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  1. What exactly is NowNow Books?

Please visit About NowNow Books to read more.

2. Is my card safe when I order on your store?

Yes. It is safe. NowNow Books domain uses an SSL certificate to ensure your safety. Your orders are also processed through a reputable third party payment processor called Paystack (read about paystack here).

  1. Do I get a refund if I don’t like the quality of my purchase?

At NowNow Books, we try to ensure the product on our platform meets the required quality. We ensure they solve the problems they are advertised to solve because we pride our online bookstore as containing problem-solving books and information products.

We even put strong quality check in place for our merchants. Apart from ebooks, you can notify us and reject a physical product delivered to you by our Merchants or directly from our store if it does not meet your expectation. When this is done, we collect the physical product from you and refund your money less processing fee which is usually 5% of the total cost of the product.

For ebooks, we try to provide a cover for our Merchants, our bookstore and you the customer. We manually screen every ebook from Merchants before we list them in our online bookstore. It must meet the promise the books description displayed in our store.

We may decide not to refund money paid for ebooks if we observe the content actually fits the product description. We have put this in place so as to prevent some unscrupulous behaviors from some customers who would have downloaded the e-products, save it somewhere on their devices and then come back to us to ask for a refund.

We are sorry for this but we have to put this in place as a cover for ourselves and our Merchants who have genuinely put together a good e-product that solves the problems it promised to solve.

We believe you will understand our position on this issue.

  1. I am finding it difficult to pay on your website.

We are sorry for that. Please send us an email by filling the form on our contact page. You can also call 234-07066360364.

  1. I can’t download my ebook or digital product.

We are sorry for that. Please send us an email by filling the form on  our contact page. You can also call 234-07066360364.

  1. Who are the people behind NiowNow Books?

The CEO of NowNow Books

Sesan Oguntade is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from The Polytechnic Ibadan. He began to use the internet for ecommerce and purposes since the year 2006.

He is an author and has written over 40 short and long books and ebooks. He has also produced lots of products in the form of online video courses, podcast and videos.

He is married to Olutoke Oguntade, who is also his business partner and they are blessed with children (Abigael, Maranatha and Ogo Oluwa).

Principal Manager

Olutoke Oguntade is a graduate of Olabisi Onbanjo University. She is very versed in mathematical calculations and no wonder she is directly involved with the accounting Process at NowNow Books and Zarepath Publishing (the parent company of NowNow Books).

She is also actively involved in sourcing for fresh funds for the use of NowNow Books.

She is married to Sesan Oguntade (the CEO of NowNow Books).

Publicity Secretary

Olajide Ola  (Information will appear here soon).

How Do I Register as a Member?

Thank you for your interest. Please click NowNow member registration to register as a customer of NowNow Books.

You should also register as a referring member of NowNow Books at Register and Refer. Here you will be able to register as a member a referring partner of NowNow Books. There are many benefits to you for doing so.

You will be rewarded with recharge cards for every successfully referral. and you will also be granted free ebook submission access to NowNow Books E-library (worth is over $69 per annum).

How Do I claim the Referral Gifts?

Our system monitors the performance of your referral link after you must have shared it on Facebook and Twitter. When your referrals click on your link and register at our website, the system will show it. We will instantly send your gifts to you as promised.

Presently you don’t have a way to check the performance of your referral link but you can be rest assured that we will send your gifts to you when it is due. Trust us, we are a credible organisation.

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