How to Make Educational Games
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You should be wondering why the NowNow Books blog is talking about How to make educational games and sell them.

Don’t get bothered so much, let me just let you in on why we are discussing how to sell educational games.

You should know by now if you are a regular here at this blog and at this website that NowNow Books is strongly devoted to the production and distribution of information products.

Games, both online games and physical games are also information products. You can produce good interactive games and approach us at NowNow Books to distribute them for you, we will gladly oblige you.

How to Make Educational Games

Now let us go to the meat of this post, How to Make Educational Games and Sell them.

Parents Spend to Buy Games

During some of my educational home consultancy services some years ago, I discovered how many parents have spent fortunes buying computer games from abroad for their children. I also observed that most of the games they buy have little educational contents.

If they are ready to spend that much to purchase games for their children, I believe a wise business-minded person can start producing quality educational games for this group of parents.

What Is A Game?

A game is a contest (play) among adversaries (players) and operating under constraints (rules) for an objective for a purpose or objective.

Games are very useful in the classroom especially for subjects that involve drills and practice because they are enjoyable. Students at different levels can gain so many benefits if they can have varieties of these games in their various schools.

Types of Games

Games come in various forms, they could be simple, single subject games or multi-subject games, but for the purpose of this article, I want to classify games into two major categories –physical and computer games.

Physical Games

These types of games can be games of skills, of chance (e.g. snakes and ladders) and of reality (e.g. games made on pressing national issues). Some other examples of physical games are snake and ladders, monopoly.

You need to be different here, you can study the market for the various types around and then come out with something fresh and new.

Computer Games

This is the big deal. Children and parents love computers, so the parents always desire what their children can do on their computers or online. You can obtain so many free educational games online.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Games are very useful in the classroom especially for subjects that involve drills and practice because they are enjoyable. Read how to make them” quote=”Games are very useful in the classroom especially for subjects that involve drills and practice because they are enjoyable. Read how to make them”]

I got some when I took my search online. This is the power of the internet; you can find something being given out free by somebody out there on his or her website to visitors!

How to Make Educational Games and Sell them

Let me inform you you don’t have to be a real maker of educational games before you begin to sell them.

I am sure you  are surprised to read that. That is another power of the internet and the way businesses have been reshaped by this technology.

If you want to start this business of making and selling computer games, you can do any or all of the following to obtain games that you will sell.

  • Go online and pick up free educational games. You can type the keyword, “free educational games” into a search engine to obtain relevant results. Pick up these games and sell them in a CD or on your website. You should ensure you sell games that you are permitted by the owners to sell. There are tons of these types of games online.
  • You can also buy resellers’ rights to an educational game. A game with a resellers’ rights transfer unto you legal rights to sell these games as your own and keep all the profits. You only need to pay a one-time fee for the game and it is yours forever! You can search for “educational games with resellers” rights online. You should read the articles on the make up of the games and ensure they are relevant to the community where you live before you make a purchase.
  • You can also make your own fresh educational games by using a freelance games producer. You can check your locality for one or go online to find one. These websites can be useful if you decide to do it this way: or fiverr. Make sure you carry out proper investigations irrespective of my recommendations.

Steps to Produce Games

Let me highlight the steps you must take before you can come up with a good educational game.

Step 1: You must determine the educational purpose or objectives of the game and the materials to be included.

Step 2: You should also decide the kind of games required. You must decide whether you are producing a physical game or a computer game.

Step3: You should also decide on the duration of the game.

Step 4: You must also take a decision on the number of players that are required to play the game.

Step 5: You should now decide on the various rules on constraints that must guide the players when they play the game.

Step 6: You must also analyze the sequence the game will take.

Step 7: Test run the game based on objectives.

Step 8: Modify in the light of the trial run.

Step 9: You should now decide the final form and issues before general use.

Step 10: Though this step has nothing to do with the make up of the game but it is also important that I should include it for the purpose of this article; you must decide your target customers and your marketing strategies. I believe this a good addition since the theme of this article is, How to Make Educational Games and Sell them.

How Do You Reach Your Target Market?

  • Employ different marketing methods that are suitable to reach your target market. You will need to learn the basics of marketing products and services. You can search for “free marketing ebooks downloads pdf” online. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at NowNow Books 
  • Put together many games on a CD, place a classified adverts in the dailies to sell your computer games.
  • If you have developed a great game, you can reach agreement with schools to teach their students on a weekly basis.
  • You can also visit homes to teach children.

I hope I have been able to show you some basic lessons on How to Make Educational Games and Sell them. Just as I said, they are basic information but you can really build on what you have learnt here.

I would like to read from you. I also want you to share your thoughts with me in the comment section. You should also share this with your friends on the social media if you find the article useful to them.






How to Make Educational Games and Sell them
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