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If you want to know how to print a book in Nigeria, then this post is for you. If you also want to know the cost of printing a book in Nigeria, you are also covered by this interesting post on publishing a book in Nigeria.

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How to print a book in Nigeria: What does this entail?

Printing a book in Nigeria or what others called publishing a book in Nigeria is all about authors in Nigeria taking the route of self-publishing their books in Nigeria.

Traditional publishing is almost a no-go area for most authors in Nigeria and all over the world. So the next and most viable option is to go the way of self publishing.


Printing your books in Nigeria

If you want to go the self-publishing route as a Nigerian author, then you have to look at the important process of printing your book in Nigeria.

Publishing a book and printing a book, though sounds alike or almost mean the same thing but they are different. The simple explanation we can give here is that printing a book is a subset of publishing a book.

Publishing is like a whole building while printing is like a single room inside the building.

Publishing a book involves:

  • Coordinating the typing, editing and book work of the book
  • Following the printing process professionally
  • Coordinating the book collation and packaging processes like a pro
  • Offering useful publicity and marketing strategies for the book at no extra cost
  • Helping authors to publish the ebook version on our online bookstore at NowNowBooks
  • Following up on the author and the book after the publishing process


Zarepath Publishing gives more

At Zarepath Publishing, we don’t just help authors to print their books, we go the extra mile to publish their books even when they pay for only printing of their books.

We carry the processes above to get your book ready for the public. We give more than you require to make your book printing and publishing processes a success.


How much does it cost to print a book in Nigeria

The cost of printing a book in Nigeria will vary depending on a lot of factors. We have had to answer questions in this regard from Nigerian authors over the years.

Due to factors like the ones we have below, it’s going to be inappropriate to give a definite answer to what is the cost of printing a book in Nigeria.

The factors are:

  • The numbers of pages of your book
  • The size of your book
  • The ever-changing cost of printing materials
  • And many others

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Zarepath Publishing can help you

At Zarepath Publishing, we can help you along the way to get the best price for printing your book in Nigeria.

We carry you along the process to show you how you can beat off excessive cost along the printing process. This is the difference we offer to Nigerian authors who want to publish their books in Nigeria.

Will you contact a publishing representative at Zarepath Publishing now at Whatsapp/call: 08034300979


Stages of printing your book at Zarepath Publishing (summary)

This is the summary of how we print or publish your book as we have shown in this post:

(Authors that are short on cash can even go through this process one by one)

  1. Typing of your book
  2. Editing work on your book
  3. Book work: arrangement of your book in book form and the design of the cover of the book
  4. Determination of the price per copy of the book
  5. Printing activities
  6. Finishing work
  7. Delivery of books

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Will you contact a publishing representative at Zarepath Publishing now at Whatsapp/call: 08034300979




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  1. Thanks very am an author Beloved by name I need assistance please is it only in Nigeria do your publication stops and I have books to publish but am having some financial challenges so am looking at someone that can publish my book and comes to terms on how the profit will shared

    1. I have sent an email to you on how to do it yourself. Cehck your email. I replied the email you sent to me earlier on.

      1. My name is Moses. I have books to publish but right now l don’t have the financial capability for it. Can you do it for base on agreement? Thanks a lot.

      2. My name is Moses. I have books to publish but right now l don’t have the financial capability for it. Can you do it for base on agreement? Thanks a lot.

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