How to self Publish books Nigeria
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I have read from authors who want to know how to get book link on Amazon. This post will show you how.
What is a Book link on Amazon?
A book link on Amazon is the link where your published book on Amazon can be accessed on the world wide web.
Your link on Amazon also contains your ASIN. ASIN is Amazon’s own version of ISBN for ebooks published through Amazon KDP.
How to get your book link on Amazon KDP 
Follow the steps below to get your  link on Amazon:

Login to your account on Amazon KDP

Enter your login details to login to your account on Amazon KDP.
Note: If you only publish and sell ebooks in Amazon, visit this blog to learn how to write and sell more ebooks on Amazon

Go to Bookshelf in your Dashboard

When you get to your dashboard, under Bookshelf, you will see all your books. To the far right of each book, you will see price and a small arrow beside it pointing downwards.
Click on the arrow pointing downwards, and click on US, or UK , you can copy the link from your browser when you get to the book page.
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How to get your book link on Amazon
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