Christian faith

A practical presentation of the evidences of the Christian faith

Everything You Need to Know About the Christian Faith

If you have struggled with your faith and have found it difficult standing and trusting God and His Word to find solutions to your problems, receive a miracle you have wanted for many years, receive a breakthrough you desire in your business and finances, then you need to study this complete guide on what the Christian faith is all about.

By all standards, you should embrace faith as a precious gift to man by God. The Lord wants you to have absolute dependence and trust in Him. However, it is imperative to remind you (the believer) that faith is a risk that every believer must take daily otherwise he or she may not be able to meet God’s requirement concerning His relationship with us.

This research work on the topic of the Christian faith examined the areas where the body of Christ has deviated from the principles of faith in their Christian lives. The implications of this were also looked into while suggestions of how the broken connection could be reconnected to fulfill God’s promises concerning the church were suggested.

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