If you are an author in our world of today, you need to learn how to succeed as a self publisher of books. This is important since it is now extremely difficult to get your books published traditionally.

I took a decision several years ago to go the self publishing lane when I had several futile attempts convincing agents and traditional publishers to publish my books.

Now it is one thing to take a decision to go towards the self-publishing route and another to make a success of of this decision.

It is believed that over 90% of those who started out as self- publishers have failed at this business practice. Most have written one book and have tried to get the word out about their books but have stopped due to discouraging sales results that they have achieved.

However, the truth of the matter is that there are still the minority 10% that have made a success out of this great profession. I have personally, using the platform of our organization, InfoBooks Resources (now Zarepath Publishing), recorded significant results as a self published author.

Pick a niche market you are familiar with: This is important so that you can give yourself the opportunity to receive inspiration to write as much quality and relevant books as possible.Click To Tweet

This is the reason why I have decided to write this short post on how to succeed as a self publisher of books.

I know you desperately desire to succeed as a self-publisher. You have probably searched for traditional publishers to publish and sell your book without success and you want to give self-publishing a trial.

This post will teach you how you can start and succeed as a self-publisher. The tips here are short and are majorly from our practical experience in our organization. I will surely love to read your comments or questions about some of the tips shared in this post.

How To Succeed as a Self Publisher of Books: Step by Step Guide

  1. Pick a niche market you are familiar with: This is important so that you can give yourself the opportunity to receive inspiration to write as much quality and relevant books as possible.
  2. Research problem areas in this market: You should find out problem areas in your market. Your books are coming to solve problems. No one will be ready to pay you anything if your book is not adding any value to him or her. List these problems areas on paper. We list and sell problem-solving books at NowNow Books.
  3. Gather your knowledge and put ideas together to draw up outlines to address these problems. Put up a small free report or videos or audios to solve one of these problems.
  4. Set up a platform like a blog or website you can update regularly to attract interested members of the public. Gather their contact information. Give out your free product to anyone who gives you his or her contact information on your website or blog. You should also start a free email newsletter which you send to your contact list every one week, two weeks or one month. This free newsletter should also be centered on the theme of your blog or website.
  5. Post articles: Put short relevant articles on this blog weekly.
  6. Publicize your blog: Let the internet world know about your blog so that more people can opt in to receive your free product. These people may just be potential customers for your upcoming book.
  7. You should understand this: You must have a way of giving maximum exposure to your author blog or website. Most newbies fail in these areas.

I hope you love these short tips. let me read your views. How have you handled your self publishing book business. Share your experience with me and other readers.


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