How to sell more ebooks on Amazon (ebook guide)
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If you want to know how to sell more ebooks on Amazon, then this post has you covered. If you are an author with ebooks published on Amazon, I believe your utmost desire is to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

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How to sell more ebooks on Amazon

To sell more ebooks on Amazon is not rocket science. There are no laid-down rules for having more sales for your published ebooks on Amazon.

You have to ensure you’re always learning the latest tricks and tips, especially from authors who are very active in selling ebooks on Amazon. Yes, that’s what we do in our organization. We follow authors who are selling lots of ebooks on Amazon.

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How do you follow best-selling authors on Amazon

The following are the ways we follow best-selling authors on Amazon:


Through Google search

We carry out simple searches for blogs and websites of authors publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon.

When we get to their blogs, we carry out simple investigations to determine whether they are selling lots of ebooks on Amazon.

This was how we found Dave Chesson of KindlePreneur blog and Tck publishing. We have followed them and their blogs for many years now. It has been a very rewarding exercise.


Through Amazon search

On the main Amazon website, there is a tab for best-selling books. Ensure you narrow down the search to your niche of interest.

You can visit the Amazon author central account of the authors with best-selling books to find out more information about them. You can find their blog addresses or even their contact details.


Through free books or articles

Some best-selling authors have been so nice that they have written and published free ebooks and articles that others can use at no cost to them. You can search for these types of free ebooks and articles.

You can gain lots of insights on how to sell more ebooks on Amazon through these free resources. This strategy has helped us a lot in our organization.

We also have free articles and ebooks for the use of others on our blog for Amazon Kindle authors.


Selling more books on Amazon: Get down to work

Selling more books on Amazon requires you to get down to work immediately to put the tips you have learned to work. When you take action you will be able to learn along the way.

You can know what’s working for you and what’s not working. You can learn and gain more knowledge on how you can sell more ebooks on Amazon.

You can start by checking out our exclusive self-publishing resources that have helped lots of authors online and offline.

The ebooks and online courses are:

  • How I Publish Books on Amazon KDP (eBook)
  • How I sell ebooks on Amazon KDP (eBook)
  • How I sell ebooks on Amazon KDP (online course)
  • How I make passive income from self-publishing ebooks (ebooks)

And more…

You can find details about these self-publishing resources at KDP College Publishing resources. You can also visit

If you’re a Nigerian, you can purchase these resources directly through Zarepath Publishing. Whatsapp 08034300979. You will get them at our special promo prices if you take buying action today.

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How to sell more ebooks on Amazon (ebook guide)
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