This is Zarepath Book Marketing Services.

I believe many will be excited at this innovation from Zarepath Publishing/ NowNowBooks. Find the details below.

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Our Book marketing services 

The book marketing services idea from our company, Zarepath Publishing was born out of our ever-constant, unchanging desire to help authors and publishers sell more books online and offline and also to become more fulfilled.

In the past, we have created different information products or ebooks and online courses that can help authors and publishers to sell more books online.


Our published book marketing products

Some of these book marketing products are:

  • How to publish your ebooks on Amazon
  • How I sell ebooks on Amazon
  • How I make passive income from self-publishing

And more…

You can find more information about these products on the KDP college resources page.

However, we found out that authors and publishers desire more. They want a service that can help them do more with the marketing of their books online and offline.


Book marketing services for books on Amazon 

Book marketing services for books on Amazon are here. If you have books published on Amazon, we can help out with the marketing of the books so that you can sell more copies.

We have sold many copies of books on Amazon over the years. We can help out with both free and paid strategies to market your published books on Amazon.

Note: We will even give you our best selling online course free of charge after we are done running our book marketing services for your book.

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What to do to access these services 

You can follow the steps below to gain access to our book marketing services:

  • Your book must be published on Amazon. If you don’t have a book published on Amazon yet, let us know, and we can help out.
  • After your book is published, take note of the book link on Amazon
  • Send us an email or a WhatsApp message (08034300979) containing your name, title of the published, and book link of the book on Amazon
  • You will pay 20% of the total cost of the service.
  • We will carry out a detailed assessment of your book to determine its eligibility for this service. If your book is not eligible, we will refund your advance payment.
  • If it’s eligible, we will ask you to pay the full payment and then work starts.
  • We will carry you along through every step of the process.

If you don’t know how to get all the book information above, you can also contact us and we will take you to the next step of the services from there.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email now 

Or send us a WhatsApp message now (08034300979).

Please take note of the following: Before we can offer you our book marketing services, you should understand that:

  • We may have to suggest some editing to your book details as it is published on Amazon
  • We may have to ask you to change your book cover
  • We may have to ask you to rewrite the book description of your book.
  • All these are meant to enhance the sales of the book when we begin to carry out our marketing services.

You should also note that, though we will give you all the proofs and details of what we will do during the marketing services, the sales results will always be determined by how good your book is and also the readers we are going to expose your book to.

We have very good results selling our books on Amazon. We believe your book can also be a success too on Amazon. Check out this page to see some of.our results in pictures 

You can also look at the image below:

Book marketing services

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email now 

Or send us a WhatsApp message now (08034300979).

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NowNow Books is an online bookstore in Nigeria with a difference. We are different because we have you and your development at the centre of our hearts. We bring valuable information products and books to you at very cheap prices. We don’t just sell; we also try as much as possible to help you make money. We also have series of training programmes for registered members of NowNow Books.

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