How to have the right business mindset
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You need the right business mindset to survive as an entrepreneur in our today’s world. This is very important.


How to Develop the Right Business Mindset

Things are really changing for the best now in my country and in most parts of the world. The harsh economic conditions have made many to trust less in their salaries (if they are employees) or in one single income business (if they are business people). So many people (even government officials) are now active buyers and sellers.

Now I am sure that about 95% of these people took to buying and selling because of the poor state of the economy – a condition that has made them to fare badly financially. Therefore, they have automatically developed *the right mindset* to sell products or services because they must survive.

According to *Robert G Allen,* in his very successful book, *Multiple Steams of Income,*”… Understanding money – how to make it and keep it – is absolutely essential to your life, to your relationships, to your happiness, to your future.”

Yes, many people now know that money is a game you must understand how to play or else you will receive financial knocks every now and then through out your lifetime!

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The right business mindset: you must trade

Having the right mindset is first, making yourself to understand that you can hardly survive the tough economic conditions if you don’t get involved in trading! If you cannot outrightly do full-time trading, you can at least augment your monthly income with proceeds from your secondary income generator.


Products and services

Secondly, having the right business mindset is all about the fact that you may never amass great wealth and be financially independent if you don’t have products and services to offer in return for other people’s money to come to you or your pocket!

You must sell something of good quality to make money. You must sell ‘something repeatedly to make more and more money! This is the big secret of almost all the major wealthy organizations or individuals all over the world.


The right business mindset: what a guru said

I want you to read the views of my business mentor – Dr Sunny Obazu Ojeagbese, a multi-millionaire and the president of Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC). He wrote this in his book, “How To Make It In Nigeria… Building Your Wealth From Ground Floor Up”.

“Reading through-the pages of these books (Think and Grow Rich and Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude); it became obvious to me that one of the most important keys for having more money was to render quality service to others in the quantity that is proportional to the size of wealth that one desires.”

He was worried about what the future holds for him and his family. He knew he was not safe if he held on to his #10,000 per annum job!

He needed more cash inflow into his pocket. He reached out to books that taught him how he can achieve his aims if only he can begin to sell something.

This great steps about the big secret behind the success of this great Nigerian as this simple understanding have done lots of good to him, his family and to many Nigerians (yours truly inclusive).

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My story with business products and services

I want you to read my own story: I left paid employment without any savings or entitlement. I came out with a product to solve the problem of mathematics in the education industry, “Silly Mistakes in Mathematics” I sold this product and offer backend services to some of my customers. Money flowed in direction!


Right business mindset: you must sell

It is just the same way. You must sell and sell to make money or else you remain “cashless” for a long time! Now I want you to take your mind back to the time you dip your hand into your pocket to pay for a book. Can you remember you actually paid for it and one way or the other you have made the author richer with that action!

The blog was packaged to meet your products and selling needs if you have decided to give the buying and selling business a shot.

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How to have the right business mindset
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