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Books2Read universal link is a free service I believe authors should start using as soon as possible especially if you are an author who publishes on many of the popular estores online.

Apart from giving you and your book a single universal link, It also gives you the additional benefits (especially if you publish with Draft2Digital) of having your existing subscribing readers get notifications when you publish a new book at Draft2Digital.

“With a Books2Read Universal Link, readers can find your book wherever they prefer to shop” – that was the bold statement on the front page of Books2read.

How I Discovered  Books2Read  Universal Link

Books2Read universal link was an interesting service i discovered while i tried to publish my book with Drafts2Digital and i believe that it will help the self-published authors who are readers of this blog.

After publishing my books at Drafts2Digital, i discovered they have a service in place where their published authors can inform readers of their books to subscribe to a service where they can be informed when the author has published another book.

I noticed that the provider of this service is actually Books2Read.

Of course, i picked this option of allowing my subscribers to subscribe to receive new book updates from me and i believe every author will do this.

I paid a trip to the Books2Read website and i discovered the information below:

“Connecting independent readers to independent authors. Readers Crave Books But finding great stuff is hard. We’re 100% indie and 100% awesome at finding books that will make you happy.  Books2Read will help you keep track of your favorite indie authors’ new releases, discover books, and find great reads at the digital store of your choice.

What this tells you and is that you can actually sign up differently with Books2Read even if you are not publishing with Drafts2Digtal.

It is amazing if you have your book on many of the estores online and just sharing a single link will allow anyone who is interested in your book to find it at any estore of their choice.

What a great service! And the good part is – it is free.

Have You Subscribed to Our Publishing Suite Already?

If you have not done so, you are missing a lot – Subscribe free at Publishing Suite.

Please share this article with your friends and let me read your comments and experience with Books2Read Universal link if you decide to use the service.

Books2Read Universal Link is a Service Authors Can Sign Up With
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