Can Nigerians publish on Kobo Writing Life
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Can Nigerians publish on Kobo Writing Life ? You will get the simple answer in this post.

After the ‘death’ of Smashwords or the acquisition of Smashowords by Draft2digital, Nigerians are desperately looking for online Publishing stores to publish their books. You will be able to get some vital information about Kobo Writing Life Publishing in this post


What is Kobo Writing Life Publishing?

Kobo Writing Life is the Publishing arm of Rakuten Kobo. This company is one of the fiercest rivals of Amazon in the ebook Publishing world.

Kobo Writing Life presents a decent opportunity for authors and publishers to go wide with their ebooks. Going wide is about distributing their books to a worldwide audience.


Can Nigerians publish books on Kobo Writing Life? Simple truth

Yes, Nigerians can publish their books or ebooks on Kobo Writing Life. This is good news for Nigerian authors.

While lots of major online Publishing stores are anti-Nigerian, Kobo gives Nigerian authors the opportunity to publish their books on their online Publishing platform.


Kobo Writing Life pays into Nigerian bank accounts

Kobo Writing Life allows Nigerian authors to use their local Nigerian bank accounts as receiving accounts for their royalties. This is good news.

Even Amazon does not give Nigerian authors this unique and scarce privilege. You cannot use Nigerian bank accounts to receive your ebook royalties from Amazon directly. You have to go through third parties payment websites like Payoneer, Geegpay etc.


Alternative to Smashowords for Nigerian authors

Kobo Writing Life Publishing is a worthy alternative to Smashowords for Nigerian authors and publishers. When Smashowords was sold to Draft2digital, most Nigerian authors and publishers were left in the cold because Draft2digital removed the accounts and books of Nigerian authors from their book circulation giving the now popular infamous excuse of,

‘We are sorry we are not presently accommodating authors and publishers from your region. We will let you know when we open up to authors from your region. Thank you.”

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More reasons for Publishing on Kobo Writing Life

The following are more reasons why you should publish your books on Kobo Writing Life:

  • Opportunity for your books to go wide
  • Diversify your book publishing and distribution business
  • Use the opportunity to make your book permafree on Amazon
  • Make more income as an author


How do you start Publishing your books on Kobo Writing Life?

You can start by just visiting the sign up page. After signing up, the Publishing process is simple and similar to how you publish books in Amazon.

The basic requirements are also the same:

  • Your well formatted ebook
  • Your well designed ebook cover according to recommended dimensions (at least 700 px by 1000px)
  • Description of your book
  • Title and subtitle of your book
  • Keywords and categories you want to place your book


Frequently asked questions about Publishing on Kobo Writing Life

These are the frequently asked questions about Publishing on Kobo Writing Life:

Can I publish my ebooks directly on Kobo Writing Life?

Yes, you can publish your ebooks directly on Kobo Writing Life


Can Nigerians publish their books on Kobo Writing Life?

Yes, Nigerians can publish their books on Kobo Writing Life. Kobo is not anti-Nigerian.


Do I need an agent to help me publish on Kobo?

You can do it yourself but if you don’t have the time to do it, you can employ a Publishing agent like our Publishing firm at Sarefat Vision Publishing to do it for you at a very minimal cost which includes the design of your ebook cover and researching relevant keywords for you.


Who is the owner of Kobo Writing Life?

The firm, Rakuten Kobo is the owner of Kobo Writing Life.

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Can Nigerians publish on Kobo Writing Life
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