How to make inquiries of God
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How to make inquiries of God is the theme of this interesting new book by multiple author and Christian personal development expert, Sesan Oguntade.

In these end times days, we need to be closer to God, His Word and His directions to survive the onslaught the devil and his cohorts are unleashing on the world.

We thank God for our victory in Jesus Christ but we need to be able to understand how to make inquiries of God to receive His instructions and directions that can help us to live our delivered victory in Jesus Christ.


How to make inquiries of God: the benefits

There are countless benefits of learning how to make inquiries of God. This new book by Sesan Oguntade, who is also the CEO of this online bookstore portal, shows you 5 inspired benefits of making inquiries of God.

When you understand the benefits, you will be able to gain the confidence required to embrace this useful practice which many are abandoning today due to the many pressures that are confronting us today.


Without God we are nothing

Jesus said very expressly many years ago that without Him, we can do nothing (John 15: 5). This is very true.

God helps us to succeed and achieve our destiny winning cheap victories over the devil and the kingdom of darkness with revelations, instructions and visions.

We need to understand the scriptural process of mastering this useful practice of asking God for direction on issues that can come up in our lives.


Buy the book on making inquiries of God

You should gain access to this new book on making inquiries of God immediately. You will be glad you did.

This book shows you the following:

  • What making inquiries of God is all about
  • A couple who did this so perfectly in the Bible and gained cheap victories over certain stubborn problems that came up in their lives
  • 5 Benefits of making inquiries of God
  • Personal experiences of the author on this very important theme for the end times


How to make inquiries of God

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How to make inquiries of God
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