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You will love these free online publishing companies for Nigerian authors. We have been able to carry out adequate and consistent researches into the different publishing companies online that accept Nigerian authors.

We have published quite a lot of books already. These self-publishing platforms that accept Nigerians have easy-to-use online platforms that anyone at any level of technology can use to self-publish their books or ebooks online.


What are these publishing companies?

These free self-publishing companies have developed high technological platforms and systems that can help an average author to self-publish his or her books online. They also offer authors the opportunity to distribute their books worldwide.

Let me begin to show you these publishing companies with their website URL included. I want you to note that our team at NowNowBooks and Zarepath Publishing will continue to update this post as we discover more online Publishing companies for Nigerian authors.


Free online publishing companies for Nigerian authors: the list 

Check out the list below:


[Update]: Smashwords has been bought by Draft2digital and Draft2digital is anti-Nigerian. The company deleted Nigerian authors accounts with Smashwords without notice (painful). Read more about the Smashwords and Draft2digital merger.

If you’ve written an ebook, the fastest and cheapest way to get it distributed quickly everywhere is to pair Smashwords with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). As a distributor, Smashwords will distribute your ebook to the most important major retailers and library platforms, except Amazon. After you upload to Smashwords, also upload your ebook to Amazon.

Although Smashwords’ primary business is ebook distribution to retailers and libraries, they’re unique in that they also operate their own small ebook store where authors earn royalties up to 80% of list price.

You should note that if your ebook is going to be approved for Smashwords global distribution it must be well formatted according to their requirements.

Will you give Smashwords a trial?

In case you want your ebook well-formatted and published on Smashwords, you can reach out to us at NowNowBooks (WhatsApp 08034300979) or contact us


StreetLib is an ebook and print book creation and distribution service based in the USA and Italy with reach into online stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Turkey, and Latin America. When you set up your billing profile to receive your royalties you’ll get specific instructions if you are in the US (like providing a W9 form), and you’ll be then automatically moved to StreetLib USA.

They distribute to the Big 5 ebook retailers (Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Apple iBooks, Kobo) along with hundreds of other stores. Their commission is 7%-10% of the cover price to US authors.

StreetLib also has a partnership with Perlego, a subscription service that gives readers access to over 90,000 professional and academic books. You get paid depending on the number of pages read based on 55% of the membership revenues. (Streetlib keeps 65%.).

Check out StreetLib here


This is a fantastic platform we discovered about two years ago. On this platform, you can have your books translated into different languages by translators who are ready to work for you free! You will only be sharing your royalties with them. Babelcube will handle that for you.

We have about 10 of our books translated into languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

At Babelcube, you have Book translation in over 15 languages for zero up-front cost, just revenue sharing. The service includes distribution to major stores online. Visit Babelcube here.

Note: If you want our a step-by-step guide on how to use this platform, please let us know or contact us


Publishizer is a crowdfunding platform that connects the author with publishers. If your goal is reached, they’ll query your proposal to a targeted list of publishers. If a publisher expresses interest, you can contact them directly. Publishizer keeps 30% of funds raised during the campaign.

Hope you will check this website out.

I hope you will come back here for more as we will continue to update this as we find out more.

In case you want your ebook well-formatted and published on Smashwords, you can reach out to us at NowNowBooks (WhatsApp 08034300979) or contact us

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Free online publishing companies for Nigerian authors
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