How to make money buying and selling domain names
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If you want to learn How To Make Money Buying and Selling domain names, this post has you covered. So many years ago, was sold for $1000000.

There are so many other results of people buying and sell domains and sometimes, fully developed websites. You can get your own results buying and selling domain names.

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Buying and selling domain names can make you money online

If you are looking for a business to make real money online full time or part time, then investing in domain and fully developed websites which is an online real estate is there for you.

You can start registering domain names and making daily income from them and still sell them for a good income, I mean good income.


Domain monetization

Domain monetization and speculation is one of the best ways to make money on the internet, its easy and its fun. Best of all, it takes low investment and it has a huge potential.

As you read this, venture capitalists are already taking advantage of this market and making it big from domain monetization. I make daily income on domain as well as sell from my portfolio and that has been one of my biggest source of online income. Anyone can register domain name and make money daily and still sell it.


Domain names are online real estate

Domain names or fully developed websites are like real estate and that is why it is one of my preferred online investments. You may have heard of people who bought particular property years ago, rented it and later sold it out for a big income. That is the way domain names are online.

Perhaps you want a piece of that pie as many of us domainers enjoy today with our monthly payment through check, paypal or wire transfer into our bank accounts, then this report will show you how to go about it.
I’m not one of those people who started way back in the early 90’s that picked up fantastic domain names and made huge profit holding onto them.


My involvement in the business of buying and selling domain names

I actually got involved in this industry around 2002 when I received a mail from a company in US and another one from Germany with a request that I sell my domain name to them, which I was not using at that time. Since then I make money from domain names daily and sell also for profit.

I also brokered a domain with some years ago.

I have understood how the industry operates based on my experience and have also discovered that there are still many opportunities to make money from it.


Buying and selling domain names: What is involved

Domain business involves registering domain names and making daily income from it from advert links from third parties or selling it or leasing it to a company that wants the name, all for your profit. It also involves developing the domain names into a fully developed website and then sell. This is what lots of domainers are doing presently.


Domain names: What are they?

A domain can be likened to your company name registered with corporate affairs commission. As company registrations are on first come first serve basis, so domain names are.

Your domain in theoretical term is your area of control or jurisdiction. Domain name on the Internet is your unique name or web address used in hosting your website.

A domain is used to host websites and set up emails. Therefore, a web address such as is a domain.

Domain registration is different from hosting. A hosting account enables you to have your domain pointed to a server which then displays your web site.

The hosting account also enables you to have email accounts attached to a domain name.

Domain name is a virtual real estate which means you can buy it, make money daily from it by renting it to advertisers and then sell it to any buyer who wants to use it.

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How can I make money from  domain names?

For you to register a domain you want to use in making money on daily basis or sell, you must consider certain factors which include among others, typo-generic, mindshare, shortness and trend etc. Once you register a domain with a registrar such as, you will need to change the name server to the company where you are parking it.

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What is domain parking?

Domain parking means pointing your name server to (and) creating your portfolio in the parking company who pumps advert links from advertisers for visitors who clicks on them when they visit your own domain which invariably looks like a web site and you make money based on pay per click adverts. You are paid twice or once a month depending on the parking company. You are paid by cheque, paypal or wire transfer.


Domain selling

The fact is that people are actually looking for web addresses to use to promote their products, company or organization. Therefore if you have registered the domain before the company tried to look it up on the internet, then they would want to buy it from you if you are not using it.

Therefore, you have a business of thinking up names that you can resell to would-be-buyers with a measurable profit. You can register domain name for jas.low as $8 per month and resell it from $500 to $1,000,000. was sold many years ago for $25,000. was also sold many years ago for $90,000. So you can think up names, register and resell it.

Therefore, domain name monetization is one way for internet entrepreneurs to make fraud free income on the Internet.

I hope you loved this post on how to buy and sell domain names. Please let me read your comment. Share this post with your friends.

Note: This post was contributed by a guest writer. 

How to make money buying and selling domain names
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