Your book link will be posted to over 50 Facebook Groups and the screen shots of results shown to you. some of them are listed below:

If you require this service from NowNow Books, you can contact us or call our hotlines, +234-07066340364, +234-08934300979

1) Writers & Publishers on Amazon Kindle

2) Kindle Book Club

3) Book Club

4) Authors and writers promoting to readers
5) Promoting Authors Books

6) Book Promotions

7) Creative Book Promotions

8) Romance Writers

9) Amazon book and ebook readers

10) Book Reviews & Promotion & Suggestions

11) Global Digital Lifestyle

12) Book Review & Promotion

13) List of all Book and Author Promotions

12) Book Review & Promotion

13) List of all Book and Author Promotion Groups

14) Book Promotion & Ideas

15) Author Promo and Book Sales Group

6) $2.99 e-book Promotion

17) Book Heaven

18) Euphrates Bookstore

19) Hot of the Press

20) Books

21) I Love Indie Authors & Readers

22) Kindle/Book Club

23) Nothing But Books

24) Book Promotion

25) Aroma Books & More

26) Good Reads – Kindle Books on Promo or Kindle Unlimited

27) Indie Book Hangout

28) Pimping Indie

29) Pimp Your Authors

30) Celebrating Authors

31) Promote Your Book!

32) Aroma’s Books, Books, and more Books!!!

33) Indie Authors Book Promotion

34) Free Kindle Book Promotion

35) Book Reviews & Promotion

36) Kindle Book Sharing

37) Indie Books Promotion!

38) Promote Kindle Book

39) We love indie authors

40) Promote your Book Here

41) Pimp Your Books

42) Kindle Amazon Book Club- Authors Promote Here!


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