I already had a good picture of how I was going to spend my children’s day holiday, weeks before the occasion.

I and my sisters first planned to go to a park. We changed our minds and told our mum that she was going to buy data for us and cook sweet foods for us. I was very happy.

But, Oh no……

I didn’t find the day approachable as I thought or did you think I was.

No…You’ve seen the title.

First, the gas finished and we had to eat at about 12:54 pm. As if that was not enough, my mum’s phone got spoilt.

All my plans got spoiled, the money I had been saving up for this occasion got lost.

Did I just say got lost, I mean they were torn.

But, thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD, it was the best…

And let me just say, not all my plans got spoiled at least I read my Bible.

Story by Abigael Ogunotade. An 11 year old girl. She loves writing short and long stories. She has a dream to write lots of books that will help lots of people achieve their God-given destinies and tondo the will of God. You can contact her through NowNowBooks here

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