 10 people will gain access at this price.


Amazon book link: How to get it in your account

Your Amazon book link can be obtained in your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) dashboard. This short post will show you how to get it.


Login to get your Amazon book link

You will need to login to your KDP account. Visit here to login. After you are logged into your account, you should see the picture below:

Amazon book link

You should see ‘View on Amazon’ to the right of the listed book in your Bookshelf.

Click on the down arrow as you see in this picture. It will bring links to your book in Amazon US, UK, CA, DE etc.

Click on US. When the page loads, you can pick up your link from the browser.

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How to read and write French

The how to read and write French book within 72 hours is the latest product to be added to the NowNowBooks online store.

The author, Williams Nseobong, wrote a short and  very practical book that beginners can use to learn and begin to write the French language.


How to read and write French: What the author said

I want you to read what the author of the Learn French book said:

Over the years, I have longed to write a mini French book that will help people from none French speaking countries to read write and understand basic French language that will help them in their day to day communication,

People seeking visas at French speaking embassies, people seeking to travel to places like Canada, France, Belgium and many others going on holidays, businesses and many other activities, even French speaking people can use this French-hand book to better their understanding of basic English language,”

Read more about this book and learn how to get a copy today

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Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords: All you need to know

The Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords, all you need to know about this acquisition. We are keeping the promise we made in our last post on this topic.


Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords: A surprise for the new year

The Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords caught a lot of people unaware. Very few people would nurse the tiniest thought that this would happen in the publishing world. Well, it has happened and there is little we can do about this development.

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Press release about the Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords

sell books online nigeria 2020

We are presenting to you the official press release of this acquisition in this post. Please take your time to read through to find the details that will be of interest to you and your author or publishing business.

This is huge because according to the press release, “The Combined Company will Publish and Distribute 800,000+ Titles from 250,000 Authors and Publishers. That’s massive and it shows lots of people will be affected in one way or the other with this latest development in the publishing world.


The press release on the Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords

Note: We have tried to give proper headings and formatting to this press release to aid proper reading.

Draft2Digital, LLC and Smashwords, Inc., two pioneers in ebook self-publishing, today announced that Draft2Digital will acquire Smashwords. The acquisition unites the industry’s two most innovative and author-friendly publishing platforms into one, enabling the new Draft2Digital to drive even greater success for authors, publishers, and sales partners.

Draft2Digital and Smashwords are key catalysts behind the dramatic rise of self-publishing over the last fourteen years. Their publishing platforms enable 250,000 authors and publishers around the world to publish, distribute, market, and manage over 800,000 ebooks and 11,000 print on demand paperback books.


Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords: Name of the new company

How to Make Educational Games

The combined company will operate under the Draft2Digital name and will be headquartered in Oklahoma City. All Smashwords and Draft2Digital employees are expected to join the combination.

Kris Austin, co-founder and CEO of Draft2Digital, will lead the combined company as CEO. Mark Coker, founder and former CEO of Smashwords, will join the Draft2Digital management team as Chief Strategy Officer and board member.

Both companies are entering the acquisition profitable and debt-free.


What D2D CEO said

“I’m pleased to welcome Smashwords authors, publishers, employees and partners to the D2D family,” said Kris Austin. “Early in our discussions with Smashwords, we each immediately realized we can accomplish so much more for the indie author community by working together than working as competitors.

The resources we once expended creating duplicative systems can now be redeployed to ramp up our R&D investments in next generation tools to empower authors and publishers.”


What Smashwords CEO said

“I’m thrilled to join forces with Draft2Digital,” said Mark Coker. “Over the last decade, I’ve come to deeply admire Draft2Digital’s team, technology, and commitment to authors. Our shared business model is a key to our two companies’ success. We put authors first. By design, we only make money when our authors make money.

This aligns our interests with the interests of our authors. Together we will lead the next chapter of the indie author revolution.”


Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords: Benefits to Authors

Draft2digital acquisition of Smashwords

The combination is expected to yield significant benefits for authors, publishers, retail and library partners, and readers.

  • Draft2Digital authors will gain access to the Smashwords Store and its myriad exclusive book marketing tools, including Smashwords Coupons, self-serve merchandising, Author Interviews, and the patent pending Smashwords Presales tool for book launches. Sales at the Smashwords Store have grown consecutively each of the last five years, with December 2021 sales up 20% over December 2020. Draft2Digital’s erotica authors can look forward to expanded distribution enabled by Smashwords’ proprietary erotica certification system, which allows retailers to carry erotic romance and mainstream erotica with greater confidence.
  • Smashwords authors will gain access to new tools that simplify print and digital publishing and drive greater success. Among these tools are D2D Print, the company’s Print on Demand service for paperbacks (currently in beta, which authors can join at; improved metadata management tools for better book discoverability at retailers; automated end-matter for series books; payment splitting for co-authors and collaborations; and more payment options, including direct bank deposits.
  • Retailers and libraries served by the companies can expect greater title selection and unmatched merchandising recommendations. The new, merged company will offer retailers, subscription services, and libraries unprecedented data-driven insights into the world’s largest dedicated catalog of independently published books. This represents a unique and first-of-its-kind offering that Draft2Digital believes will improve the publishing industry.
  • Customers of the Smashwords Store can look forward to an improved store experience and an increased selection of books from the many great authors and publishers distributed by Draft2Digital.


What the host of Penn podcast said

“This acquisition is great news for indie authors,” said Joanna Penn, host of the Creative Penn podcast and bestselling author who has followed each company since its founding. “Two of the industry’s strongest advocates for indie authors are combining their unique toolsets, technologies, and energy to do more for the indie community. There are exciting years ahead!”


What’s Coming Next 

The acquisition is expected to close on March 1, 2022.

To minimize workflow disruption for authors, publishers, and sales partners, the two platforms will combine their systems in gradual and incremental steps.

Authors and publishers of both companies can continue utilizing their current platform of choice with the understanding that over time the authors and publishers of both companies will gain access to a common dashboard, common distribution outlets (including distribution to the Smashwords Store for current D2D authors), and an expanded suite of new and improved tools for book publishing, distribution, and marketing.

Draft2Digital will broadcast a live Q&A session for authors and publishers on Wednesday, February 9th, at Noon Central, with Kris Austin and Mark Coker, moderated by Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital’s VP of Marketing & PR. Kris and Mark will share additional insight about their plans to support the indie publishing community and welcome questions from the audience.

Visit for links and launch time, and to attend live on either Facebook or YouTube. The live broadcast will be recorded for future inclusion in the Draft2Digital podcast, Self Publishing Insiders, and will be available as a blog post at

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And also here


About Draft2Digital

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Draft2Digital is the world’s leading publishing platform for self-published authors and independent presses. The company offers a broad suite of free and powerful automated and self-serve tools that authors and publishers can use to build and grow their publishing businesses.

This includes tools to simplify ebook and print publishing, distribution, metadata management, and marketing. Following its acquisition of Smashwords, Draft2Digital will serve more than 250,000 authors and publishers that collectively publish over 800,000 books worldwide.

Visit Draft2Digital at or follow on Twitter @Draft2Digital.


About Smashwords, Inc.

Founded in 2008 by Mark Coker, Smashwords was an early pioneer in ebook self-publishing. The company’s platform made it possible for writers to professionally produce, publish, and distribute ebooks at no cost.

As a distributor, Smashwords was the first to open multiple major retailers and library ebook services to self-published authors, and worked in partnership with sales partners and payment processors to establish systems, standards, and professional best practices to foster a thriving ecosystem of indie-friendly booksellers and libraries.

As of December 31, 2021, Smashwords was publishing 590,000 ebooks supplied by 150,000 authors, publishers and literary agents. The company was originally headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif, and most recently based in Pacific Grove, Calif. Visit Smashwords at, or follow the store at @Smashwords.

Draft2digital acquire Smashwords

Draft2digital acquire Smashwords and it’s the latest news in the publishing world at this moment. Draft2digital and Smashwords are two giants in the self-publishing world and their merger should get authors and publishers excited. Should it?

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Draft2digital acquire Smashwords: Surprise of the new year

Smashwords merges with Draft2digital. News filtered in yesterday about this interesting merger between these two giants of self-publishing.

Very few people expected this. It caught me unaware. I was shocked to the bones. Particularly because it happened the way I never expected it to happen – Draft2digital acquire Smashwords and not the other way around.

Smashwords is the big brother – it has been in the business for 14 years. Draft2digital is relatively younger in the business of self-publishing.


Smashwords merger with Draft2digital

Smashwords merger with Draft2digital hit the publishing world like a thunderbolt. But it has happened. Draft2digital has acquired Smashwords and the final details of the acquisition will be finalized by March 1, 2022.


Draft2digital acquire Smashwords: What Mark Coker said

Mark Coker, the CEO of Smashwords, in his email to authors and publishers, tried to explain the details of the merger and tried to assure authors about how this will not affect their businesses.

Anyway, we keep our fingers crossed. We hope all will be well with this new business arrangement between these giants.


Draft2digital and Smashwords merger: What we feel

I believe you want to know how we feel about it at NowNowBooks/Zarepath Publishing, I am going to write about that in my next post on our blog.


Draft2digital acquire Smashwords: What’s in it for authors?

What’s in it for authors in this merger of the giants of self-publishing:

  • Will this increase how authors reach out with their books?
  • What about income? Will this increase the income of authors and publishers?
  • What happens to authors and publishers on the two platforms?
  • What’s now going to be the name of the new publishing platform?
  • What’s going to happen to the staff of the two publishing companies?
  • How can this merger help these two companies to challenge the giant called Amazon in the publishing world?
  • And many more…

Please be on the lookout for this blog post.

In the meantime, you should just take home this shocker – Draft2digital has acquired Smashwords!!!

Let me read from you.

© NowNowBooks/Zarepath Publishing

Nigerian Christian romance novel: Thorns Inside the Rose

A new Nigerian Christian romance novel is out. It’s titled, Thorns Inside the Rose. It’s the sequel to the popular and best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute.

The author of this Nigerian Christian romance fiction, Thorns Inside the Rose, Sesan Oguntade is happy to conclude work on this sequel to his first Christian romance novel, The Prostitute.


More information about this new Nigerian Christian romance novel

I want you to find more information about this new Nigerian Christian romance novel below as released by Sesan Oguntade:

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Christian novel of evil inside love (sequel to the Prostitute novel)

This is a sequel to my Christian romance novel, The Prostitute novel and it offers the same exciting and real-life story of a couple who got married from two different sides of the world.
This is a story of how strange women and agents of the devil are finding their ways into the bedroom of unsuspecting Christian men.

It’s a true-life story of a Christian man and husband (Bobby Tamor, the careless womanizer-friend of Steve Davies in The Prostitute novel) who endured and fought off violent and horrible spiritual battles with a wife who was a principal agent from the pit of hell

Watch and listen to the First chapter today

Read more information about this new Nigerian work of fiction and how to get a copy at Christian romance fiction

You can also click

Find it on Amazon here

Testimony of a Nollywood actor (Claim a free book)

This post, testimony of a Nollywood actor is a sponsored post. Please enjoy it and share with your friends.

Testimony of a Nollywood actor: How it started

This is a Christian Faith Testimony of a Nollywood actor (Frankson Ehiozenomwan Osazenomwan). Jesus raised him from the dead.

We were checking through one of the old comments on our blog for last year and we stumbled upon this interesting comment:

“Good day Sir, God bless you richly. Please I have a testimony I’ll love you to help share. Thank you richly.””

This comment was posted around April last year. We never heard from this person again. So we decided to shoot him an email asking for his testimony.

He replied:

“Thank you Sir, this is my story.” Please read this interesting faith story at

Please let me read your comment on the blog. Have a great weekend.

Sesan Oguntade

You can have your own Christian faith testimonies, gain free access to Christian faith ebooks, Christian online courses and more at free Christian personal development ebooks

Visionary Business Project

What are the stages of career development?

You will be able to learn the stages of career development in this article. It’s becoming extremely important for more contents on career development to be published for the public to learn the process. This article will try to begin the process of educating the public on this topic.

As a professional, you will need to understand the path you have to take to accomplish your personal and career development goals. Learning this path will go a long way to fast-track your growth and development. In this article, you will learn all that can help your career development and planning.

What is career development?

Career development is the lifetime process of organizing learning, career changes, work, promotions and leisure in order to advance steadily towards a determined and ever-changing future.

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Sections of career development

There are three basic sections for career development and they are as follows:

  • Educational development: This is the process of selecting a career subject that you will undertake, usually, in an educational institution. There are career counselors in these educational institutions to help students with the process of their educational development.
  • Organizational development: This is the process where individuals manage and organize their careers within an organization or from one organization to another. It also involves how organizations put structures in place for the progress of the careers of their members of staff.
  • Personal development: This is the whole process that shapes the lifetime psychological, physical, educational and behavioral patterns of individuals around their career development.  It shows the individual’s patterns creation strategies, methods of taking career decisions and expression of values.


Why is career development important?

Career development is a very important aspect of an individual’s life because it takes place throughout the entire life of the individual. There are many reasons why career development is important and they are as follows:

  • It helps an individual to find a steady path that can be followed to achieve a future educational or professional goal
  • It helps employees to have a good assessment of how they work and find ways to improve their capabilities or professional skills
  • It helps organizations who have a career development program in place for their employees to keep their best staff
  • It helps organizations to satisfy both the professional and educational goals of their employees
  • It helps employees to figure out the types of companies and organizations they can apply to for employment
  • It helps employees to understand the time to seek employment in another organization
  • It helps employees to determine the necessity to advance their educational qualifications
  • It helps employees to determine the types of professional certification they must acquire to advance their careers

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What is the process of career development?

Career development has a process of achieving it throughout a person’s lifetime. The following are the process of career development:

  1. The natural beginning of career development
  2. Get the required educational training
  3. Get involved in career advancement
  4. Career change
  5. Get advice from career counselors
  1.  The natural beginning of career development

Career development usually has a natural beginning for most people especially at the early stage when a child begins to observe one professional or the other making a living. The child may also decide to choose a career path at this early stage.

  1. Get the required educational training

Getting the required education and training is usually the next step in this process. For most professions, there are educational requirements that must be accomplished to work in that field. You should be able to find out if you are ready to commit to the duration and rigors of the educational requirements.

Usually, the educational requirements would show the following requirements to work in the field:

  • Entry-level requirements
  • Post-secondary certificate requirements
  • The required certification
  • Professional license requirements
  • Other formal or informal training needed
  1. Get involved in career advancement

Career development also involves the career advancement process individuals undertake usually through their work lives. Usually, this involves moving from an entry-level position within a profession (or different professions) to management level.

Advancing your career will always require additional training, acquiring a higher degree or getting certified or obtaining a professional license. It also involves having a good number of years of experience working in that field.

  1. Career change

The career development process also includes careers or jobs change at one point or the other in a work-life. You need to be adequately informed before you make a decision to change career. The following are some of the things to consider before making a career change:

  • You need to understand the reasons for the change. You need to take a firm decision whether you actually need the change
  • You need to carry out a self-assessment of yourself to determine your skills, interests, values and personality to understand the career that suits you
  • Choose the most appropriate and the most appealing occupations among the ones you discovered after carrying out a self-assessment on yourself
  • Check out the educational and training requirements for the occupation
  • Get trained for the new career you have chosen. You should also check if you have some transferable skills or qualifications you can take into the new career
  • Set goals and put in the actions and efforts to make the change in career
  1. Get advice from career counselors

Most individuals go through the process of career development without receiving any help from an expert. However, it is always important to seek the professional assistance of career counselors or other trained professionals of their likes. Sometimes, the need to get professional advice may be necessary right from the days in high school and all through the period of adulthood.

The following are some of the professional help that career counselors can offer you:

  • They can help you to choose a career
  • They help you to make an informed decision when changing a career
  • They help you to understand how to re-enter the workforce
  • They assist you in the process of searching for jobs
  • They can also be of assistance when you are trying to recover from a job loss
  • They get you informed of trends in the labor market
  • They can help you do a thorough assessment of your values, skills and interests
  • They can also help you to sharpen your skills
  • They can assist you to understand how to rise through the corporate world