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Fill this form to Apply for a Loan

***This application is subject to approval from the management.
***Project loan is subject to 15% interest (To be repaid between 18 and 20 months)
***Normal loan and commodity loan are subject to 10% interest (To be repaid within 11 months)
***This form should only be filled by registered members of the Cooperative. If you are not a member, you can register here. You can also call/Whatsapp 08034300979.



  • You must provide two referees among members of the cooperative to stand as guarantor. In case you cannot provide this, the cooperative will suggest other options to you.
  • I will like to apply for a loan as entered in this form for the reasons as shared in this form. I promise to refund the loan with the above interest on or before according the terms guiding type of loan I am applying for without any excuse. If I fail to repay as at when due, I agree that the union should use every legal means in their capacity to compel me to pay the loan and the full interest. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • After you have submitted this application, the management will look through your loan application and get back to you within seven working days. You filled the loan application at this web address:https://nownowbooks.com.ng/cooperative-application-form/





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