How to receive your ebook royalty from Amazon as a Nigerian. This is a hot topic among authors in Nigeria who want to sell their ebooks on Amazon.

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How to receive your ebook royalty from Amazon as a Nigerian: Question answered

Amazon does not pay directly into a Nigerian bank account. They pay directly into a US bank account and accounts in some other countries in Europe. Now Amazon has the option of paying authors in Nigeria by check. But you have to reach a threshold of $100, £100, or €100.

The annoying part of this is that Amazon will not convert the royalties into one single currency so that it can quickly reach the threshold. You have to reach the threshold individually before you can get paid! To me, that’s annoying! It will take many years to reach these thresholds for some authors who only sell one, two, three ebooks or something close per month. That’s terribly annoying if you ask me!!!

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How to receive your ebook royalty from Amazon as a Nigerian?: Our first option

Some years ago, in our organization, we decided to ask a CLOSE business partner in America to help us out. We began to use his American bank account to receive our royalties. Amazon does not wait for any threshold before they pay into a US bank account. So we really enjoyed this strategy.

Our business partner received the money and send it to us in naira in Nigeria. But, our friend relocated and we had to look for other means. Now, you need to check out the option we settled with below to receive our royalties from Amazon as Nigerian: author and publisher.

Payoneer became our second and present option to receive royalties from Amazon as a Nigerian

We began to use Payoneer. Payoneer gives you the US, UK bank account after your successful registration. Amazon pays monthly into your pàyoneer account. You have two options to collect your money from pàyoneer.

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Two options to collect your money from Payoneer

  1. Through a specially issued pàyoneer MasterCard to you from pàyoneer. You will be able to use this card to withdraw your money from any Nigerian bank ATM with the Mastercard logo. We were using GTB (we have a lot of bank ATMs with the Mastercard logo).
  2. You have another option of withdrawing your money directly into your Nigerian bank account when it reaches a threshold of $50 and above in pàyoneer. This is the option we presently use in our organization.

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I believe I have been able to do justice to this question. If you have any other questions, you can write them in the comment section so that we can treat them in another blog post. Please share this post with your friends on social media.

Have a great day.

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  1. hi. this was very helpful to me. I am planning on publishing on amazon and I faced this problem. so thank you for this. the questions I have are? do I need the Payoneer MasterCard to get my money, or can I simply fill in my Payoneer details in the option to add your bank account? also, do I need money to get the MasterCard?

    1. Thank you for visiting our website and blog.

      You have two options to get your money from Payoneer when Amazon must have sent it to pàyoneer:

      1. By Payoneer Mastercard which they will send to you without any upfront cost but they will deduct the annual cost of 29$ when you have money in your account. Using the card will also attract bank and transaction fees. So if you are not making so much money, the card option will be too expensive. We advise the second option.

      2. Payment to your bank account in Nigeria. You will be able to fill in your Nigerian or local bank account details in your pàyoneer account. But your must reach a threshold of 50$ and above before you will be able to transfer it to your local bank account from your Payoneer dashboard or app.

      After you have registered for pàyoneer, you will be able to copy from your dashboard, the US bank account that is unique to you so that you can put it into your Amazon account.

      I hope this helps.

      1. As at today Payonner threshold for the second option is $5,000 USD. So, find out and do some corrections here. This is what is hectic about them and I have been goggling to see if there are other banks that can take $50 or $100 USD. Help me if u can
        my email

        1. You are wrong. The threshold to be paid for the second option is $50. We have been using it for the past two years now. You get to $50, you can transfer to your bank account. We stand by what we post.

  2. What of wise? I started writing on amazon this year January. I have made up to $140
    My problem now is, my friend told me before amazon could send me my money, I have to present my ein. I’ve browse about that and there is no way I could get that easily. Please look into this and assist me

    1. You need to get a pàyoneer account. When you register for payoneer, you will be able to obtain a US bank account which you can enter into your Amazon account. When Amazon pays they pay into your payoneer account. You can withdraw your money from Payoneer into your bank account in Nigeria. That is if you are based in Nigeria.

      When you fill your tax information on Amazon. You can pick the option that you don’t have a TIN as a Nigerian.

      You don’t need an EIN.

      1. I have entered my Payoneer account in my Amazon but my own problem is that when I was the tax information it requested for a TIN that can’t be skipped. Pls help

        1. I think there is an option to skip this. Will check again to confirm if something has changed. But what I know is that Amazon dies not really do anything with this TIN. So if you can’t skip it, You can you ahaed to get your TIN.

        2. Must I have a Nigerian bank account before I could use Payoneer Master card?

          And can i buy gift cards with my Amazon account without linking any bank or domiciliary account in Nigeria?

          Must your Amazon US account link to your domiciliary account here in Nigeria before you could get your money?

          1. 1. No. You don’t need a Nigerian bank account before you get the Mastercard
            2. Yes you can buy Amazon gift cards without a Nigerian domiciliary account. This option is also suitable for non US citizens. But we don’t use it because we have Payoneer

            3.i don’t think so. When we first started using Amazon to publish, we used our Nigerian bank account that’s not a Dom account. But we changed that. So we are not sure if Amazon does not allow a normal Nigerian bank account again.

            Thank you.

    1. Please check all the tabs in your account. You should find Global Payment Service. When you find this and click on it, you will be able to see your US, UK bank account details.

  3. this is the help i have needed, I am trying to publish on amazon, and now i dont have to worry about receiving payment. thanks for your help.

  4. Pls which payoneer Global payment service options is supported in Nigeria is it the local receiving account or a wire (SWIFT ) receiving account?

    1. Thank you for your comment. We only use payoneer to receive royalty in Nigeria. We don’t have information about how Payoneer is used to pay peopl in Nigeria

  5. Pls which payoneer receiving account is supported by amazon to pay those in Nigeria, is it the local receiving account or Wire (Swift) receiving account

    1. Thank you for your comment. We only use payoneer to receive royalty in Nigeria. We don’t have information about how Payoneer is used to pay peopl in Nigeria

      1. Thank you for your comment. We only use payoneer to receive royalty in Nigeria. We don’t have information about how Payoneer is used to pay peopl in Nigeria

  6. I have tried twice to register for Payoneer, and twice they have rejected the application. I am registering as a Trust because our organisation is a Trustee. What could be the problem making them reject the application?

    1. I am surprised to hear that. This is because Payoneer usually approves mist application today. However, we don’t have experience registering a trustee.

      Let me ask this: Did you submit the right documents for verification. Let me know this.

    1. Yes you can. Amazon even ships to Nigeria. But due to Nigerians fera for buying online, it may not go as smooth as if people are buying from abroad. We sell most of our books on Amazon outside Nigeria. We leverage on the traffic Amazon brings.

    2. Hi. Please want happens to my funds on Amazon, I have been selling a few copies without inputting bank details. When I do get my Payoneer going, will all my accumulated funds show up?

      1. Amazon will pay all your accumulated funds into your Payoneer account.

  7. I’m having difficulty registering for a payoneer account. I request for a verification code and after inputting it, they don’t allow me to move to the next step. I tried it phone and PC but it’s still the same problem. Please what do I do?

    1. Please write payoneer support to get help. You may have to wait for some days to get a reply. Their support can be very awful sometimes.

  8. Thanks business manager for all the replies on the comment. I didnt even waste time asking my question as it has all already been asked and answered thanks alot!!!! This is timely.

    1. You are welcome. We are glad to do that. Thanks for visiting our blog.

  9. how do i start publishing my books on amazon? is there any cost to it

    1. It’s free to publish on Amazon. But as a company we help Authors publish their books on Amazon at a simple cost. We bring our experience into the game tonhelo your book start out nicely on Amazon. But if you want to do it yourself it’s free.

      Just visit to start.

  10. Thanks so much for this please I just registered now on Amazon, but was not allowed to include bank account because am in Nigeria,my question is I was not allowed too to create a book they Said on the site I haven’t finished the registration due to the bank how do I go about it, how do I go about getting the psyonner account as u stated so I can start creating .

    1. Go to and look for the registration button and start following the prompts. It’s not difficult. You calnalso search Payoneer registration or register Payoneer on Google. Ensure you are on the official website before you start registering

  11. i have published book on amazon and i want to use payoneer to receive my royalty in Nigeria. Do i use online seller or individual when registering for payoneer?

    1. You should go to the website and find the register button. And begin the registration. It’s not difficult. It’s just like you are registering for a Facebook account or a Gmail account. There are things they will require during the process but they are things you can provide for them. If you have any issue please let us know

    1. I don’t know what you mean by Payoneer account number. What Payoneer gives you are US UK etc account numbers that you can use to receive money from onlin stores or from people who have business accounts abroad. You can access this under the Global Payment Service in your dashboard.

      Your customer id is different from these accounts.

  12. Please, I just created a Payoneer account linking it with my Nigeria corporate account, it’s been approved but they showed me that the US and UK accounts can only be used for local bank transfer within the US in USD via the ACH network and only payments for business transactions from business accounts are supported. These were the only approved guidelines.
    They said payments from personal bank accounts will be declined. Please what do I do?

    1. Yes you are correct. That is the standard. You can only receive from a business account. I think they out that in place to stop money laundering and to prevent fraud. We only use Payoneer to receive money from our online stores.

      Can you check out

  13. I never knew I could use peoneer to solve account issues on Amazon until God directed me here. Great job. God bless

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for visiting this blog. Please share the link with friends on social media.

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