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The following are the books on wisdom by David Oyedepo. Who is Bishop David Oyedepo? And why do you need to read books that teach the topic of wisdom by David Oyedepo?

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Who is David Oyedepo?

David Oyedepo is the President and founder of Living Faith Church worldwide, with headquarters in Ota, Nigeria.

Living Faith Church, popularly called, Winners Chapel, is one of the fastest growing pentecostal churches in the world.


Why you read books on wisdom by David Oyedepo?

With lots of incredible Christian achievement and results since the ministry started, God has supplied His servant, David Oyedepo, with remarkable wisdom to lead this great Christian mission.

Dr. David Oyedepo’s teachings and sermons have blessed lots of lives all over the world. His unwavering faith in God and His Word is worth emulating and learning from.


Books on wisdom by Bishop David Oyedepo

The following are some of the books in wisdom by Bishop David Oyedepo. If you need any of these books, you can contact us here. Or Whatsapp 08034300979.


Satan Get Lost!

The Winning Wisdom

Walking In Wisdom

The Healing Balm

Manifestations Of The Spirit

Breaking The Curses Of Life

Overcoming Forces Of Wickedness

You Shall Not Be Barren!

Exploring The Secrets Of Success

Winning Prayer

Understanding The Anointing

Fulfilling Your Days Towards Mental Exploits

Understanding Vision

Understanding Divine Direction

The Force Of Freedom

Bom To Win

The Shower Of Blessing

Riding On Prophetic Wings

All You Need To Have All Your needs Met

Operating In The Supernatural Ruling Your World

Success in Marriage (Co-authored with Faith Oyedepo

The Blood Triumph

Keys To Divine Health

Winning Faith

Conquering Controlling Powers

Put Your Angels To Work Covenant Wealth

Keys To Answered Prayer

Miracle Seed

The Hidden Covenant Of Blessing


Books on wisdom by David Oyedepo
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