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How to sell more books on Amazon as a Nigerian is a topic I have had to deal with on many occasions with many Nigerian authors. I have used our different author platforms to answer these types of questions.

Many Nigerian authors have the good desire to publish and sell more books on Amazon but very few are ready to do what is necessary to market and sell their books on Amazon.

So let us look at some of the advice I gave to some Nigerian authors on one of our forums online on this same topic of selling more ebooks on Amazon as a Nigerian.

How to sell more books on Amazon as a Nigerian: Free books strategy 

Nigerian authors should learn to publish short and quality free books on Amazon.

These free books should be promoters of their author brands, websites, and other premium books and services. So if you include information like these in these free books, you would have just had Amazon promote your brand and your other premium books on Amazon.

Many Nigerian authors that I have counseled have detested this strategy. When the book is not bringing in money, they are not ready to go the free book way.
Sometimes, book publishing is not about that first dollar you receive from it.

We have lots of free books on Amazon but these books are there to promote websites and other premium books we have published on the platform.

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How to sell more books on Amazon as a Nigerian: Take it as a business 

Most Nigerian authors don’t want to see Publishing and selling their ebooks on Amazon as serious business. We give authors who publish with us our online course on how to sell on Amazon but most don’t watch or learn from the course!

They just want to put their books there and expect dollars to begin to rush in. No, it does not happen like that.

The competition is so stiff today. If you are not ready to take it as a business, Don’t get into it at all.

We have and run three websites as an author and a publishing business. We have newsletters on these platforms. That is business. We spend money to maintain these websites.

We create videos on YouTube and include our website links. We take our author business as a very serious business.

Things have changed in the Publishing industry 

Things have changed today. You need to work hard. Writing is the first part. Selling and marketing books are the next. You must be working hard at selling your ebooks on Amazon. If you don’t your book will just be gathering e dust online.

They call them best-selling authors and not best-writing authors.


Writing books the easy way 

Writing is easy nowadays. Some best-selling authors did not write their best-selling books themselves. Ghostwriters did it for them.

They pay them and they concentrate on marketing and selling.

You can outsource your writings if you have found a best-selling title you don’t have experience in. But you have to find and research titles that will sell on Amazon.

You hand over the topic to the Ghostwriter and they produce your ebook ready to publish on Amazon. You must ensure you are using good freelancers or Ghostwriters for this.

You can find good freelancers at Upwork. You must be careful if you are using freelancers on Fiverr. There are so many terrible guys on that platform. You can also get in touch with our team here to do a good service for you in this regard. You can also WhatsApp 08034300979.

When you produce books from your careful research on what Amazon users are looking for, you increase your chances of selling more books on Amazon as a Nigerian.


Your investment is required in your Publishing business 

We have sold lots of books on Smashwords, Amazon, Babelcube, Lulu over the years. I have shown the proofs on this website on many occasions. But we have also invested time and money in a lot of things.

Some authors can’t even take the time to read and research free information online. They can’t use megabytes to watch a free video on YouTube.

They waste lots of time on Facebook chatting away instead of promoting their brand and their books. Set a goal and put a plan behind it. You will be forced to do everything to reach that goal

We set such a goal some years ago for our website and blog at
Today, it’s ranking for a lot of keywords on Google search.


How to sell more books on Amazon: How different are you from bestselling authors?

Bestselling authors are not from you and me. We are the same. We are only different in what we do and how we do it. Especially in the area of branding and selling and marketing of books.

While you concentrate on writing, they put more concentration and resources on marketing and selling their books. It’s not that they write bad books. They have only recognized what is needed to become Bestselling authors.

I believe you are going to make use of the content in this post, How to sell more books on Amazon as a Nigerian, which contains lots of simple advice for you.

Let me read from you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


How to sell more books on Amazon as a Nigerian
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