How to build apps (ebook guide)

Your Own App Empire: How to build apps. How to monetize and distribute your own mobile apps Free (a step-by-step picture guide).

If you want to have your own mobile app without the burden of breaking the banks or at no cost to you, then this picture guide is for you.


What are mobile apps?

Mobile apps are applications that are installed in mobile devices or mobile phones to perform certain or specific functions. There are virtually mobile apps for every function possible today.


How to build apps ebook

Please find the full description to this e-book guide on how to build apps below:

Do You Want To Learn How To Build Mobile Apps Without Coding And At Zero Cost?

Do you also want to learn how to monetize your apps to make money?

If you have not used a mobile app to represent your business, this is a good opportunity for you to do so. You can build your own mobile app yourself at no cost to you!

Even if you have never learnt any code or do any techy task on your computer or online before, you can click one or two links and build your own mobile apps yourself within a few minutes.

Our world has witnessed internet and mobile revolutions for many years now.

Now every business that’s worth its salt should join the league of businesses who have built mobile apps for their businesses. It’s that important. This is what this guide is giving you the opportunity to do.

It used to be very expensive to have mobile apps built for businesses but today, thanks to improved technologies and also some savvy business people and techy guys, you can have mobile apps built for your business at zero cost without learning or using any code!

This guide will not just teach you how to build mobile apps for your business at zero cost but it will also teach you how to build an empire of mobile apps for your business that will be working for you 24/7 and still at no cost!

When I mention empire, you should understand that I mean you can have several mobile apps representing your business and making money for you at no cost to you!

Look at all you will learn in this book. This book will:

  • Help you to take your business closer to your customers or prospective customers.
  • Help you to build your own mobile app empire.
  • Help you to bring more people to your business.
  • Help you to make more money in your business.
  • Help you to adequately and effectively monetize your mobile app.
  • Help you to effectively distribute your mobile apps.
  • Teach you how to open a Google Developer Account
  • Teach you how to publish your app to the Google Playstore
  • Show you the different monetization platforms that you can use to monetize your apps
  • Show you alternatives to the Google Playstore where you can publish your apps at ni cost to you.

Download this step-by-step picture guide today and begin to build, monetize and distribute your own mobile apps at zero cost to you.


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How to build apps (ebook guide)

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