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First, what is on the menu?

Product 1

How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers

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Are you getting tired and disappointed? Has you book failed to get good reviews and sell very well on the various sales platforms. Do you sometimes wonder how best-selling, non-fiction authors have written books that have drawn lots of goodwill, positive word of mouth and lots of cash?

You should stop your search, How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers shares over 20 contents you can add to your non-fiction books to excite your readers and make them spread the message of your book with their word of mouth without any marketing cost to you.

Get a copy of How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers today at this bumper sale price today.

Note: I have followed the writing strategies and the secrets revealed in this book to write some of my books that have done very well on the various estores online. You can check this post to see the success stories of these books.

Product 2

How To Write Your First Non-Fiction Book

Do you want to write your first non-fiction book? Do you need a simple guide you can use to write your first book? I have presented, in this short ebook guide, how you can write your first ebook with simple and practical illustrations that will simplify the process for you.

If you want to become a self-published author, then this guide on how to write a book will help you.

As I have always informed authors and writers, if you want your book to find appeal with the international community, there are steps you have to follow. This book shows you these steps for non-fiction books.

Price: Usually, we sell each of our product at N1000 and above. Making N2000 for both.

But this is our bumper sale, you will be paying N 1000 for both!

You will agree with me that this is super cheap.

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Well, I am not done yet.

I want you to look at these bumper bonuses. You will be getting them at no extra cost to you if you are one of the first 20 to purchase the two books above.

Bumper Bonuses

If you are part of the first 20 to order this bumper sale, I will hand over these bonuses to you. Note: They are worth over N6500. They are priceless.

Bonus 1

Submit, Publish, Repeat: How to Publish your Creative Writings/Works in Literary Journals

This book is the definitive guide to publishing your creative writing in literary journals.

This book shows you what to expect after you’ve submitted your work to literary journals. The book also includes updated lists of publishers, including publishers for new authors, publishers of genre writing, and literary journals that pay their writers.

There is quite a bit more in this book, including a discussion of reading fees, contests, and anthologies.

This is surely a book that can help you to become a paid writer. Become one of the first 20 to order our bumper sales and get this book free.

Bonus 2

182 Short Fiction Publishers

This eBook is a brief guide to short fiction submissions, as well as a list of short fiction publishers.

It shows you

  • Step-by-step guide on submitting short stories
  • How to find a suitable market for the story/stories you have written.
  • How to write a cover letter and bio.
  • How to track your submissions.
  • Basic mistakes writers can avoid making while submitting their short stories.
  • How to find writers’ markets, primarily literary magazines and websites, a few small presses, and magazines.
  • And many more…

Become one of the first 20 to order our bumper sales and get this book free.

Price: N1000

How to Order

  1. Visit Bumper Sales NowNow Books

  2. Call Wisdom 07066360364, whatsapp: 08034300979

  3. Online transfer: Zarepath Publishing GTB, 0424316900

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