How do you publish your books in Nigeria
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How do you publish your books in Nigeria? This post will show you the basic things and step you must take to publish your books in Nigeria.

We are a self-publishing company in Nigeria and we have a lot of experience helping Nigerian authors to publish their books online and offline.

So how do you publish your books in Nigeria? Let us get started immediately.

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Why should you get your book published?

You should get your book published because that book idea must leave you to help, educate, entertain or bless others. I believe that’s simple and straightforward reason why you should get your book published.

Other reasons are:

  • To publicize your brand
  • To make money
  • For posterity sake
  • For passive income
  • To share your experience with others

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How do you get your book published in Nigeria? Step-by-step guide

The following are the steps you should take to get your books published in Nigeria:

  1. Decide to know the type of publishing you want
  2. Do you want ebook publishing or paperback publishing?
  3. If it’s ebook publishing, you should do a check online for ebook publishers in Nigeria or online ebook publishing platforms, or ebook distributors online (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  4. If it’s just paperback publishing that you want to sell locally, you should also do a search on Google for book publishers in Nigeria or self-publishing companies in Nigeria (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  5. If you want both, you can also find Nigerian book publishers that publish both ebooks and paperbacks (talk to us on WhatsApp at 08034300979)
  6. Check out our post on self publishing companies in Nigeria
  7. Take your time to visit their websites (they should have one) to see more details about their publishing services
  8. Pick any three out of the ones you have and contact them
  9. You should note that any credible ebook publishing company should have good samples and good results of projects they have undertaken in the past.

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Publish your books on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the biggest platform online to publish your ebooks and paperback books. The following are some of the reasons why Amazon is the best platform:

  • It’s free
  • Its platform is very simple to use
  • It has a huge audience already waiting to read your book
  • If you do the right things during the publication of your book on the platform, you can make your first sale in the first 24 hours of your book going live
  • It has platforms for authors to publish their ebooks and paperback books
  • It has lots of promotional programs to help you sell more books and ebooks
  • It pays non-US residents like Nigerians through Payoneer which allows Nigerians to use its platform

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What you will need to publish your books

You will need the following to get your books published in Nigeria:

  • Your finished manuscript
  • The title of your book and subtitle
  • A short description of your book ( sometimes, the publishing company will help you with steps 1 and 2 above)
  • Of course your service fee


Get your book published in Nigeria

Let us publish your books for you. We will publish your books on any of the major online stores like Amazon or Smashwords or Draft2digital.

We have had lots of great results doing this over the years. We help you to carry out adequate researches to choose titles and subtitles that will help the discoverability of your books on Amazon.

We carry out research to determine the 7 main Keywords you will need when publishing your books on Amazon. We will also help you to choose the right categories for your books.

We do everything at the publication level to make your book visible on Amazon.

Check out this post to read more about our results so far.


Price list for our publishing services

Find our different price lists for our publishing services below:

Note: (The prices below are discounted because we are running a promo. You may have to take advantage of these prices before the promo ends)

1. Your book published on Amazon as an ebook. The cost of Publishing your book on this platform is N8500 (books within 15 to 100 pages)

2. Your book published on all stores all over the world. Cost is N8500. (books within 15 to 100 pages)

For these two services above, you get a cover designed for you. We format your book appropriately. We write a good book description for you. We choose the right keywords for your book. We give you hints on how to market and publicize your book. We give you online course on how to sell your books on Amazon (this is worth a lot of money but we give it to you free). We show you how to receive your royalties in Nigeria.

3. Your book as a paperback in Nigeria.

How many copies do you want (1000 or 2000 or 5000) copies or more.

Do you have any size in mind for your book? We always advise 6″ by 9″ for a book with that number iof pages

Do you want black and white printing ior colored.

Is your book fully edited or we are the one who will do the editing work for you?

Let us know all these so that we can give you a quotation.

Note: When we give you a quote, if you don’t go ahead with the project after 30 days, we will have to give you a new price quotation. The reason for this is because of the unstable nature of forex and printing materials.

4. Your book as a paperback on Amazon

Do you have an Amazon account already or we are opening one for you?

The price for this is 23500 (books within 15 to 100 pages)

This is for all the works involved in Publishing the book as a paperback on Amazon. It covers:

The cover design according to Amazon specifications

The formatting of the book manuscript

The writing of description for the book and the research and the  suggestion of a sellable title and subtitle for the book

I hope this is clear enough. Let us talk further on WhatsApp or via a call 08034300979.

Contact us

WhatsApp 08034300979.

Write an email to us here


How do you publish your books in Nigeria
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