Customers reviews Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing
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You will find customers reviews for Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing and Sarefat Vision Investment LTD.


Customers reviews for Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing

Please find the customers reviews for our services at Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing and Sarefat Vision Investment LTD.

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Charity Oka, Multiple Author. Author of Soul Advocate and When Divorce is a Must

Customers reviews Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing

Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing is an excellent publishing platform. The company was able to handle my ebook publishing needs with excellence and great professionalism. I have also been very impressed with their excellent customer service. They are always available to answer your questions and also to profer solutions to all problems brought before them.

I highly recommend Zarepath Publishing to you. You will not regret having a business dealing with them.

Charity Oka, Author, The Soul Advocate,


Yusuf Abass, Author of The Trove

Customers reviews Zarepath Publishing

Services at Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing is lovely and exceptional. The level of professionalism is very high. Sarefat Vision Investment LTD is a very reliable and trustworthy publishing company.


Pastor Sunday Simon, Multiple Author and Author of An Enemy Called Comfort Zone

Customers reviews sesan Oguntade


My coming in contact with Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing is not by accident. It was ordained by God.
Before I got in contact with the organization, I was almost hitting a dead end in the ebook publishing industry. I thank God for arranging my contact with them.

I now understand that it’s one thing to write a good book but it’s another thing to have a publisher with wealth of experience in the profession, a high touch of personal attention and service, and also a good platform to reach the target audience.

Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing possesses these qualities.

Not only these, the organization also offers incentives which encourage their customers. Almost every contact I have with the publisher, I always learn a new thing.

My first ebook published by the organization, THE ENEMY CALLED COMFORT ZONE, is well-received by the audience and by the grace of God, it’s doing well in the market.

I hereby recommend Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing to both old and upcoming authors who value quality and professionalism to patronize them and experience unique advantages which are very rare in other publishing industries. You’ll be glad you did.

Pastor Sunday Simon, Author of An Enemy Called Comfort Zone.


Pastor Michael Olusoga, Author of My Axe Head Must Float


NownowBooks store, a subsidiary of Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing, Nigeria is just about the perfect publishing outfit I have met.

They are very meticulous and purposeful. From day one of my meeting them to the day my first eBook, “My Axe Head Must Float”, hit the e-bookstores, to the e-launch date and subsequent e-marketing of same,

I can’t but wonder at their commitment, dedication and resilient to help a novice like me in the internet world reach my highest capacity. That is awesome customer service

The CEO, Pst Sesan Oguntade, is such a very patient, indefatigable and Inextricable Christian leader, who will not rest on his oars until he is able to bring out the very best in every situation.

I appreciate this team of Christian Publishing outfit beyond words.

Many thanks.
Pst Olusoga Michael Oluwatuyi Author if My Axe Head Must Float.


Pastor Sunday Apata, President, JOGEM ministry and Author of Kiss of Death

Testimonial about Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing


First and foremost, let me register my gratitude for every single step you have taken to my dream of getting my book published a reality, thank you sir.
Yours in actual fact is beyond publishing, guidance and counseling is involved, before, during and after the production.Consultancy aspect of your customer service, I also appreciate,in summary, I see the entire activities as MINISTRY.

My prayer is that the Almighty God will reward you and enlarge your coast.Looking forward to doing more with your ministry. May your anointing remain forever fresh and may you continue to grow from glory to glory IJN

Pastor Sunday Apata, Author of Kiss of Death,


Customers reviews for Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing
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