how to sell more books

I believe as an author you want to learn how to sell more books. Who wouldn’t have this great desire?

As an author, I surely want to learn how to sell more books.

Now i want to show you a proven (and very popular) strategy today. Though it is popular and proven with smart authors using it to sell. Read more.Click To Tweet more ebooks and information products, many Nigerian authors are still not taking advantage of this.

how to sell more books

I know this because I have interacted both casually and professionally with lots of Nigerian authors.

At NowNow Books, we have helped many authors published their books on the major estores. Among these lots, none of them have published free books. That is, they have not tapped into the immense benefits of giving out free ebooks.

Now, let me move away from our customers and focus on you.

I want to show you how to sell more books.

I have personally used this strategy to sell more books online. Two of our organizations have lots of free ebooks given out at no cost.

Let me now go to the meat of this post – how to use free books to sell more paid books.

Write a Quality Free Ebook

Find out a major problem in your niche or market and write a quality solution to it.

Put Information About Your Business into It.

The following are the information you can put into the free book

1. Information about yourself
2. Information about your business
3. Information about your mailing list
4. Information about your paid ebook and how readers can grab a copy.

Quality is Important

Now let me inform you that you have to give readers a good, quality book if you expect them to take a subscribing or buying action after they have read it.

What  Smart Authors Do

Smart authors usually include only information about how readers can join their mailing list. A mailing list is a newsletter platform where authors send periodic contents to the email of their subscribers.

They prefer readers join their mailing list and newsletter community so that they can develop a relationship with them and can always sell more ebooks to them.

Note: You can read why you must run a newsletter as an author

Publish and Distribute Online

After you are done with your free ebook, you should tap into the distribution power of online ebook distribution outfits to publish and distribute your free ebook.

Such online outfits are Smashowrds (they will further help you distribute to many other estores and libraries).

Drafts2digital is another example like Smashwords.

There is also

Amazon also distribute free ebooks. I will write on how to distribute free ebooks with Amazon KDP in a future post.

The Nigerian company, is another great option.

Lastly, If you write for the Nigerian readers, you can tap into the Free section e-library distribution here at NowNow Books.

You can read more at Submit your  free ebook

Don’t forget that you should also share the link to your free ebook with friends. This implies that you have a role to to publicize your free ebook to have maximum benefits.

Get Out More Free Ebooks

If you have some success with one free ebook, you should go ahead and produce more free books and get them distributed.

I hope this post has helped you. Please let me read your comments. Don’t forget to submit your free ebooks to us at NowNow Books.
















How to sell more books: How to Use Free Ebooks to Sell More Paid Ebooks

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