Mastering miracle money
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I believe how to stop financial illiteracy should be one of the social programs the government should pursue to help the people overcome the obstacles of misusing and wasting money resources.

Creating financial prosperity should be one of the main duties of a responsible government. Agreed, individuals, NGOs can also help out in this course to help reduce financial illiteracy among the populace.


How to stop financial illiteracy

I have met so many people who say ‘oh I am not interested in money.’ Yet they work at a job for seven days a week.

That’s a denial of truth. If they weren’t interested, then why are they working?

Aside being a fulfilled professional, it is not disputable that the ultimate reason why a young man or woman will prefer spending years studying or as apprentice is to have money so that he or she would be able to take care of himself and his family financially.

Why do we wake up everyday and dress up and leave for work on daily basis? Some even go out between 5 a.m and 6 a.m daily only to be back around 10 p.m. This goes on throughout the year (all year round).

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Importance of money

Money! Money! Money! In fact, nearly all that we do is about money. Money is important and it plays a vital role. The Bible lends credence to the importance of money when it says that it “answers all things” though, it warns that the love of it is the root of all evil.

Unfortunately, as important as money is, many are stack illiterates as regards the subject. They don’t know more than the colour of the currencies,

Worst still, money is not taught in schools because schools focus on scholastic and professional skills and not financial skills.


Stop financial illiteracy: Knowledge about money

A person can be highly educated, professionally successful and financially illiterate. These people often work harder than they need to because they learned to work.

Knowledge about money brings money while ill knowledge makes one to remain in what Robert Kiyosaki called Rat Race work and work with nothing to show for the undue struggle. It will be so because lack of knowledge about money ushers in financial security.

In your quest to be rich, you first need to enhance your knowledge of money because money without financial intelligence is money gone soon.


How to be financially intelligent

You can be financially intelligent by following the steps below:

  • Read books on money from authors who have proven results to show
  • Keep friends who are financially literate and who have proven results
  • Subscribe to email newsletters on money and financial education
  • Follow people and agencies that teach money and financial education on Instagram, Facebook and X
  • Put to use immediately any knowledge you acquire
  • Open an investment account with the right agencies
  • Learn about stock, bond, mutual funds investment
  • Learn money and financial success principles from the Bible


Giving is the best financial education

Finally, the best financial education is giving! You read that right. Learn to give. Giving is life.

You should let your financial education start from forming a habit to give to those who are in need and to worthy causes.

As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease (Genesis 8:22). When you give, you set up yourself to receive help from God to receive more education on how to use money.

Financial illiteracy and how to stop it
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