How to follow your passion as an author
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Do you want to learn how to follow your passion as an author? This post, how to follow your passion as an author will be of great help to you.

It is important you learn this secret as an author or a publisher. Most times, most authors don’t learn this important aspect of book publishing and marketing.

Your passion maybe good but may not really bring you the money and the profit. This is the reason why it is important you must know how to make a balance it find a way around it.

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How to follow your passion as an author: What you need to know

In a recent post I asked my readers to upgrade to the publisher status where you push out books beyond your expert zone. But I have not asked you to abandon your passion all because of money and profits.

I believe I need to make this very clear in this post. 

As an author, I am still writing my passion and using our publishing platform to push the books out on Amazon and other online stores. I have also seen good sales coming from these books too that were written and published based on my passion.

How are we going about this? How are we able to get s good balance between my passion and writing for profits? Let me show you below:


Researched titles and subtitles

Anytime I write a book before carrying out any research but produced the books using my physical observation in my expert niche, I don’t give it a title or subtitle without first carrying out the necessary researches.

In those early days, I just write, give the books a title I like and then get them published on Amazon. Usually, we don’t get the sales as we should despite the fact that those books contained great qualities.

We don’t do that anymore. We carry out researches starting with a notable keyword from the book. We also pick this keyword from a major problem the book solved.

We them go ahead with our researches to find suitable titles, subtitles and publishing keywords for these books from this main keyword. The summary is that we still write our passion but we only give the books titles and subtitles using discoveries from our researches.


Good examples of writing my passion for profits

A good example is my book, How to interpret dreams. I published this book at the early stage of my book publishing business when I was still writing from the author angle. Then I titled this short ebook, How to react to dreams. It never sold a single copy and the sales did not come in. 

However, after five years, I republished this book on Amazon and gave it a researched title and subtitle: ‘How to interpret dreams.’ We also changed the seven keywords we used earlier during the publication of the ebook on Amazon to the ones we got from our researches. We also included relevant keywords in the descriptions.

We enrolled the book in Kindle select on Amazon and it got lots of attention and downloads and reads. The titles and subtitles attracted readers. This also helped us to sell our other ebooks because we included links of these other ebooks in the ebook.


How to follow your passion as an author: Paid ads

We also use paid ads to push books we write solely from our passion. Usually, we buy paid ads from websites that run newsletters that have targeted readers or subscribers in our niche.

This is also s very good way to write your passion for good profits. I hope you loved this post. Please share with friends on social media.

How to follow your passion as an author
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