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Do you want to know how to choose good book titles? If you do, then you can continue with this post on finding sellable book project titles.

Successful authors know how to do this very well. They are so good at this and this has helped them to sell lot of books online and offline.

This post, how to choose good book titles, will just consider one of the major aspect of this publishing and marketing activity. We will discuss other important aspect in future posts on this blog.

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How to choose good book titles: Story of two guys

Two guys took a decision to pay a visit to kids in a kindergarten class on different occasions. The first got to the class empty handed while the second guy had a pack of chocolate with him.

You can guess what the reaction of these kids will be to the presence of these two guys. Of course, they will rush and embrace the guy with the chocolate. That guy had what they loved and wanted – chocolate.


Choosing the right book titles: Give the market what it wants

When you operate at the publisher level, you will always want to give the market what it wants. You want to always take your research lens into the different niches to find out what the market in those niches wants.

In other words, you always want to give out the ‘chocolates’ to the people in that niche. This lays the solid foundation for the book or publisher business.

As a publisher you produce books because you want to sell or make profits, so you give the market what it wants.

I will walk you through the simple ways we carry out our research and how we feed the markets with relevant books consistently.


Choosing good book projects

If you want to learn to always get involved in good and sellable book projects as an author or publisher, then learn how to choose titles from evergreen topics.


Evergreen topics

You can always use your research lens to find hot topics and published books on them. You should also take it a step further sometimes by writing and publishing books on evergreen topics.  

Evergreen topics are topics that have been hot and will always be hot for a long time. You should look out for these types of topics so that you can sell books and make profits on them for many years.

Good examples of these types of topics are topics on:

  • Weight loss
  • Stopping stress
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Make money
  • Reducing or eliminating debt
  • Starting a business with no money

Your digital portfolio should have a good book or books on some of these topics in order to have them deliver the sales and the profits to you on a regular basis for a long time.

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How to choose good book titles
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