Good book titles ideas for your next book project
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You can create good book titles ideas by looking hard at your experience. I wrote  a guide some years ago and I believe it’s still very relevant today.

I will just reproduce a part of it here for your use. I want you to check out one good the practical way you can find good book titles ideas. 


Good book titles ideas: Are you looking hard enough?

Sometimes, this good book title ideas are there under your our nose but you have just decided not to look hard enough. 

Let me share the practical experience of the founder of Niche Business Ideas and CEO, NowNowBooks store, Sesan Oguntade with you. He was teaching mathematics in the classroom and when he decided to look hard enough, he observed an interesting niche market where students who needed help in solving their foundational problems in Mathematics.

He looked hard to find out that his students were actually making some silly errors whenever they solve problems in mathematics. He discovered that most of these problems were as a result of their poor foundation in the subject because they were actually finding it tough to interpret most of the foundational topics.

He also discovered something interesting when he decided to look harder enough: there was virtually no solution in place for this problem in his country (at least in his community).

He worked on this new market, produced an ebook and ran an advert in a National newspaper. This advert drew a large response from parents and students alike. He knew he was on to something. 

He went ahead to publish the book as paper back and it has been a successful story. Most parents even had to hire him as a consultant for their children.

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Check your industry experience for a good book title

You should look hard enough in your industry. Get interested in new problems. It may be a problem that many people are having and it may just be that no one is already providing a solution to it.

The problem is that most times, we always don’t show enough interest in problems areas in our industry or we just believe the discovery of these new book ideas will come to us in one magical way or the other. No! It’s not always that, my friend.

Put your vision glasses on and begin to look hard enough to find good book titles ideas for your next book project. 

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Good book titles ideas for your next book project
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