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This is Zarepath Book Marketing Services.

I believe many will be excited at this innovation from Zarepath Publishing/ NowNowBooks. Find the details below.

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Our Book marketing services 

The book marketing services idea from our company, Sarefat Vision Publishing (formerly Zarepath Publishing) was born out of our ever-constant, unchanging desire to help authors and publishers sell more books online and offline and also to become more fulfilled.

In the past, we have created different information products or ebooks and online courses that can help authors and publishers to sell more books online. You can check out those Self-Publishing books.


Our published book marketing products

Some of these book marketing products are:

  • How to publish your ebooks on Amazon
  • How I sell ebooks on Amazon
  • How I make passive income from self-publishing

And more…

You can find more information about these products on the Nownowboks resources page.

However, we found out that authors and publishers desire more. They want a service that can help them do more with the marketing of their books online and offline.

Check out details if our various book marketing services for authors and publishers that can help you reach your target customers and increase profits in your book and publishing business.


1. Book marketing services for books on Amazon 

Book marketing services for books on Amazon are here. If you have books published on Amazon, we can help out with the marketing of the books so that you can sell more copies.

We have sold many copies of books on Amazon over the years. We can help out with both free and paid strategies to market your published books on Amazon.

Note: We will even give you our best selling online course free of charge after we are done running our book marketing services for your book.

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What to do to access these services 

You can follow the steps below to gain access to our Amazon book marketing services:

  • Your book must be published on Amazon. If you don’t have a book published on Amazon yet, let us know, and we can help out.
  • After your book is published, take note of the book link on Amazon.
  • Send us an email or a WhatsApp message (08034300979) containing your name, title of the published book, and book link of the book on Amazon. If you can’t find the link, we will help you out.
  • You will pay 20% of the total cost of the service.
  • We will carry out a detailed assessment of your book to determine its eligibility for this service. If your book is not eligible, we will refund your advance payment.
  • If it’s eligible, we will ask you to pay the full payment and then work starts.
  • We will carry you along through every step of the process.

If you don’t know how to get all the book information above, you can also contact us and we will take you to the next step of the service from there.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email now 

Or send us a WhatsApp message now (08034300979).

Please take note of the following: Before we can offer you our Amazon book marketing services, you should understand that:

  • We may have to suggest some editing to your book details as it is published on Amazon.
  • We may have to ask you to change your book cover.
  • We may have to ask you to rewrite the book description of your book.
  • All these are meant to enhance the sales of the book when we begin to carry out our marketing services.

You should also note that, though we will give you all the proofs and details of what we will do during the marketing services, the sales results will always be determined by how good your book is and also the readers we are going to expose your book to.

We have very good results selling our books on Amazon. We believe your book can also be a success too on Amazon. Check out this page to see some of.our results in pictures 

You can also look at the image below:

Book marketing services


Video bonus: Are you an author who wants to record podcast using your mobile phone?  Watch this video on how we record podcast for our Author blogs and to market our books:


2. Marketing Details for printed books in Nigeria

Another book marketing service we offer authors is for printed books in Nigeria. Please find details below:

  • We can apply for ISBN for the Nigerian print version of your book.
  • We can register a copyright for the book.
  • We can go ahead to publish the book on our online bookstore at

On this bookstore, a unique book page link is given to the book where anyone in Nigeria can purchase the book.

  • We can go ahead to produce the print version in Nigeria if you haven’t done so already.
  • We will produce a unique marketing blueprint for the book. We usually allow authors look through this blueprint before we begin to use the details to market the book.
  • The marketing blueprint will show the different ways we will give publicity to the book or sell the book. The author is free to reject a marketing strategy due to different reasons like money availability, brand incompatibility etc.
  • The blueprint will contain strategies we want to use to promote both the online and the print versions. Note that you can decide to use the blueprint yourself to market your book or go to the next item below.
  • You should note that after you have gone through the details in this message showing the specific services you want from above and you want to continue with the project, we will send you our Publishing and Marketing contract agreement. This will show the payment structures for each stage and services you have chosen above. It will also show you the sales and royalties details for the book.

*** Please note that the sales potential of a book lies with how good the book is and how the market accepts it. We will do our best and carry you along the process. We will be very transparent about the whole process.

*** You can opt for us to produce only the blueprint for you.

3. Press and Media Publicity Book Marketing Services

We also have the press and media publicity book marketing services for authors and publishers. This is for authors who want massive publicity not just for their books but for their author brands.

Please find details below:


Press service and publication tier 1

Press service and Publication of your author brand or books or business in popular newspapers in Nigeria

This is the process:

  • You will tell us if your story is for personal author brand or business or book.
  • You will receive a questionnaire which you will fill.
  • An article draft will be sent back to you for a final review.
  • You will send the image to go with each publications
  • Publication is done within 24hrs.
  • Link to your publication will be shared with you.


Press Service and Publication tier 2

This is sponsored/advert publications and it involves:

  • Multiple images are allowed; a flyer also can be allowed.
  • Not more than 1/2 links depending on the platform is allowed.
  • Article will be published just the way you want it.


Press service and publication tier 3

This involves television outreach and interviews.

Television stations and time we cover presently:

  • 10mins on TVC
  • 10mins on RaveTV

Thank you. We hope to read from you.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email now 

Or send us a WhatsApp message now (08034300979).



Zarepath Book Marketing Services

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