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You will love this post on How to make your old books sell on Amazon. There are many old books gathering dust on the Amazon bookshelf.

Most authors on Amazon usually write and publish ebooks on Amazon using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and forget them there just because the books are not selling.

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Old books can sell on Amazon

In our organization, we started doing something about our published ebooks on Amazon at the beginning of this year and I feel I should let you know.

We began to carry out what we call the ‘revival’ of our old books on Amazon. We began publishing on Amazon over 9 years ago. There were ebooks we published then that have not sold any copy and they are just gathering e-dust on the Amazon shelf.

Now over the years, we gave been able to master some strategies that can make an ebook do very well in terms of sales on Amazon. We did not know about some of these Strategies then when we started out in those days. So these old ebooks are not doing very well not because they are not good but because we did not follow what we follow today to get them published.

I have always told authors who want to publish on Amazon that how your ebook does in terms of visibility and sales begins with what you are able to do right during the publishing stage.

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Process of reviving old ebooks on Amazon

So we took a decision to ‘revive’ some of the old ebooks and the results have been great with some of the books. A good example is an ebook, How to Interpret dreams.

Here is a list of the things we began to do:

  1.  We changed the titles and subtitles of some books. In those days because we lack the required knowledge and we were giving titles and subtitles to our ebooks inappropriately. We never researched Keywords before choosing titles and subtitles for our ebooks. We had to unpublish some old books and republish them under a new title and subtitle. Some, we just added a single researched Keyword into the title or subtitle.
  2. We changed the covers of some books. Yes, some of the covers we used in those days would never sell books. They were a pain to the eyes..
  3. We also had to change the entire seven Keywords we entered during the publication of the ebooks in those days. You need to see some of the Keywords we used then- they were completely irrelevant to the ebook title or theme we published. I am not surprised the ebook did not sell on Amazon. So we researched Keywords and used them for the ebooks. Note: Amazon gives you the opportunity to use seven Keywords to ensure your ebook is visible to her audience when you are Publishing your ebook on their platform. Authors need to carry out researches to obtain these Keywords. Usually, this is always where a lot of authors get it wrong.

We will write more about this process as we carry out more steps. Please visit our online bookstore to buy a book today at a very cheap price.

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How to make your old books sell on Amazon
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