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Do want to learn how to sell more books on Amazon?

Do you also want to learn how to make money with your creative writing by submitting them to literary journals?

If the situation above apply to you, then you need to read this letter carefully.


How to sell more books on Amazon

How to sell more books on Amazon

Selling more books on Amazon is the hope and joy of all authors who have their books published on Amazon.

I believe that applies to you if you have books on Amazon that are not selling. Even if you are still aspiring to publish your first book on Amazon, I believe you want to learn how to sell more of it when you eventually get it published.


Our experience selling books on Amazon

We have been selling books on Amazon successfully for the past 10 years. We have sold lots of books or ebooks on Amazon.

The truth is that we cracked the code of getting more books sold on the Amazon store.

If you want to know more, you need to get this guide on how I sell ebooks on Amazon. It’s a very practical guide. It contains simple but effective information on how to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

It shows our practical experience over the years. This ebook guide on selling more books on Amazon has sold lots of copies on the Amazon store itself.

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Make Money submitting your writings to journals (bonus ebook)

Submit writings to literary journals

Authors can make huge incomes by writing and submitting their creative writings to literary journals online.

We obtained the distribution right to this guide and we are adding it as a bonus if you take action to purchase our ebook guide on How I sell ebooks on Amazon today. (A link will be sent to you where you can download this book for free)

This ebook guide shows you everything you need to know. It gives you background information about literary journals available online, what they require from authors and what they pay, and more.


Read more about the ebook guide on literary journals

How to publish your creative writing in literary journals

Get all the details you need to make a consistent income by publishing your creative writing in literary journals online.

This is a definitive guide.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • the nuts and bolts of getting your writing published in literary journals.
  • how to build your writing career.
  • how to avoid the common errors most new authors make when they are starting.
  • about the different reading fees and available contests.
  • about lists of literary journals open to submissions.
  • about the different journals and their mode of operations, their response time, the ones that pay authors, and the ones that don’t pay.

Get more information on how to obtain these two ebook guides.

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