Easy payment options on NowNowBooks
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The following are the easy payment methods that can be used when people try to buy books on NowNowBooks. After filling their personal information, they will choose Credit/Debit card… Then, they can choose any of the options below:

  • Pay with Card
  • Pay with Bank
  • Pay with Transfer
  • Pay with USSD
  • Pay with Visa QR

When they choose pay with card, they will input their card details.

When they choose pay with bank, they will be able to pay in a bank.

When they choose Pay with transfer, they will be given a special wema bank account they can try money into within thirty minutes.

When they choose pay with USSD, they can pay through their personal bank’s USSD transfer eg. GTB *737#. When they tap on the special USSD code generated they can dial directly on their phones and pay seamlessly.

The last option is Pay with VISA QR.

Thank you.

Easy payment options on NowNowBooks
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