How to brand yourself as a writer
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How to brand yourself as a writer is the focus of this post. The competition is stiff today in the publishing industry.

Authors must go towards branding themselves as writers if they are to have an edge in the industry.

Please enjoy this post on how to brand yourself as a writer and let me read from you.

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How to brand yourself as a writer: Do it differently

The best way to brand yourself as a writer is to do it differently from every other person. Why write like others anyway?

Have you not seen musicians and sportsmen and women who differentiate themselves in one way or the other?

The same goes for writing. If you want to make an impression, then do it differently.

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Branding yourself as a writer: Your brand in your writings

Today, when any of my followers read my article, even if my name is not written on the article will know who the author is. Those who are not sure will say whoever is the author writes like me. That’s very close, isn’t it?

There is always a better or different way to do it, find it. It’s there. If you search, if you look deep, it sure will come up.

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How to brand yourself as writer: Learn from organizations

Take a cue from the telecommunication houses. See what they’ve done with colors.

When you see yellow, what comes to mind? MTN! That is branding. So when people see your name what comes to mind?

Readers should be able to describe you from your writings. I once read a review on Amazon from someone who must have read one or two of my books.

She described my writing style and that describes who I am. She showed from the review that she had read more than one of my books.

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Branding yourself as a writer gives you die-hard fans 

Branding yourself as a writer will help you to have a die-hard and lital fan base. They want to read more and more of your books.

They have come to know you for who you are over the years, so they are ready to wait to read more of your books as you released them.


How to brand yourself as a writer: Many advantages

If our can learn how to brand yourself as a writer and you take the decision to do it, you will reap long term benefits as an author. I will be using a future post to show you how I have brand myself as a writer and how you can do it too.

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How to brand yourself as a writer
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