How can I sell my books in Nigeria
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How can I sell my books in Nigeria. I have seen both old and new authors ask this simple but very important question online. 

The intention of this post, How can I sell my books in Nigeria, is to show you how you can publish and sell your books in Nigeria.  Please read and share with your friends on social media.

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How can I sell my books in Nigeria: What you need to know 


There are several reasons people write and publish books. However, it is not enough to simply write a great book, you must also know how to get it sold and read by others. 

So, when people ask us “How can I sell my books in Nigeria”, we know they are interested in platforms where anyone can sell their book online for free and make lots of money.

Actually, with advancements in technology, you have a lot of options and you can take advantage of the different platforms available made for this purpose. However, we will focus on certain ones with a great reputation in the industry. 

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How Can I Sell My Books In Nigeria: Online books selling platforms 


1. NowNowBooks 

The best place to sell your books in Nigeria is NowNowBooks Store . Here is a great platform that was founded by Sesan Oguntade who is a successful author himself. Hence, the platform was uniquely designed to help you become a successful author too, as its team will offer you valuable support to get your books into the hands of your readers. 

The peculiarities of NowNowBooks have given it an edge over several others on this list. If you are looking for how to sell your books or other information products in Nigeria, it is advisable to start with NowNowBooks. 

Aside from the fact that the procedures from start to finish have been simplified as much as possible, it’s also free to publish and sell your books in Nigeria on NowNowBooks. In fact, you can open more streams for yourself by creating an affiliate account and selling other people’s works too.

To get started, visit


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2. Selar

Selar is a versatile e-commerce platform designed for creators and sellers keen on marketing their digital products and services worldwide. The platform offers a seamless setup process that enables you to quickly start selling your ebooks, regardless of the file format, making it accessible to a global audience.

The user-friendly nature of Selar allows you to get your digital products up for sale within minutes. Like NowNowBooks, this platform also offers a user-friendly, efficient solution for anyone looking to monetize their digital creations.

To get started, visit


3. Nairabookstore

Here is another Nigerian platform where you can sell your books. It prides itself as an online academic and book interface that brings together authors, publishers, researchers, as well as readers. 

The platform is also innovative, as it can boast a great website that is easy to navigate, allowing authors and readers to enjoy a great deal of flexibility.

With its integrated payment systems, your readers can easily purchase your books with ease too. You will be able to keep up to 90% of each sale for your physical books as well as 70% for downloadable ebooks. 

Get started here –


4. Amazon

A list of this sort cannot be complete without including Amazon. Here is the biggest e-commerce store where authors can easily publish and sell their books to a wide audience in different parts of the world for free. 

A lot of Nigerians are already taking advantage of the platform to achieve success in the industry, and you should take advantage of its features too.

Get started here –


5. Payhip

Payhip is one of the best websites to sell your ebook online in Nigeria. This superb e-commerce platform offers a buoyant opportunity for authors to sell their works in different forms, be it as ebooks, courses, etc. 

One of the impressive things about this one is that it is easy to simply embed Payhip directly into your website if you have one.

Get started here –


In Conclusion to how can I sell my books in Nigeria 

This post has answered the question “How Can I Sell My Books In Nigeria”. You can make use of any of these platforms to get your books into the hands of your readers.

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How can I sell my books in Nigeria
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