Feature your ebook at no cost
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Feature your ebook on Amazon on our blog at no cost! You can now get your published ebooks on Amazon exposed to the right people.


Feature your book on KDP College 

We created KDP College (https://kdpcollege.com) to attract readers majorly from US and Europe. People from these regions are the major ones who buy books on Amazon.

We believe as readership of KDP College grow in these regions, we can expose our ebooks on Amazon and other stores to them to sell more.


How do you come in as an Amazon author?

We want to help more authors expose their books to the people in those regions. So we created a category for Amazon KDP authors to showcase their ebooks on the blog free (It’s free for now but it won’t always be free).

So if you want to get in and feature your published ebooks on Amazon.

Send the following information to us:

  1. Your full names.
  2. Title of your ebook.
  3. Description of your ebook stating enough benefits (must be four paragraphs and above).
  4. Link to your ebook on Amazon.
  5. Cover of your ebook on Amazon.

You should note that:

  • You are permitted to send only one book.
  • We feature three books per week (We will increase this in the future).
  • It’s on first come first served basis.
  • We will use SEO tactics to feature your book on KDP college so that it can attract Search Engines traffic.
  • We don’t guarantee sales but it will surely boost exposure of your book on Amazon to readers.
  • As KDP College grows, your book’s visibility also grows.

Do you want to feature your ebook on KDP College? Send your ebook details through our contact page or send it to our hot WhatsApp line: 08034300979

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Feature your ebook at no cost
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