How to publish your books globally
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Thank you for coming around today. Occasionally, we will be posting some of rich social media contents here on the blog. We believe these contents will be of great use to you as it has always been of great use to our social media followers.


How to publish your books globally is our main SM rant for today

You will particularly enjoy the content of how to publish your books globally in our social media rants for today. Yes, you can take your books global and sell in multiple languages.


SM rants about publishing

Please check out the SM rants about publishing today below:

  • Online Publishing Class: The realities of today in the publishing world. Authors must note this:

It’s not just about publishing your books and leaving it there on Amazon and other online stores. Your books won’t sell.

We have had to specially educate authors we publish for at and Zarepath Publishing over the years. There is no free money on Amazon again.

Yes Amazon with it’s huge traffic will give you one or two sales in six months (that’s even if you do the right things during publication) but I believe that won’t sustain your author business.

Watch out for more…

Nownowbooks/Zarepath Publishing: solution to your publishing needs online and offline Whatsapp/Call 08034300979 or contact us.

  • Online Publishing Class: Get your books translated into foreign languages, published and distributed on all major stores online at NO COST to you today

Your Author Income Drastically if you take the decision to take your Books Global

If you have published and distributed your books all this while in English or in one single language, you now have the opportunity to have the book translated in about 11 other languages and distributed worldwide at No Cost to you!

I believe that sounds impossible to you but it is true.

This simple-to-use, step-by step guide will show you how to do it. Even if you have not used a keyboard before, you will be able to master the process without any sweat.

Translators will be able to work for you at no upfront cost to you. You will also have the opportunity to get your translated books distributed and marketed for you at no upfront cost.

I now have over 7 of my books translated and is now being distributed worldwide on various estores and libraries.

I want you to check out this easy-to-use guide today.

WhatsApp or call Zarepath Publishing 08034300979

Nownowbooks/Zarepath Publishing: solution to your publishing needs online and offline Whatsapp/Call 08034300979 or contact us

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  • Online Publishing Class: Are you nervous about writing?

Do you hinder yourself in any way. Do you have a hard time clearing your mind and getting your story on the page?

If all these apply to you, then you have to understand that you must take the first step to arrive at the last step. You should understand that the Book in you must become a reality.

You should understand that when you conquer the first time, the other times become easier.

So go ahead and start writing.

If you’ve got any question on publishing Online and offline you can write me and my team will be ready to help out. Have a great day. and Zarepath Publishing: Complete solutions to your publishing needs Whatsapp/Call 08034300979

How to publish your books globally
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